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Sharma, Sanjay K.

Wastewater Reuse and Management

Sharma, Sanjay K. - Wastewater Reuse and Management, e-bok


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ISBN: 9789400749429

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Table of contents

1. Wastewater Management Journey – From Indus Valley Civilisation to the Twenty-First Century
Amit P. Chanan, Saravanamuth Vigneswaran, Jaya Kandasamy, Bruce Simmons

2. Integration of Membrane Processes for Optimal Wastewater Management
Y. Saif, A. Elkamel

3. Recent Advances in the Reuse of Wastewaters for Promoting Sustainable Development
Ta Yeong Wu, Abdul Wahab Mohammad, Su Lin Lim, Pei Nie Lim, Jacqueline Xiao Wen Hay

4. Reducing the Pollution from Tanneries by Process Wastewater Reuse and Membrane Technologies
M. V. Galiana-Aleixandre, J. A. Mendoza-Roca, A. Bes-Piá

5. Wastewater Reuse Focused on Industrial Applications
Mariliz Gutterres, Patrice Monteiro Aquim

6. Hazardous Agents in Wastewater: Public Health Impacts and Treatment Options for Safe Disposal and Reuse
Keisuke Ikehata

7. The Small-Scale Approach in Wastewater Treatment
Giovanni Libralato

8. Hospital Wastewaters: Quali-Quantitative Characterization and for Strategies for Their Treatment and Disposal
P. Verlicchi, A. Galletti, M. Aukidy

9. Advances in Mechanical Dewatering of Wastewater Sludge Treatment
Akrama Mahmoud, Jérémy Olivier, Jean Vaxelaire, Andrew F. A. Hoadley

10. Biosorption of Heavy Metals: Recent Trends and Challenges
Ravindra Kumar Gautam, Mahesh Chandra Chattopadhyaya, Sanjay K. Sharma

11. Water Desalination by Solar Energy
K. Sampathkumar, T. V. Arjunan, P. Senthilkumar

12. AOPs Application on Dyes Removal
Tuty Emilia Agustina

13. Constructed Wetlands for Reducing Pesticide Inputs into Surface Water and Groundwater
Luis Alfredo Ortega-Clemente, Víctor M. Luna-Pabello, Héctor M. Poggi-Varaldo

14. Tracing Nitrogen Sources and Cycle in Freshwater Through Nitrogen and Oxygen Isotopic Research
Zi-Xiang Chen, Xue-Bin Yin, Guang Liu, Gui-Jian Liu

15. A Stepwise Approach to Assess the Fate of Nitrogen Species in Agricultural Lowlands
Micòl Mastrocicco, Nicolò Colombani, Giuseppe Castaldelli

16. Environmental Risk Assessment of WWII Shipwreck Pollution
Justyna Rogowska, Jacek Namieśnik

17. Methods to Countermeasure the Intrusion of Seawater into Coastal Aquifer Systems
Andreas Kallioras, Fotios-Konstantinos Pliakas, Christoph Schuth, Randolf Rausch

Nyckelord: Environment, Waste Water Technology / Water Pollution Control / Water Management / Aquatic Pollution, Sustainable Development, Waste Management/Waste Technology, Industrial Chemistry/Chemical Engineering

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