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Coen, Salvatore - Mathematicians in Bologna 1861–1960, e-bok

Mathematicians in Bologna 1861–1960

Coen, Salvatore


Table of contents
1. Beltrami’s Models of Non-Euclidean Geometry
Nicola Arcozzi
2. Giuseppe Vitali: Real and Complex Analysis and Differential Geometry
Maria Teresa Borgato
3. Pincherle’s Early Contributions to Complex Analysis

Morris, Penelope - Women in Italy, 1945–1960: An Interdisciplinary Study, e-bok

Women in Italy, 1945–1960: An Interdisciplinary Study

Morris, Penelope


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Penelope Morris
2. “What” as Ideal and “Who” as Real: Portraits of Wives and Mothers in Italian Postwar Domestic Manuals, Fiction, and Film
Rebecca West
3. Marriage, Motherhood, and the Italian Film Stars of the 1950s
Réka Buckley
4. From Bust to Boom: Women

Cowlin, Chris - The 1960/1961 Spurs Quiz Book, e-bok

The 1960/1961 Spurs Quiz Book

Cowlin, Chris


Are you a longtime Spurs fan? Have you followed the team’s progress over many years or maybe even watched them play during their glorious 1960/61 season? Whether you can remember events firsthand or would like to find out more about the Tottenham’s…