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Dhingra, Pawan - Asian America: Sociological and Interdisciplinary Perspectives, e-bok

Asian America: Sociological and Interdisciplinary Perspectives

Dhingra, Pawan


Asian Americans are the fastest growing minority population in the country. Moreover, they provide a wonderful lens on the experiences of immigrants and minorities in the United States more generally, both historically and today. In this timely new text, Pawan Dhingra and Robyn Magalit Rodriguez

Bakar, Osman - Asian Islam in the 21st Century, e-bok

Asian Islam in the 21st Century

Bakar, Osman


Although more than half of the world's Muslims live in Asia, most books on contemporary Islam focus on the Middle East, giving short shift to the dynamic and diverse presence of Asian Islam in regional and global politics. The Muslims of Asia

Lee, Vivian P. Y. - East Asian Cinemas, e-bok

East Asian Cinemas

Lee, Vivian P. Y.


“Asia” as Regional Signifier and Transnational Genre-Branding: The Asian Horror Omnibus Movies Three and Three … Extremes
Nikki J. Y. Lee
7. J-Horror and Kimchi Western: Mobile Genres in East Asian Cinemas
Vivian P. Y. Lee
Part III. Screen Cultures

Weissmann, Mikael - The East Asian Peace, e-bok

The East Asian Peace

Weissmann, Mikael


Table of contents
1. Introduction: The Paradox of the East Asian Peace
1. Introduction: The Paradox of the East Asian Peace
Mikael Weissmann
Part I. Theoretical and Conceptual Framework
2. Review of the Field and Theoretical Framework
Mikael Weissmann
Part II. Case Studies
3. Mainland China-Taiwan

Sarwal, Amit - South Asian Diaspora Narratives, e-bok

South Asian Diaspora Narratives

Sarwal, Amit


South Asian Diaspora in Australia: History, Research, and Literature
Amit Sarwal
3. An Element of Romanticization: Sensory and Spatial Locations
Amit Sarwal
4. A Journey Through Places: Politics of Spatial Location
Amit Sarwal
5. Real, Imagined,

Ghaill, Mairtin Mac an - East Asian Men, e-bok

East Asian Men

Ghaill, Mairtin Mac an


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Xiaodong Lin, Chris Haywood, Mairtin Mac an Ghaill
Part I. Being and Becoming: Subjectivities, Identifications and Intimacy
2. Single Male Rural-Urban Migrant Workers and the Negotiation of Masculinity in China
Xiaodong Lin
3. Acting Straight? Non-heterosexual Salarymen