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Bolsover, Stephen R. - Cell Biology: A Short Course, e-bok

Cell Biology: A Short Course

Bolsover, Stephen R.


This text tells the story of cells as the units of life in a colorful and student-friendly manner, taking an "essentials only" approach.  By using the successful model of previously published "Short Courses," this text succeeds in conveying the key points without overburdening the reader

Gilfillan, Alasdair M. - Mast Cell Biology, e-bok

Mast Cell Biology

Gilfillan, Alasdair M.


Mast Cell Biology: Introduction and Overview
Alasdair M. Gilfillan, Sarah J. Austin, Dean D. Metcalfe
Section II. Mast Cell Development and Homeostasis
2. Mast Cell

Meshorer, Eran - The Cell Biology of Stem Cells, e-bok

The Cell Biology of Stem Cells

Meshorer, Eran


Early Embryonic Cell Fate Decisions in the Mouse
Yojiro Yamanaka, Amy Ralston
2. Nuclear Architecture in Stem Cells
Kelly J. Morris, Mita Chotalia, Ana Pombo
3. Epigenetic Regulation of Pluripotency
Eleni M. Tomazou, Alexander Meissner
4. Autosomal

Kondo, Motonari - Hematopoietic Stem Cell Biology, e-bok

Hematopoietic Stem Cell Biology

Kondo, Motonari


Hematopoietic Stem Cells and Somatic Stem Cells
Kah Yong Tan, Francis S. Kim, Amy J. Wagers, Shane R. Mayack
4. Developmental Biology of Mammalian T-Cell Progenitors: From Early Lymphoid Progenitors to Thymus-Colonizing

Osterrieder, Klaus - Cell Biology of Herpes Viruses, e-bok

Cell Biology of Herpes Viruses

Osterrieder, Klaus


Table of contents
1. Initial Contact: The First Steps in Herpesvirus Entry
Walid Azab, Klaus Osterrieder
2. Herpes simplex virus Membrane Fusion
Darin J. Weed, Anthony V. Nicola
3. Innate Immune Mechanisms and Herpes Simplex…

Koenig, Edward - Cell Biology of the Axon, e-bok

Cell Biology of the Axon

Koenig, Edward


Myosin Motor Proteins in the Cell Biology of Axons and Other Neuronal Compartments
Paul C Bridgman
6. Mitochondrial Transport Dynamics in Axons and Dendrites
Konrad E. Zinsmaier, Milos Babic, Gary J. Russo
7. NGF