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Benjillali, Mustapha

Advances in Ubiquitous Networking 2

Benjillali, Mustapha - Advances in Ubiquitous Networking 2, e-bok


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ISBN: 9789811016271

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Table of contents

Part I. Main Track 1: Context-Awareness and Autonomy Paradigms

1. The Allocation in Cognitive Radio Network: Combined Genetic Algorithm and ON/OFF Primary User Activity Models
Yasmina Morabit, Fatiha Mrabti, El Houssein Abarkan

2. An Optimized Vertical Handover Approach Based on M-ANP and TOPSIS in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
Mohamed Lahby, Abdelbaki Attioui, Abderrahim Sekkaki

3. Performance Analysis of Routing Protocols in Vehicular Ad Hoc Network
Bouchra Marzak, Hicham Toumi, Elhabib Benlahmar, Mohamed Talea

4. A Message Removal Mechanism for Delay Tolerant Networks
Elenilson Nóbrega Gomes, Carlos Alberto V. Campos, Sidney C. de Lucena, Aline Carneiro Viana

5. A Context-Aware Access Network Selection Based on Utility-Function for Handover in WLAN-LTE Environment
Maroua Drissi, Mohammed Oumsis, Driss Aboutajdine

6. Study of the Impact of Designed Objective Function on the RPL-Based Routing Protocol
Hanane Lamaazi, Nabil Benamar, Antonio J. Jara

7. Multi-channel Coordination Based MAC Protocols in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (VANETs): A Survey
Mina Ouyous, Ouadoudi Zytoune, Driss Aboutajdine

8. Towards the Enhancement of QoS in 802.11e for Ad Hoc Networks
Fatima Lakrami, Mohamed El-Kamili, Najib Elkamoun

9. DTN Network: Optimal Cluster Head in DTN Routing Hierarchical Topology (DRHT)
El Arbi Abdellaoui Alaoui, Said Agoujil, Moha Hajar, Youssef Qaraai

10. Implementation of Bit Error Rate Model of 16-QAM in Aqua-Sim Simulator for Underwater Sensor Networks
Mohammed Jouhari, Khalil Ibrahimi, Mohammed Benattou

11. Energy Efficient In-Network Aggregation Algorithms in Wireless Sensor Networks: A Survey
Hafsa Ennajari, Yann Ben Maissa, Salma Mouline

12. Towards an Autonomic Approach for Software Defined Networks: An Overview
Soukaina Bouzghiba, Hamza Dahmouni, Anouar Rachdi , Jean-Marie Garcia

13. Privacy Preservation in the Internet of Things
Fatima Zahra Berrehili, Abdelhamid Belmekki

14. Packet Delay Analysis in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Fountain Code Enabled-DCF
Rachid Aouami, Mohamed Hanaoui, Mounir Rifi, Mohammed Ouzzif

Part II. Main Track 2: Mobile Edge Networking and Virtualization

15. Cost-Precision Tradeoffs in 3D Air Pollution Mapping Using WSN
Ahmed Boubrima, Walid Bechkit, Hervé Rivano, Lionel Soulhac

16. A Novel Architecture with Dynamic Queues Based on Fuzzy Logic and Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Task Scheduling in Cloud Computing
Hicham Ben Alla, Said Ben Alla, Abdellah Ezzati, Ahmed Mouhsen

17. A Vehicular Cloud for Secure and QoS Aware Service Provision
Mouna Garai, Slim Rekhis, Noureddine Boudriga

18. A Conceptual Architecture for a Cloud-Based Context-Aware Service Composition
Soufiane Faieq, Rajaa Saidi, Hamid Elghazi, Moulay Driss Rahmani

19. Knowledge Flows Within Open Source Software Projects: A Social Network Perspective
Noureddine Kerzazi, Ikram El Asri

20. A Pub-Sub Based Architecture for IDS as Service
Maïssa Mbaye, Cheikh Ba

21. Towards a Service Broker for Telecom Service Provision and Negociation in IMS Network
Imane Haddar, Brahim Raouyane, Mostafa Bellafkih

22. A New Approach for Modeling Strategic IT Governance Workflow
Meriem Chergui, Aziza Chakir, Hicham Medromi, Mostafa Radoui

23. Decentralized Control of Substations in Smart Cities
Mohamed Nouh Dazahra, Faycel Elmariami, Aziz Belfqih, Jamal Boukhrouaa, Lakbich Anass, Cherkaoui Nazha

Part III. Main Track 3: Enablers, Challenges and Applications

24. Comparative Analysis of Different Excitation Techniques for Cylindrical Dielectric Resonator Antenna
Kaoutar Allabouche, Fabien Ferrero, Najiba El Amrani El Idrissi, Mohammed Jorio, Jean Marc Ribero, Leonardo Lizzi, Abdellatif Slimani

25. Recognition of OFDM and SCLD Signals Based on Second-Order Statistics
Mohamed Firdaoussi, Hicham Ghennioui, Mohamed El-Kamili

26. MDE-Based Languages for Wireless Sensor Networks Modeling: A Systematic Mapping Study
Fatima Essaadi, Yann Ben Maissa, Mohammed Dahchour

27. Multi-homing as an Enabler for 5G Networks: Survey and Open Challenges
Salma Ibnalfakih, Essaïd Sabir, Mohammed Sadik

28. Fast Algorithm for 3D Local Feature Extraction Using Hahn and Charlier Moments
Abderrahim Mesbah, Aissam Berrahou, Mostafa Mallahi, Hassan Qjidaa

29. Automatic Detection of Suspicious Lesions inDigital X-ray Mammograms
Abdelali Elmoufidi, Khalid El Fahssi, Said Jai-Andaloussi, Abderrahim Sekkaki, Gwenole Quellec, Mathieu Lamard, Guy Cazuguel

30. Smart Antenna System Using Butler Matrix Based Beamforming Network for X Band Applications
Hayat Errifi, Abdennaceur Baghdad, Abdelmajid Badri, Aicha Sahel

31. Comparative Study of Radiation Performance Between Two Ultra Wide Band Planar Patch Array Antennas for Weather Radar Applications in C-Band
Abdellatif Slimani, Saad Dosse Bennani, Ali El Alami, Kaoutar Allabouche

32. Performance Evaluation of MB-OFDM UWB Systems Based on Optimization Algorithm for CP Decomposition
Zakaria Mohammadi, Awatif Rouijel, Rachid Saadane

33. CPW-Fed Dragon Fractal Antenna for UWB Applications
Abdelati Reha, Abdelkebir El Amri, Othmane Benhmammouch

34. An Efficient Method of Improving Image Retrieval Using Combined Global and Local Features
Abderrahim Khatabi, Amal Tmiri, Ahmed Serhir

35. A Comparative Experimental Study of Spectral Hashing
Loubna Karbil, Imane Daoudi, Hicham Medromi

36. Comparison of Feeding Modes for a Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna for 2.45GHz Applications
Ouadiaa Barrou, Abdelkebir El Amri, Abdelati Reha

37. Online Signature Verification: A Survey on Authentication in Smartphones
Waseem Akram, Munam Ali Shah

38. Hybrid Approach for Moving Object Detection
Bouchra Honnit, Mohamed Nabil Saidi, Ahmed Tamtaoui

39. The Analysis of KDD-Parameters to Develop an Intrusion Detection SystemBased on Neural Network
Ilhame El Farissi, Sara Chadli, Mohamed Emharraf, Mohammed Saber

40. A CAD System for the Detection ofAbnormalities in the Mammograms Usingthe Metaheuristic Algorithm ParticleSwarm Optimization (PSO)
Khaoula Belhaj Soulami, Mohamed Nabil Saidi, Ahmed Tamtaoui

41. Texture Segmentation Based on Dual Tree Complex Wavelet Transform and Support Vector Machine
Amal Farress, Mohamed Nabil Saidi, Ahmed Tamtaoui

42. Parallel and Reconfigurable Mesh Architecture for Low and Medium Level Image Processing Applications
Ihirri Soukaina, Errami Ahmed, Khaldoun Mohamed

43. A Survey on Segmentation Techniques of Mammogram Images
Ilhame Ait lbachir, Rachida Es-salhi, Imane Daoudi, Saida Tallal, Hicham Medromi

Part IV. Special Session 1: Smart Cities and Urban Informatics for Sustainable Development

44. A Hybrid Machine Learning Based Low Cost Approach for Real Time Vehicle Position Estimation in a Smart City
Ikram Belhajem, Yann Ben Maissa, Ahmed Tamtaoui

45. Toward a Practical Method for Introducing and Evaluating Trust Learning Models in Open Multi-agent Systems
Youssef Mifrah, Abdeslam En-Nouaary, Mohamed Dahchour

46. Context-Aware Driving Assistance: An Approach for Monitoring-Based Modeling and Self-learning Cars
Afaf Bouhoute, Rachid Oucheikh, Ismail Berrada

47. ABE Based Raspberry Pi Secure Health Sensor (SHS)
Divyashikha Sethia, Suraj Singh, Vaibhav Singhal

48. Towards Data-as-a-Service Provisioning with High-Quality Data
Elarbi Badidi, Hayat Routaib, Mohammed El Koutbi

Part V. Special Session 2: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles From Theory to Applications

49. Coverage and Power Gain of Aerial Versus Terrestrial Base Stations
Mohammad Mahdi Azari, Fernando Rosas, Alessandro Chiumento, Kwang-Cheng Chen, Sofie Pollin

50. Ultra-Reliable IEEE 802.11 for UAV Video Streaming: From Network to Application
Bertold Bergh, Alessandro Chiumento, Sofie Pollin

51. A New Adaptative Security Protocol for UAV Network
Oumhany Zouhri, Siham Benhadou, Hicham Medromi

52. Optimal Beaconing Policy for Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Sara Koulali, Mostafa Azizi, Essaïd Sabir, Rim Koulali

Part VI. Special Session 3: From Data to Knowledge: Big Data Applications and Solutions

53. Document-Oriented Data Warehouses: Complex Hierarchies and Summarizability
Max Chevalier, Mohammed El Malki, Arlind Kopliku, Olivier Teste, Ronan Tournier

54. Application of APSIS on a Card Payment Solution
Hassan El Alloussi, Karim Benzidane, Othman El Warrak, Leila Fetjah, Said Jai-Andaloussi, Abderrahim Sekkaki

55. Predicting Chronic Kidney Failure Disease Using Data Mining Techniques
Basma Boukenze, Abdelkrim Haqiq, Hajar Mousannif

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