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Bulte, Jeff W.M. - Nanoparticles in Biomedical Imaging, e-bok

Nanoparticles in Biomedical Imaging

Bulte, Jeff W.M.


Introduction: The Emergence of Nanoparticles as Imaging Platform in Biomedicine
Jeff. W.M. Bulte, Michel M.J. Modo
Part 1. (Para)magnetic Nanoparticles: Applications in Magnetic Resonance Imaging
2. MR Lymphangiography Using Nano-Sized Paramagnetic Contrast

Suzuki, Kenji - Computational Intelligence in Biomedical Imaging, e-bok

Computational Intelligence in Biomedical Imaging

Suzuki, Kenji


Table of contents
Part I. Decision Support
1. Brain Disease Classification and Progression Using Machine Learning Techniques
Bo Cheng, Chong-Yaw Wee, Manhua Liu, Daoqiang Zhang, Dinggang Shen
2. The Role of Content-Based Image Retrieval…

Long, Nicholas - The Chemistry of Molecular Imaging, e-bok

The Chemistry of Molecular Imaging

Long, Nicholas


Molecular imaging is primarily about the chemistry of novel biological probes, yet the vast majority of practitioners are not chemists or biochemists. This is the first book, written from a chemist's point of view, to address the nature of the chemical interaction between probe and environment

Andreaus, Ugo - Biomedical Imaging and Computational Modeling in Biomechanics, e-bok

Biomedical Imaging and Computational Modeling in Biomechanics

Andreaus, Ugo


Table of contents
1. A Review of Automated Techniques for Cervical Cell Image Analysis and Classification
Marina E. Plissiti, Christophoros Nikou
2. Modeling of Trabecular Architecture as Result of an Optimal Control Procedure
Ugo Andreaus, Michele Colloca, Daniela Iacoviello
3. The Kinematics of the Hip Joint