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Chow, Cheuk Fai

Emerging Practices in Scholarship of Learning and Teaching in a Digital Era

Chow, Cheuk Fai - Emerging Practices in Scholarship of Learning and Teaching in a Digital Era, e-bok


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ISBN: 9789811033445

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Table of contents

1. Toward a Framework of Studying Scholarship of Learning and Teaching in Higher Education in a Digital Technology Era
Siu Cheung Kong, Ming Lai, Tak-Lam Wong

Part I. Staff Professional Development

2. Community of Practice: Building a Mobile Learning Community in a Higher Education Institution to Promote Effective Teaching and Learning
Lixun Wang, Qing Ma

3. Learning to Engage the Digital Generation in Teacher Education
Pamela Pui-Wan Leung

4. Technology Integration for Student-Centered Learning: A Model for Teacher Professional Development Programs
Sahana Murthy, Jayakrishnan M. Warriem, Sridhar Iyer

5. Development of an Effective Staff Professional Development for the Enhancement of Student Learning
May Sok-Ching Chan, Siu Cheung Kong

6. Leveraging Knowledge Through Communities of Practice
Eric Chi-Keung Cheng

7. Affordances and Constraints of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) for Learning in Higher Education: Teachers’ Perspectives
Yanjie Song, Siu Cheung Kong

Part II. Enhancement of Student Learning Experience

8. Plastic Waste Problem and Education for Plastic Waste Management
Cheuk-Fai Chow, Wing-Mui Winnie So, Tsz-Yan Cheung, Siu-Kit Dennis Yeung

9. An Interactive Conceptual Approach to Support the Teaching and Learning of Green Technology
Yiu-Fai Tsang, Cheuk-Fai Chow, Wing-Mui Winnie So, Wenhua Liu, Nga-Sze Kwok, Ka-Chai Ho

10. The Unconventional Learning Experience of Students—Becoming a Courier of Marine Stewardship
Chi-Chiu Cheang, Cheuk-Fai Chow, Lincoln Fok

11. Developing Undergraduates’ Self-management and Self-awareness Abilities Through Service-Learning
Huixuan Xu, Jacqueline Kin-Sang Chan

12. Teaching and Learning of Literary Criticism and Creative Writing
Chi Ming Tam

13. Autonomous Vocabulary Learning Beyond the Classroom: New Media for Learners of Chinese as a Second Language
Shan Wang, Xiaojun Li

14. Learning the Use of “Irony” from the Perspective of Theory of Literature: A Case Study Using Wang Meng’s The Stubborn Porridge
Chi Shing Lai

15. An Approach to Facilitate Coherent Concept Image Formation via Guided Reinvention
Kell Hiu-Fai Cheng, Siu Cheung Kong

Part III. Assessment

16. Constructing Formative Assessment Strategies
Bick-Har Lam

17. Formative Feedback as a Global Facilitator: Impact on Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation and Positive Affect
Bick-Har Lam, Rebecca Wing-yi Cheng, Min Yang

18. Using ICT to Facilitate Instant and Asynchronous Feedback for Students’ Learning Engagement and Improvements
Gary Ka-Wai Wong, Min Yang

19. Using Feedback Strategies to Support First-Year Students’ Independent Learning and Critical Judgment
Theodore Tai Hoi Lee, Min Yang

20. Embedding Feedback in Learning and Assessment Tasks to Support Students’ Professional Learning
Christina Chung-Wai Han, Min Yang

21. Implementing the Assessment of the Generic Attributes of Students Through Self-assessment Survey and ePortfolios at a Higher Education Institution
Ming Lai, Hannah Mui Tai, Siu Cheung Kong, Wen Chung Wang

Part IV. Conclusion

22. Scholarship of Learning and Teaching in a Digital Era: The Way Forward
Siu Cheung Kong, Ming Lai

Nyckelord: Education, Learning & Instruction, Educational Technology, Higher Education

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