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Mazzeo, Rocco - Analytical Chemistry for Cultural Heritage, e-bok

Analytical Chemistry for Cultural Heritage

Mazzeo, Rocco


Table of contents
1. Emerging Approaches in Synchrotron Studies of Materials from Cultural and Natural History Collections
Loïc Bertrand, Sylvain Bernard, Federica Marone, Mathieu Thoury, Ina Reiche, Aurélien Gourrier, Philippe Sciau, Uwe Bergmann
2. Non-invasive Investigations of Paintings by Portable Instrumentation:

Danzer, K. - Analytical Chemistry, e-bok

Analytical Chemistry

Danzer, K.


Table of contents
1. Object of Analytical Chemistry
2. The Analytical Process
3. Signals in Analytical Chemistry
4. Statistical Evaluation of Analytical Results
5. Studying Influences and Optimizing Analytical Procedures
6. Calibration in Analytical Chemistry
7. Analytical Performance Characteristics

Burgot, Jean-Louis - Ionic Equilibria in Analytical Chemistry, e-bok

Ionic Equilibria in Analytical Chemistry

Burgot, Jean-Louis


Table of contents
1. Solvents—Composition of Solutions
Jean-Louis Burgot
2. Thermodynamics and Equilibrium
Jean-Louis Burgot
3. Activities and Activity Coefficients
Jean-Louis Burgot
4. Definitions of Acids and Bases: Strength of Acids and Bases
Jean-Louis Burgot
5. Calculations of pH Values

Capelo-Martínez, José-Luis - Ultrasound in Chemistry, e-bok

Ultrasound in Chemistry

Capelo-Martínez, José-Luis


This comprehensive reference and handbook covers all aspects of ultrasound for analytical applications. Besides classical extraction techniques, it also provides an overview of ultrasound applications and devotes two chapters to proteomics and polymer technology.
From the contents:

Garrigues, Salvador - Handbook of Green Analytical Chemistry, e-bok

Handbook of Green Analytical Chemistry

Garrigues, Salvador

Från 139,35€

The emerging field of green analytical chemistry is concerned with the development of analytical procedures that minimize consumption of hazardous reagents and solvents, and maximize safety for operators and the

Kobilinsky, Lawrence - Forensic Chemistry Handbook, e-bok

Forensic Chemistry Handbook

Kobilinsky, Lawrence


A concise, robust introduction to the various topics covered by the discipline of forensic chemistry
The Forensic Chemistry Handbook focuses on topics in each of the major chemistry-related areas of forensic science. With chapter authors that span

Arisaka, Fumio - Analytical Ultracentrifugation, e-bok

Analytical Ultracentrifugation

Arisaka, Fumio


The CFA Analytical Ultracentrifuge Architecture
Thomas M. Laue, J. Brett Austin
4. Fluorescence Detection System
Tao G. Nelson, Glen D. Ramsay, Matthew A. Perugini
5. The Multiwavelength UV/Vis Detector: New Possibilities with an Added Spectral Dimension