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Alizadeh, Akif A. - Geosciences of Azerbaijan, e-bok

Geosciences of Azerbaijan

Alizadeh, Akif A.


Table of contents
1. Groundwater Generation and Distribution Regularities
Akif A. Alizadeh, Ibrahim S. Guliyev, Fakhraddin A. Kadirov, Lev V. Eppelbaum
2. Economic Minerals of Azerbaijan
Akif A. Alizadeh, Ibrahim S. Guliyev, Fakhraddin…

Bullard, Thomas - Military Geosciences and Desert Warfare, e-bok

Military Geosciences and Desert Warfare

Bullard, Thomas


Table of contents
Part I. Geoscience and Military History
1. An Unfortunate Accident of Geography: Badlands and the ANZAC Sector, Gallipoli, April–December 1915
Peter Doyle
2. From Army Outpost to Military Training Installations for Worldwide…

Sideris, Michael G - Observing our Changing Earth, e-bok

Observing our Changing Earth

Sideris, Michael G


Image Super-Resolution via Filtered Scales Integral Reconstruction Applied to GOCE Geoid Data
Ciro Caramiello, Guido Vigione, Alessandra Tassa, Alessandra Buongiorno, Eric Monjoux, Rune Floberghagen
40. An Error Model for the GOCE Space-Wise Solution by Monte

Damaske, Detlef - Antarctica, e-bok


Damaske, Detlef


Table of contents
Theme 1. History of Antarctic Research
1. The Road to Gondwana via the Early SCAR Symposia
Arthur B. Ford
2. Exploring the Unknown: History of the First German South Polar Expedition 1901–1903
Cornelia Lüdecke

Lacombe, Olivier - Thrust Belts and Foreland Basins, e-bok

Thrust Belts and Foreland Basins

Lacombe, Olivier


Table of contents
Part I. Surficial and Deep Processes in Thrust Belts
1. Coupled Lithosphere-Surface Processes in Collision Context
Evgueni Burov
2. On Some Geometric Prism Asymmetries
Federica Lenci, Carlo Doglioni
Part II. Exploration…

Sharan, Maithili - Atmospheric and Oceanic, e-bok

Atmospheric and Oceanic

Sharan, Maithili


Table of contents
A.. Tropical Cyclone
1. Addressing Hurricane Intensity through Angular Momentum and Scale Energetics Approaches
T. N. Krishnamurti, L. Stefanova, L. Watson, S. Pattnaik
2. On the Prediction of Tropical Cyclones over the…