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Hague, Rod - Comparative Government and Politics 5e, e-bok

Comparative Government and Politics 5e

Hague, Rod


Contents PART 1: FOUNDATIONS Politics and Government Democracy Authoritarian Rule The State in a Global Context The Comparative Approach PART 2: POLITICS AND SOCIETY Political Culture Political Communication Political

Wong, Mathew Y. H. - Comparative Hong Kong Politics, e-bok

Comparative Hong Kong Politics

Wong, Mathew Y. H.


What is Comparative Hong Kong Politics?
1. Comparative Politics: An Introduction
Mathew Y. H. Wong
2. Methods in Comparative Politics
Mathew Y. H. Wong
3. Hong Kong Politics: An Overview
Mathew Y. H. Wong
Part II. Political Regime
4. State

Berg-Schlosser, Dirk - Mixed Methods in Comparative Politics, e-bok

Mixed Methods in Comparative Politics

Berg-Schlosser, Dirk


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Dirk Berg-Schlosser
2. The “State of the Art” in Empirical Democratic Theory
Dirk Berg-Schlosser
3. Comparative Research Designs and Case Selection
Dirk Berg-Schlosser
4. Model Specification and Operationalization
Dirk Berg-Schlosser
5. A Case Study —

McBeath, Jerry - Comparative environmental politics, e-bok

Comparative environmental politics

McBeath, Jerry


Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. State-society relations
3. Political processes and organizations
4. Political institutions and the environment
5. National capacity to protect the environment
6. National responses to global environmental…

Helms, Ludger - Comparative Political Leadership, e-bok

Comparative Political Leadership

Helms, Ludger


Executive Leadership in Comparative Perspective: Politicians, Bureaucrats and Public Governance
B. Guy Peters, Ludger Helms
3. Comparing Leadership Patterns and Dynamics in the Legislative Arena
Philip Norton
4. The Presidentialization of Party Leadership?

Cowen, Robert - International Handbook of Comparative Education, e-bok

International Handbook of Comparative Education

Cowen, Robert


The Modernist Beginnings of Comparative Education: The Proto-Scientific and the Reformist-Meliorist Administrative Motif
Pella Kaloyannaki, Andreas M. Kazamias
4. Forgotten Men, Forgotten Themes: The Historical-Philosophical-Cultural and Liberal Humanist Motif