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Matthews, Roger - Realist Criminology, e-bok

Realist Criminology

Matthews, Roger


From Cultural Criminology to Cultural Realism
Roger Matthews
6. The Myth of Punitiveness Revisited
Roger Matthews
7. Governing the Present
Roger Matthews

Sumner, Colin - The Blackwell Companion to Criminology, e-bok

The Blackwell Companion to Criminology

Sumner, Colin


The Blackwell Companion to Criminology provides a contemporary and global resource to scholarship in both classical and topical areas of criminology. Written accessibly, and with its international perspective and first-rate scholarship, this is truly

Chang, Lennon Y.C. - Comparative Criminology in Asia, e-bok

Comparative Criminology in Asia

Chang, Lennon Y.C.


Asian Criminology and Southern Epistemologies
Kerry Carrington
Part II. Quantitative Comparisons
6. When West Meets East: Generalizing Theory and Expanding the Conceptual Toolkit of Criminology
Steven F. Messner
7. Korean Criminology:

Brooks, Graham - Criminology of Corruption, e-bok

Criminology of Corruption

Brooks, Graham


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Graham Brooks
2. Studying Corruption: An Interdisciplinary Problem
Graham Brooks
3. The Extent of Corruption
Graham Brooks
4. Explaining Corruption: Differential Association
Graham Brooks

Freilich, Joshua D. - The Handbook of the Criminology of Terrorism, e-bok

The Handbook of the Criminology of Terrorism

Freilich, Joshua D.


The Handbook of the Criminology of Terrorism features a collection of essays that represent the most recent criminological research relating to the origins and evolution of, along with responses to, terrorism, from a criminological perspective. Offers an authoritative overview of the latest

Gore, Meredith L. - Conservation Criminology, e-bok

Conservation Criminology

Gore, Meredith L.


This important new text introduces conservation criminology as the interdisciplinary study of environmental exploitation and risks at the intersection of human and natural systems. Taking an interdisciplinary approach, the book enhances understanding of the various human and organizational

Frauley, Jon - Criminology, Deviance, and the Silver Screen, e-bok

Criminology, Deviance, and the Silver Screen

Frauley, Jon


Table of contents
1. Remarks on Conceptualizing, Analytic Languages, and the Disciplined Imagination
Jon Frauley
2. Criminology and the Fictional Social Reality
Jon Frauley
3. The Criminological Imagination
Jon Frauley
4. Moral Transcendence and Symbolic Interaction in Falling Down
Jon Frauley

Amatrudo, Anthony - Social Censure and Critical Criminology, e-bok

Social Censure and Critical Criminology

Amatrudo, Anthony


Table of contents
1. Thinking Through Critical Criminology
Paul Roberts
2. Censure: Moral and Sociological
Lindsay Farmer
3. Restoring the Crime-Poverty-Class Inequality Link
Colin Webster
4. Two Accounts of Censure
Anthony Amatrudo
5. Anti-racist Criminology?
Rod Earle
6. The Social