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Reyes, Gilbert - The Encyclopedia of Psychological Trauma, e-bok

The Encyclopedia of Psychological Trauma

Reyes, Gilbert


The Encyclopedia of Psychological Trauma is the only authoritative reference on the scientific evidence, clinical practice guidelines, and social issues addressed within the field of trauma and posttraumatic stress disorder. Edited by the leading experts

Cooper, Cary L. - From Stress to Wellbeing Volume 2, e-bok

From Stress to Wellbeing Volume 2

Cooper, Cary L.


Worksite Stress Management Interventions: Their Effectiveness and Conceptualisation
Richard S. DeFrank, Cary L. Cooper
2. Stress and Coping in US Organizations: The Role of the Employee Assistance Programme
John Berridge, Cary L. Cooper
3. Healthy Mind;

Cooper, Cary L. - From Stress to Wellbeing Volume 1, e-bok

From Stress to Wellbeing Volume 1

Cooper, Cary L.


Occupational Sources of Stress: A Review of the Literature Relating to Coronary Heart Disease and Mental Ill Health
Cary L. Cooper, Judi Marshall
2. A Cybernetic Framework for Studying Occupational Stress
Thomas G. Cummings, Cary L. Cooper
3. A Structural

Mazurek, Birgit - Tinnitus and Stress, e-bok

Tinnitus and Stress

Mazurek, Birgit


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Agnieszka J. Szczepek, Birgit Mazurek
2. Stress and Glucocorticoid Action in the Brain and Ear: Implications for Tinnitus
E. R. Kloet, Agnieszka J. Szczepek
3. Stress-Related Psychological Disorders and Tinnitus
Sylvie Hébert, Birgit Mazurek, Agnieszka J. Szczepek

Kane, Andrew W. - Causality of Psychological Injury, e-bok

Causality of Psychological Injury

Kane, Andrew W.


Causality, Psychological Injuries, and Court: Introduction
Gerald Young, Andrew W. Kane, Keith Nicholson
Section I.Causality and Psychological Evidence: Concepts, Terms, Issues
2. Causality in Psychology and Law

Kane, Andrew W. - Psychological Knowledge in Court, e-bok

Psychological Knowledge in Court

Kane, Andrew W.


Introduction to Psychological Knowledge in Court: PTSD, Pain, and TBI
Gerald Young, Andrew W. Kane, Keith Nicholson
2. Psychology, Causality, and Court
Andrew W. Kane
Section 2.PTSD/Distress
3. Understanding PTSD: Implications for Court

Carr, Brian I. - Psychological Aspects of Cancer, e-bok

Psychological Aspects of Cancer

Carr, Brian I.


Inflammation, Chronic Disease, and Cancer: Is Psychological Distress the Common Thread?
Feridey N. Carr, Elizabeth M. Sosa
3. Psychological Aspects of Hereditary Cancer Risk Counseling and Genetic Testing
Lisa G. Aspinwall, Jennifer M. Taber, Wendy Kohlmann,