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Costa, Rogério - Computers and Education, e-bok

Computers and Education

Costa, Rogério


Kitchen Science: Through the Window of the Web
Carla Morais, João Paiva
15. Development and Experience in Teaching Biochemistry with a Multimedia Study Environment
Ana Maria Ponzio de Azevedo, Gustavo Brandalise Lazzarotto, Maria Isabel Timm, Milton Antônio

Bravo-Rodríguez, José - Computers and Education, e-bok

Computers and Education

Bravo-Rodríguez, José


Table of contents
1. A History of E-Learning
Paul Nicholson
2. .Lrn: E-Learning Inside and Outside The Classroom
Carl Robert Blesius, Pablo Moreno-Ger, Gustaf Neumann, Emmanuelle Raffenne, Jesús González Boticario, Carlos Delgado Kloos

Blanford, Ann - People and Computers XX — Engage, e-bok

People and Computers XX — Engage

Blanford, Ann


Involvement in Listening to Music from a Computer: The Effects of Pre-Existing Mood
Kari Kallinen, Timo Saari, Niklas Ravaja, Mikko Salminen
7. Interface Affect and Familiarity: Some Implications for Designing the Interaction
Elizabeth Uruchurtu, Roger

Fincher, Sally - People and Computers XVIII — Design for Life, e-bok

People and Computers XVIII — Design for Life

Fincher, Sally


BMX Bandits: The Design of an Educational Computer Game for Disaffected Youth
Atif Waraich, Gareth Wilson
11. Tales, Tours, Tools, and Troupes: A Tiered Research Method to Inform Ubiquitous Designs for the Elderly
Jay Lundell, Margaret Morris
12. The

Gorodetsky, Vladimir - Computer Network Security, e-bok

Computer Network Security

Gorodetsky, Vladimir


Towards Fully Automatic Defense Mechanism for a Computer Network Emulating Active Immune Response
V. Skormin, O. Shiryayeva, A. Tokhtabayev, J. Moronski
26. Mathematical Models of Intrusion Detection by an Intelligent Immunochip
Alexander O. Tarakanov

Vince, John - Mathematics for Computer Graphics, e-bok

Mathematics for Computer Graphics

Vince, John


Table of contents
1. Mathematics
2. Numbers
3. Algebra
4. Trigonometry
5. Cartesian Coordinates
6. Vectors
7. Transformation
8. Interpolation
9. Curves and Patches
10. Analytic Geometry
11. Barycentric…

Lee, D. T. - Computer Security in the 21st Century, e-bok

Computer Security in the 21st Century

Lee, D. T.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
D. T. Lee, S. P. Shieh, J. D. Tygar
I.Security Protocol Design
2. Challenges in Protocol Design and Analysis
Dieter Gollmann
3. Private Matching
Yaping Li, J. D. Tygar, Joseph M. Hellerstein

Aycock, John - Computer Viruses and Malware, e-bok

Computer Viruses and Malware

Aycock, John


Table of contents
1. We’ve Got Problems
2. Definitions and Timeline
3. Viruses
4. Anti-Virus Techniques
5. Anti-Anti-Virus Techniques
6. Weaknesses Exploited
7. Worms
8. Deworming
9. “Applications”

Zuse, Konrad - Der Computer - Mein Lebenswerk, e-bok

Der Computer - Mein Lebenswerk

Zuse, Konrad


Table of contents
1. Erstes Kapitel
2. Zweites Kapitel
3. Drittes Kapitel
4. Viertes Kapitel
5. Fünftes Kapitel
6. Sechstes Kapitel
7. Siebtes Kapitel
8. Achtes Kapitel
9. Neuntes Kapitel