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Cretu, Ovidiu - Risk Management for Design and Construction, e-bok

Risk Management for Design and Construction

Cretu, Ovidiu


  The emphasis is on providing a practical and proven framework for risk management on real projects with a clear, concise description of the complex topic of risk for professionals. Written by experts in the field, it offers a practical, proven means of quantifying

Cooke, Brian - Management of Construction Projects, e-bok

Management of Construction Projects

Cooke, Brian


Construction Management is a wide ranging discipline, but ultimately it is a demanding, hands-on discipline concerned with the management of people, plant and materials, all mobilised to complete a building project

Walker, Anthony - Project Management in Construction, e-bok

Project Management in Construction

Walker, Anthony


As with all previous editions of   ProjectManagement in Construction, this sixth edition focuses onsystems theory as the approach suitable for organizing and managingpeople skilled in the design and completion of constructionprojects. It discusses the many competing paradigms and

Harris, Frank - Modern Construction Management, e-bok

Modern Construction Management

Harris, Frank


This new edition of a core undergraduate textbook for construction managers reflects current best practice, topical industry preoccupations and latest developments in courses and fundamental subjects for students.
While the construction process still

McGeorge, Denny - Construction Management: New Directions, e-bok

Construction Management: New Directions

McGeorge, Denny


The construction industry faces continual challenges and demands, due to market conditions and coercion by governments, for improvements in safety, quality and cost control, and in the avoidance of contractual disputes. To meet these challenges construction

Whitfield, Jeffery - Conflict in Construction, e-bok

Conflict in Construction

Whitfield, Jeffery


Construction projects are beset with disputes. In 1960 around 250 writs were issued relating to construction disputes. Within 30 years this number increased five-fold, and in the 20 years since then the number of disputes has not fallen. Some disputes