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Staibano, Stefania

Prostate Cancer: Shifting from Morphology to Biology

Staibano, Stefania - Prostate Cancer: Shifting from Morphology to Biology, e-bok


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ISBN: 9789400771499

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Table of contents

Part I. Clues to Morphological Diagnosis and Prognosis Evaluation

1. Update on Diagnostic Criteria, on Biopsy and Surgical Specimen: Preinvasive Lesions, from Epithelial Cell Hyperplasia to Carcinoma In Situ and Invasive Carcinoma – First-Line Immuno-Phenotyping of Prostate Diseases
Massimo Mascolo, Daniela Russo, Gaetano Rosa

Part II. Molecular Pathology

2. Molecular Determinants of Cancer-Related Inflammation
Stefania Staibano

3. Apoptosis and Autophagy
Francesco Merolla

4. Androgen Receptor and Steroidogenesis Pathway Control
Simona Romano, Rita Bisogni, Maria Fiammetta Romano

5. Neuroendocrine Differentiation in Prostate Cancer
Renato Franco, Paolo Chieffi, Sisto Perdonà, Gaetano Facchini, Michele Caraglia

6. Metastatic Dissemination
Stefania Staibano

7. Resistance to Castration – Resistance to Drugs
Stefania Staibano

8. Crossroads of Signaling Pathways
Stefania Staibano

Part III. Genetic and Epigenetic Events in Prostate Cancer

9. Gene Polymorphisms
Maria Siano, MariaLuisa Vecchione, Gennaro Ilardi

10. Expression Signature
Stefania Staibano, Angela Celetti

11. Mapping Prostate Cancer Aggressiveness Loci
Maria Siano, Silvia Varricchio, Gennaro Ilardi

12. Epigenetic Mechanisms: Histone Acetylation, DNA Methylation, miRNA, Chromatin Modifiers
Angela Celetti

Part IV. A Modern Approach to Therapy of Prostate Cancer: Targeting the Deadly Subset

13. Molecular Markers for Patient Selection and Stratification: Personalized Prognostic Predictive Models
Stefania Staibano

14. Targeting Tumor Angiogenesis
Stefania Staibano, Paolo Antonio Ascierto

15. Efficacy of Signal Transduction Inhibition in Advanced Prostate Cancer
Stefania Staibano

16. Therapeutic Targeting of the Bone Pre-metastatic Niche
Ester Simeone, Antonio Maria Grimaldi, Paolo Antonio Ascierto, Francesco Merolla, Gennaro Ilardi, Maria Siano, Stefania Staibano

17. Counteracting Hypoxia in Radio-Resistant Metastatic Lesions
Stefania Staibano

18. “Synthetic Lethality”: Molecular Co-targeting to Restore the DNA Repair Mechanisms in Prostate Cancer Cells
Gennaro Ilardi, Stefania Staibano

Nyckelord: Biomedicine, Cancer Research, Human Genetics, Gene Expression, Drug Resistance, Pathology, Oncology

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