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Reid, Gavin - Dyslexia: A Practitioner's Handbook, e-bok

Dyslexia: A Practitioner's Handbook

Reid, Gavin


Combines theoretical explanations, the latest research, and practical solutions with a focus on inclusion and meeting the individual’s needs New and expanded coverage includes: multilingualism; the use of technology; co-existing conditions such as dyspraxia, dyscalculia,

Ashcroft, Richard - Mathematics for Dyslexics: Including Dyscalculia, e-bok

Mathematics for Dyslexics: Including Dyscalculia

Ashcroft, Richard


Mathematics for Dyslexics: Including Dyscalculia, 3rd Edition discusses the factors that contribute to the potential difficulties many dyslexic learners may have with mathematics, and suggests ways of addressing these difficulties. The first chapters consider the theoretical background.

Cooper, Cary L. - Mental Capital and Mental Wellbeing, e-bok

Mental Capital and Mental Wellbeing

Cooper, Cary L.


This theme provides a cutting-edge picture of how recent insights from genetics, cognitive and neuroscience improve our understanding of learning difficulties such as dyslexia, dyscalculia and attention-deficit-hyperactivity disorder. Reviews focus on how current research

Terjesen, Mark D. - Handbook of Australian School Psychology, e-bok

Handbook of Australian School Psychology

Terjesen, Mark D.


Evidence-Based Assessment and Intervention for Dyscalculia and Maths Disabilities in School Psychology
Robert A. Reeve, Carolyn Waldecker
11. Evidence-Based Assessment and Intervention for Problems with Writing in School Psychology
Robyn Kurasaki, Kimberley