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Kotsireas, Ilias S. - Applications of Computer Algebra, e-bok

Applications of Computer Algebra

Kotsireas, Ilias S.


A Web-Based Quantum Computer Simulator with Symbolic Extensions
O. G. Karamitrou, C. Tsimpouris, P. Mavridi, K. N. Sgarbas
16. Dixon-EDF: The Premier Method for Solution of Parametric Polynomial Systems
Robert H. Lewis
17. Visualization of Orthonormal

Yeo, Sang-Soo - Computer Science and its Applications, e-bok

Computer Science and its Applications

Yeo, Sang-Soo


Teaching–Learning Methodology of STS Based on Computer and CAI in Information Science Education
Juyeon Hong, Namje Park
76. Encryption Scheme Supporting Range Queries on Encrypted Privacy Databases in Big Data Service Era
Jun Wook Lee, Namje Park

Reynolds, Keith M. - Computer Applications in Sustainable Forest Management, e-bok

Computer Applications in Sustainable Forest Management

Reynolds, Keith M.


Table of contents
Part I. Introduction
1. Introduction
Guofan Shao, Keith M. Reynolds
Part II. Core technologies
2. High-spatial-resolution remote sensing
Tomas Brandtberg, Timothy Warner
3. Active remote sensing
Hans-Erik Andersen, Stephen E. Reutebuch, Robert J. McGaughey
4. Forest information

Filiol, Eric - Computer viruses: from theory to applications, e-bok

Computer viruses: from theory to applications

Filiol, Eric


Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. The Formalization Foundations: from Turing to von Neumann (1936 – 1967)
3. F. Cohen and L. Adleman’s Formalization (1984 – 1989)
4. Taxonomy, Techniques and Tools
5. Fighting Against Viruses
6. Introduction
7. Computer Viruses in Interpreted Programming Language

Costa, António Pedro - Computer Supported Qualitative Research, e-bok

Computer Supported Qualitative Research

Costa, António Pedro


Combined Use of Software that Supports Research and Qualitative Data Analysis: Potential Applications for Researches in Education
Katia Alexandra Godoi e Silva, Maria Elizabeth Bianconcini Almeida
4. Use of the Software IRAMUTEQ in Qualitative Research: An