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JÂHO - If Sheep Could Fly, e-bok

If Sheep Could Fly



Have you ever wondered what would happen if sheep could fly? This wonderfully illustrated children's picturebook has been translated from the original French into English by JudyBee. A fantastic bedtime story for young children, this beautiful book is sure to be a great hit with kids and

Dwyer, Cathy M. - The Welfare of Sheep, e-bok

The Welfare of Sheep

Dwyer, Cathy M.


Farming Systems for Sheep Production and Their Effect on Welfare
R.J. Kilgour, T. Waterhouse, C.M. Dwyer, I.D. Ivanov
7. Nutrition and the Welfare of Sheep
J.P. Hogan, C.J.C. Phillips, S. Agenäs
8. The Management of Sheep
P.J. Goddard
9. The

Aitken, Ian - Diseases of Sheep, e-bok

Diseases of Sheep

Aitken, Ian


First published in 1983, Diseases of Sheep has become a definitive reference book on sheep diseases. This new edition has been revised and updated to maintain its original core structure and its international approach to the many diseases which affect

Sargison, Neil - Sheep Flock Health: A Planned Approach, e-bok

Sheep Flock Health: A Planned Approach

Sargison, Neil


Sheep Flock Health: a planned approach is a practical guide to the diagnosis and management of production limiting diseases in sheep. The problem-based approach helps both farmers and veterinary practitioners identify health problems. The focus is on

Hindson, J. - Manual of Sheep Diseases, e-bok

Manual of Sheep Diseases

Hindson, J.


This revised and updated version of Outline of Clinical Diagnosis in Sheep now covers the whole field of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases and poor production of sheep. It is aimed at the non-specialist veterinarian and fills a niche between

Christopher, Kay - The Adventures of Rum Ba-Ba, e-bok

The Adventures of Rum Ba-Ba

Christopher, Kay


In these eight short stories, ideal for bedtime reading for 6-9 year-olds, Rum Ba-Ba rescues a trapped lamb, makes friends with a fox, saves the flock from a storm, gets his wool sheared, meets a hedgehog, leads the other sheep in a dance, and finds a new home.

Griffin, Hedley - A Dangerous Day on the Farm, e-bok

A Dangerous Day on the Farm

Griffin, Hedley


Harey and his friends visit a farm. After many accidents and dangers, involving a farmer, an angry cow and a pool of pig-muck, Harey manages to set a barn alight and runs into a grain silo to hide. Fortunately, it is not full and he is dug out safely…