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Saene, Hendrick K.F.

Infection Control in the Intensive Care Unit

Saene, Hendrick K.F. - Infection Control in the Intensive Care Unit, e-bok


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ISBN: 9788847016019

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Table of contents

1. Glossary of Terms and Definitions
R. E. Sarginson, N. Taylor, M. A. la Cal, H. K. F. Saene

2. Carriage, Colonization and Infection
L. Silvestri, H. K. F. Saene, J. J. M. Saene

3. Classification of Microorganisms According to Their Pathogenicity
M. A. la Cal, E. Cerdà, A. Abella, P. Garcia-Hierro

4. Classification of ICU Infections
L. Silvestri, H. K. F. Saene, A. J. Petros

5. Gut Microbiology: Surveillance Samples for Detecting the Abnormal Carrier State in Overgrowth
H. K. F. Saene, G. Riepi, P. Garcia-Hierro, B. Ramos, A. Budimir

6. Systemic Antibiotics
A. R. Gaudio, S. Rinaldi, C. Adembri

7. Systemic Antifungals
C. J. Collins, Th. R. Rogers

8. Enteral Antimicrobials
M. Sánchez García, M. Nieto Cabrera, M. A. González Gallego, F. Martínez Sagasti

9. Evidence-Based Infection Control in the Intensive Care Unit
J. Hughes, R. P. Cooke

10. Device Policies
A. R. Gaudio, A. Casini, A. Di Filippo

11. Antibiotic Policies in the Intensive Care Unit
H. K. F. Saene, N. J. Reilly, A. Silvestre, F. Rios

12. Outbreaks of Infection in the ICU: What’s up at the Beginning of the Twenty-First Century?
V. Damjanovic, N. Taylor, T. Williets, H. K. F. Saene

13. Preventing Infection Using Selective Decontamination of the Digestive Tract
L. Silvestri, H. K. F. Saene, D. F. Zandstra

14. Lower Airway Infection
J. Almirall, A. Liapikou, M. Ferrer, A. Torres

15. Bloodstream Infection in the ICU Patient
J. Vallés, R. Ferrer

16. Infections of Peritoneum, Mediastinum, Pleura, Wounds, and Urinary Tract
G. Sganga, G. Brisinda, V. Cozza, M. Castagneto

17. Infection in the NICU and PICU
A. J. Petros, V. Damjanovic, A. Pigna, J. Farias

18. Early Adequate Antibiotic Therapy
R. Reina, M. A. Cal

19. ICU Patients Following Transplantation
A. Martinez-Pellus, I. Cortés Puch

20. Clinical Virology in NICU, PICU and AICU
C. Y. W. Tong, S. Schelenz

21. AIDS Patients in the ICU
F. E. Arancibia, M. A. Aguayo

22. Therapy of Infection in the ICU
J. H. Rommes, N. Taylor, L. Silvestri

23. The Gut in the Critically Ill: Central Organ in Abnormal Microbiological Carriage, Infections, Systemic Inflammation, Microcirculatory Failure, and MODS
D. F. Zandstra, H. K. F. Saene, R. E. Sarginson

24. Nonantibiotic Measures to Control Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia
A. Gullo, A. Paratore, C. M. Celestre

25. Impact of Nutritional Route on Infections: Parenteral Versus Enteral
A. Gullo, C. M. Celestre, A. Paratore

26. Gut Mucosal Protection in the Critically Ill Patient: Toward an Integrated Clinical Strategy
D. F. Zandstra, P. H. J. Voort, K. Thorburn, H. K. F. Saene

27. Selective Decontamination of the Digestive Tract: Role of the Pharmacist
N. J. Reilly, A. J. Nunn, K. Pollock

28. Antimicrobial Resistance
N. Taylor, I. Cortés Puch, L. Silvestri, D. F. Zandstra, H. K. F. Saene

29. ICU-Acquired Infection: Mortality, Morbidity, and Costs
J. C. Marshall, K. A. M. Marshall

30. Evidence-Based Medicine in ICU
A. J. Petros, K. G. Lowry, H. K. F. Saene, J. C. Marshall

Nyckelord: Medicine & Public Health, Intensive / Critical Care Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pharmacy, Medical Microbiology, Drug Resistance

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