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Lee, Gary - Advances in Automation and Robotics, Vol. 2, e-bok

Advances in Automation and Robotics, Vol. 2

Lee, Gary


The Realization of Autonomous Roaming Combined with Eagle Eye Navigation in Large Virtual Scene
YiJia Xu, Xiang Liu, ZiWei Liu
51. A Survey on Multimodal Biometrics
Yu Wang, Zaiwen Liu
52. Population Bursts Management in Digital City
Xiaojian Wang,

Block, David L. - Shrouds of the Night, e-bok

Shrouds of the Night

Block, David L.


Table of contents
1. The Grand Stage Before Us: “The Sidereal Messenger”
2. Cosmic Masks: Shrouds of the Night
3. Detectives in Chile
4. Chemical Factories Smaller than a Snowflake
5. From Seeds to Stars: The Art and Science of Classification
6. The Dawning of the Photographic Era
7. John Reynolds: Morphologist

Klenke, Reinhard A. - Human - Wildlife Conflicts in Europe, e-bok

Human - Wildlife Conflicts in Europe

Klenke, Reinhard A.


The Golden Eagle Compensation Scheme in Finland as an Example of Incentive Measures
Leila Suvantola
Part II. A Generic Framework for the Development of Conflict Reconciliation Action Plans
11. Module 1: Screening of the Conflict
Andreas Kranz, Felix

Gursky, Sharon L. - Primate Anti-Predator Strategies, e-bok

Primate Anti-Predator Strategies

Gursky, Sharon L.


Howler Monkeys and Harpy Eagles: A Communication Arms Race
Ricardo Gil-da-Costa
15. Effects of Habitat Structure on Perceived Risk of Predation and Anti-Predator Behavior of Vervet (Cercopithecus aethiops) and Patas (Erythrocebus patas) Monkeys
Karin L.