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Burns, James P. - Power, Curriculum, and Embodiment, e-bok

Power, Curriculum, and Embodiment

Burns, James P.


Table of contents
1. Power, Curriculum, and Embodiment
James P. Burns
2. Governmentality, Biopolitics, and Curriculum Theorizing
James P. Burns
3. The Past in the Present: The Historic Reach of the “Tyler Rationale”
James P. Burns
4. Reflections on Heteropatriarchal Violence: A Proleptic Narrative?

Banks, Mark - The Politics of Cultural Work, e-bok

The Politics of Cultural Work

Banks, Mark


Table of contents
1. Introducing Cultural Work
Mark Banks
2. ‘Culture Industry’ and Cultural Work
Mark Banks
3. Governmentality and Cultural Work
Mark Banks
4. The Construction of Creativity
Mark Banks
5. Choice, Reflexivity and ‘Alternative’ Cultural Work
Mark Banks
6. Space,

Legg, Stephen - Spaces of Colonialism: Delhi's Urban Governmentalities, e-bok

Spaces of Colonialism: Delhi's Urban Governmentalities

Legg, Stephen


The first book of its kind to present a comparative history of New and Old Delhi Draws on the governmentality theories and methodologies presented in Michel Foucault’s lecture courses Looks at problems of social and racial segregation, the policing of the cities,