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Leach, Andrew - What is Architectural History?, e-bok

What is Architectural History?

Leach, Andrew


What is Architectural History? considers the questions and problems posed by architectural historians since the rise of the discipline in the late nineteenth century. How do historians of architecture organise past time and relate it to the present?

Groat, Linda N. - Architectural Research Methods, e-bok

Architectural Research Methods

Groat, Linda N.


Part I explores basic research issues and concepts, and includes chapters on relating theory to method and design to research. Part II gives a comprehensive treatment of specific strategies for investigating built forms. In all, the book covers seven types of research,

Perea, Enrique Castaño - Architectural Draughtsmanship, e-bok

Architectural Draughtsmanship

Perea, Enrique Castaño


Research About the Use of Audiovisuals in Architectural Configuration and Communication Learning
Angelique Trachana
18. Experimentation with Colour in Architectural Spaces
Juan Serra Lluch, Ana Torres Barchino, Irene Torre Fornés, Ángela García Codoñer

Sara, Rachel - The Architecture of Transgression AD, e-bok

The Architecture of Transgression AD

Sara, Rachel


It highlights the positive impact that working on the architectural periphery can make on the mainstream, as transgressive practices have the potential to reinvent and reposition the architectural profession: whether they are subverting

Shamiyeh, Michael - What People Want, e-bok

What People Want

Shamiyeh, Michael


Table of contents
1. How to Be and Not to Pop?
Robert Pfaller
2. The Populist Moment
Helmut Dubiel
3. How to Be and not to Pop Why are some populations populist and others aren’t?
Robert Pfaller
4. What was the New Economy?
Thomas Frank
5. Pictorial thinking: symbolic forms, perception and

Williams, Kim - Nexus Network Journal, e-bok

Nexus Network Journal

Williams, Kim


Cognitive-Mathematical Approaches for Evaluating Architectural Contextual Fit
Natheer Abu-Obeid, Fuad K. Malkawi, Khaled Nassar, Basel Al-eideh
4. Nicola Zabaglia and the School of Practical Mechanics of the Fabbrica of St. Peter’s in Rome