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Erhardt, Drew - Essentials of ADHD Assessment for Children and Adolescents, e-bok

Essentials of ADHD Assessment for Children and Adolescents

Erhardt, Drew


A comprehensive approach to accurate ADHD diagnosis
In Essentials of ADHD Assessment in Children and Adolescents, the authors provide a clear and informative road map for practitioners seeking to conduct state-of-the-art assessments for one of the most common disorders of childhood.

Davies, Alison - The Discourse of ADHD, e-bok

The Discourse of ADHD

Davies, Alison


Mapping the Discourses of ADHD: The Historical Legacy
Mary Horton-Salway, Alison Davies
3. Media Representations of ADHD
Mary Horton-Salway, Alison Davies
4. ‘Normal Rules of Parenting Don’t Apply’: ADHD,

Daviss, W. Burleson - Moodiness in ADHD, e-bok

Moodiness in ADHD

Daviss, W. Burleson


Introduction: ADHD, Moodiness, Meteorology, and Elephants
W. Burleson Daviss
2. Assessment Strategies for Moody ADHD in Children, Adolescents, and Adults
W. Burleson Daviss, Joseph Bond
3. Mood Disturbance in

Kooij, J. J. Sandra - Adult ADHD, e-bok

Adult ADHD

Kooij, J. J. Sandra


Table of contents
1. Introduction
J. J. Sandra Kooij
2. Diagnostic Assessment
J. J. Sandra Kooij
3. Diagnostic Instruments
J. J. Sandra Kooij
4. Treatment
J. J. Sandra Kooij
5. Treatment: Coaching Adults with ADHD

Surman, Craig B.H. - ADHD in Adults, e-bok

ADHD in Adults

Surman, Craig B.H.


Neuropsychological Assessment of ADHD and Executive Function Deficits in Adults
Daniela Bustamante Carim, Helenice Charchat Fichman
5. Stimulant Pharmacotherapy for Adults with ADHD
Paul Hammerness
6. Non-stimulant Drug Treatments for Adults with ADHD