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Patnaik, Srikanta

Proceedings of International Conference on Soft Computing Techniques and Engineering Application

Patnaik, Srikanta - Proceedings of International Conference on Soft Computing Techniques and Engineering Application, e-bok


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ISBN: 9788132216957

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Table of contents

1. Research on Hierarchical Clustering Algorithm Based on Cluster Outline
Hai-Dong Meng, Jing-Pei Ren, Yu-Chen Song

2. Exploration of Fault Diagnosis Technology for Air Compressor Based on Internet of Things
Zheng Yue-zhai, Chen Xiao-ying

3. An Enhancement Algorithm Based on Fuzzy Sets Algorithm Using Computer Vision System for Chip Image Processing
Chengxiang Tan, Lina Yang, Xichun Li

4. Development of DDoS Attack Defense System Based on IKEv2 Protocol
Qing Tan, Xiaojing Yue

5. Power Data Network Dynamic Simulation Platform
Qian Guo, Xingchuan Bao, Gu Feng

6. An Emotional Model Based on Multiple Factors
Qiong Xiao, Gangyi Ding, Yongkang Liu

7. Multi-Source and Heterogeneous Knowledge Organization and Representation for Knowledge Fusion in Cloud Manufacturing
Jihong Liu, Wenting Xu, Hongfei Zhan

8. Research of Dynamics and Deploying Control Method on Tethered Satellite
Lei Gang, Xian Yong, Feng Jie, Wang Kui

9. Using Auto-Associative Neural Networks for Signal Recognition Technology on Sky Screen
Yan Lou, Zhipeng Ren, Yiwu Zhao, Yugui Song

10. Research on the Hotspot Information Push System for the Online Journal Based on Open-Source Framework
Jiya Jiang, Tong Liu, Yanqing Shi, Changhua Lu

11. Development of Control System of Wheel Type Backhoe Loader
Luwei Yang

12. Some Results on Fuzzy Weak Boolean Filters of Non-commutative Residuated Lattice
Wei Wang, Yang Xu, Dan Tong, Xiao-yan Cheng, Yong-fei Li

13. CGPS: A Collaborative Game in Parking-Lot Search
Peng Li, Demin Li, Xiaolu Zhang

14. A Fuzzy-Based Context-Aware Privacy Preserving Scheme for Mobile Computing Services
Eric Ke Wang, Yunming Ye

15. Research and Application of Trust Management System
Fengyin Li, Peiyu Liu

16. Ranaad-Xek: A Prototype Design of Traditional Thai Musical Instrument Application for Android Tablet PC
Kasikrit Damkliang, Chawee Kaeoaiad, Sulkiplee Chehmasong

17. Identifying Accurate Refactoring Opportunities Using Metrics
Yixin Bian, Xiaohong Su, Peijun Ma

18. Research on Neural Network Predictive Control of Induction Motor Servo System for Robot
Chaofa Yu, Zelong Zhou, Zhiyong Chen, Xiangyong Su

19. Research on Scale-Out Workloads and Optimal Design of Multicore Processors
Qiong Wang, Li Shen, Zhiying Wang

20. Study of Modified Montgomery’s Algorithm and Its Application to 1,024-bit RSA
Yulin Zhang, Xinggang Wang

21. A MVS-Based Object Relational Model of the Internet of Things
Huijuan Zhang, Ran Xu

22. Rateless Code-Based Unequal Loss Protection for Layer-Coded Media Delivery
Xuan Dong, Shaohe Lv, Hu Shen, Junquan Deng, Xiaodong Wang, Xingming Zhou

23. Construction of the Grade-3 System for GJB5000A-2008
Yonggang Li, Jinbiao Zhou, Jianwei He, Xiangming Li, Libing Guo

24. Virtual Training System of Assembly and Disassembly Based on Petri Net
Xiaoqiang Yang, Jinhua Han, Yi Pan

25. The Design of Visual RBAC Model Based on UML and XACML Integrating
Baode Fan, Mengmeng Li

26. A New Approach to Reproduce Traffic Accident Based on the Data of Vehicle Video Recorders
Hong Li, Qing Kang, Jing He

27. Improved RNS Montgomery Modular Multiplication with Residue Recovery
Tao Wu, Shuguo Li, Litian Liu

28. Functionally Equivalent C Code Clone Refactoring by Combining Static Analysis with Dynamic Testing
Xiaohong Su, Fanlong Zhang, Xia Li, Peijun Ma, Tiantian Wang

29. Architecture Designing of Astronaut Onboard Training System Based on AR Technology
He Ning, Hou Quanchao, Hu Fuchao

30. Design and Implementation of Bibliometrics System Based on RIA
Geyang Han, Bing Sun

31. SAR Image Filtering Based on Quantum-Inspired Estimation of Speckle Variance
Xiaowei Fu, Li Chen, Jing Tian, Xin Xu, Yi Wang

32. Image Semantic Annotation Approach Based on the Feature Matching
Cong Jin, Jinglei Guo

33. Research on Transmission and Transformation Land Reclamation Based on BP Neural Network
Xi Wu, Hai-Ting Ming, Xue-Huan Qin, Wen-Jing Zhu

34. TTP-ACE: A Trusted Third Party for Auditing in Cloud Environment
Songzhu Mei, Haihe Ba, Fang Tu, Jiangchun Ren, Zhiying Wang

35. Pattern Recognition Based on the Nonparametric Kernel Regression Method in A-share Market
Huaiyu Sun, Mi Zhu, Feng He

36. The Research on the Detection and Defense Method of the Smurf-Type DDos Attack
Wantian Cao, Xingchuan Bao

37. A Preliminary Analysis of Web Usage Behaviors from Web Access Log Files
Thakerng Wongsirichot, Sukgamon Sukpisit, Warakorn Hanghu

38. Assessment of BER Performance of a Power Line Communication System in the Presence of Transformer and Performance Improvement Using Diversity Reception
Munshi Mahbubur Rahman, S. P. Majumder

39. A Multi-Constraint Anonymous Parameter Design Method Based on the Attribute Significance of Rough Set
Taorong Qiu, Lu Liu, Wenying Duan, Xiaoming Bai, Zhongda Lin

40. Design and Implementation of a Middleware for Service-Oriented Distributed Systems
Hong Xie, Donglin Su, Yijia Pan, Zhongfu Xu

41. Refactoring Structure Semantics Similar Clones Combining Standardization with Metrics
Xia Li, Xiaohong Su, Peijun Ma, Tiantian Wang

42. A Retail Outlet Classification Model Based on AdaBoost
Kai Liu, Bing Wang, Xinshi Lin, Yeyun Ma, Jianqiang Xing

43. Extensions of Statecharts with Time of Transition, Time Delay of Message Transmitting, and Arrival Probability of Message
Junqiao Li, Jun Tang, Shuang Wan

44. The Optimization of Hadoop Scheduling Algorithms on Distributed System for Processing Traffic Information
Weizhen Sun, Xiujin Wang

45. Understanding the Capacity Scaling of Personal Communications Services
Zheng Wang

46. VHDL Implementation of Complex Number Multiplier Using Vedic Mathematics
Laxman P. Thakare, A. Y. Deshmukh, Gopichand D. Khandale

47. Key Security Technologies of Cloud Computing Platforms
Liang Junjie

48. The Measurement and Analysis of Software Engineering Risk Based on Information Entropy
Ming Yang, Hongzhi Liao, Rong Jiang, Junhui Liu

49. GRACE: A Gradient Distance-Based Peer-to-Peer Network Supporting Efficient Content-Based Retrieval
Jianming Lv, Can Yang, Kaidong Liang

50. Image Denoising Using Discrete Orthonormal S-Transform
Feng-rong Sun, Paul Babyn, Yu-huan Luan, Shang-ling Song, Gui-hua Yao

51. Analyzing Services Composition Using Petri Nets
Jiajun Xu, Shuzhen Yao

52. FPGA-Based Image Processing for Seamless Tiled Display System
Mingyu Wang, Yan Han, Rui Wang, Xiaopeng Liu, Yuji Qian

53. 2D Simulation of Static Interface States in GaN HEMT with AlN/GaN Super-Lattice as Barrier Layer
Imtiaz Alamgir, Aminur Rahman

54. Study on Model and Platform Architecture of Cloud Manufacturing for Aerospace Conglomerate
Jihong Liu, Hongfei Zhan, Wenting Xu

55. Service Composition Algorithm for Vehicle Network Based on Multiple Ontology
Yamei Xia, Chen Liu

56. Design and Application of Virtual Laboratory for Photography
Xuefei Shi

57. The Research of Travel-Time Tomography Based on Forward Calculation and Inversion
Yaping Li, Suping Yu

58. Protein Secondary Structure Prediction Based on Improved C-SVM for Unbalanced Datasets
Ao Pei

59. An Algorithm for Speckle Noise Based on SVD and QSF
Weizhou Zhao, Hui Zhang, Baozhen Yang, Huili Jing

60. A Generation Model of Function Call Based on the Control Flow Graph
Weizhen Sun, Xiangyan Du

61. A Novel Community-Based Trust Model for P2P Networks
Songxin Wang

62. The Algorithm of Mining Frequent Itemsets Based on MapReduce
Bo He

63. Multi-Feature Metric-Guided Mesh Simplification
Hailing Wang, Fu Qiao, Bo Zhou

64. Research on Medical Image Fusion Algorithms Based on Nonsubsampled Contourlet
Junyu Long, Hong Yu, Aiming Yu

65. Influence of Previous Cueing Validity on Gaze-Evoked Attention Orienting
Qian Qian, Yong Feng, Lin Shi, Feng Wang

66. Application of RBF Neural Network in Intelligent Fault Diagnosis System
Yingying Wang, Ming Chang, Hongwei Chen, Ming Qian Wang

67. An Analysis of the Keys to the Executable Domain-Specific Model
Qing Duan, Junhui Liu, Zhihong Liang, Hongwei Kang, Xingping Sun

Nyckelord: Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics), Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Communications Engineering, Networks

Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
Datateknik, Datakommunikation

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