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Pinar, William F. - The Character of Curriculum Studies, e-bok

The Character of Curriculum Studies

Pinar, William F.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
William F. Pinar
Part I. The Subject of Politics and Culture
2. The Unaddressed “I” of Ideology Critique
William F. Pinar
3. Decolonization and Subjective Reconstruction
William F. Pinar

Pinar, William F. - Curriculum Studies in Brazil, e-bok

Curriculum Studies in Brazil

Pinar, William F.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
William F. Pinar
2. Curriculum Studies in Brazil: An Overview
Ashwani Kumar
3. Everyday Life in Schools
Nilda Alves
4. Curriculum Disfiguration
Antonio Carlos Amorim
5. Curriculum Research in Brazil
Elba Siqueira Sá Barretto
6. Curriculum as Practiced

Pinar, William F. - Curriculum Studies in Mexico, e-bok

Curriculum Studies in Mexico

Pinar, William F.


Footprints and Marks on the Intellectual History of Curriculum Studies in Mexico: Looking toward the Second Decade of the Twenty-First Century
Alicia Alba
4. Curriculum Studies in Mexico: History and Current Circumstances

Pinar, William F. - Curriculum Studies in India, e-bok

Curriculum Studies in India

Pinar, William F.


An Intellectual History and Present Circumstances of Curriculum Studies in India
Suresh C. Ghosh
5. Curriculum Studies in India
Manish Jain
6. Curriculum and Its Possibilities
Meenakshi Thapan
7. The Exchanges

Pinar, William F. - Curriculum Studies in China, e-bok

Curriculum Studies in China

Pinar, William F.


The Development of Curriculum Ideologies and the Present Circumstances of Curriculum Studies in China
Zhou Huixia
9. From 1980 to 2010
Liu Jian
Part II. The Exchanges

Bezzina, Christopher - Intercultural Studies of Curriculum, e-bok

Intercultural Studies of Curriculum

Bezzina, Christopher


Social Justice and the Teacher Preparation Curriculum: A Cross-Cultural Analysis
Carmel Roofe, Christopher Bezzina, Marilyn Holness
3. Toward Cross-Cultural Curriculum Development: An Analysis of Science Education in the

Pinar, William F. - Curriculum Studies in South Africa, e-bok

Curriculum Studies in South Africa

Pinar, William F.


“What to Teach the Natives”: A Historiography of the Curriculum Dilemma in South Africa
Crain Soudien
3. Drawing the Line in Post-Apartheid Curriculum Studies
Wayne Hugo
4. From Response to Theorizing: Curriculum

Ng-A-Fook, Nicholas - Reconsidering Canadian Curriculum Studies, e-bok

Reconsidering Canadian Curriculum Studies

Ng-A-Fook, Nicholas


Forts, Curriculum, and Ethical Relationality
Dwayne Donald
4. Aoksisowaato’op: Place and Story as Organic Curriculum
Narcisse Blood, Cynthia Chambers, Dwayne Donald, Erika Hasebe-Ludt, Ramona Big Head
5. Reconsidering Canadian Environmental

Gustafson, Ruth Iana - Race and Curriculum, e-bok

Race and Curriculum

Gustafson, Ruth Iana


Table of contents
1. Fabricating the Future Citizen
Ruth Iana Gustafson
2. The Child as Charmed Victim
Ruth Iana Gustafson
3. Making Daily Life Sublime
Ruth Iana Gustafson
4. Bacchanalian Chaos, Degenerate Hymns, Public Music…