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Gergen, Kenneth J.

Meaning in Action

Gergen, Kenneth J. - Meaning in Action, e-bok


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ISBN: 9784431746805

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Table of contents

1. The Social Turn in the Science of Human Action
Toshio Sugiman, Kenneth J. Gergen, Wolfgang Wagner, Yoko Yamada

Part I.The Power of Meaning

2. Reflections on the Diversity of Knowledge: Power and Dialogue in Representational Fields
Sandra Jovchelovitch

3. Discourse and Representation in the Construction of Witchcraft
Wolfgang Wagner, Andrés Mecha, Maria do Rosário Carvalho

4. Culture, Psychotherapy, and the Diasporic Self as Transitoric Identity: A Reply to Social Constructionist and Postmodern Concepts of Narrative Psychotherapy
Barbara Zielke, Jürgen Straub

5. Generative Inquiry in Therapy: From Problems to Creativity
Dora Fried Schnitman

6. Constructing Trauma and Its Treatment: Knowledge, Power and Resistance
Constanze Quosh, Kenneth J. Gergen

Part II.Constructing Meaning in Everyday Life

7. Moralities We Live by: Moral Focusing in the Context of Technological Change
Nicole Kronberger

8. A Theory of Construction of Norm and Meaning: Osawa’s Theory of Body
Toshio Sugiman

9. The Transcendental Nature of Norms: Infants in Residential Nurseries and Child Adoption
Akiko Rakugi

10. Using Social Knowledge: A Case Study of a Diarist’s Meaning Making During World War II
Tania Zittoun, Alex Gillespie, Flora Cornish, Emma-Louise Aveling

Part III.Narrative and Dialogue

11. Twice-Told-Tales: Small Story Analysis and the Process of Identity Formation
Michael Bamberg

12. Human/Nature Narratives and Popular Films: Big, Bad, Bold, Beneficent, Bountiful, Beautiful and Bereft
Mary Gergen

13. Opposite and Coexistent Dialogues: Repeated Voices and the Side-by-Side Position of Self and Other
Yoko Yamada

14. Narrative Mode of Thought in Disaster Damage Reduction: A Crossroad for Narrative and Gaming Approaches
Katsuya Yamori

15. A Dialogical Perspective of Social Representations of Responsibility
Ivana Marková

Part IV.Action

16. The Social and the Cultural: Where do They Meet?
Jaan Valsiner

17. Moral Responsibility and Social Fiction
Toshiaki Kozakai

18. Social Psychology and Literature: Toward Possible Correspondence
Alberta Contarello

19. Historical Conflict and Resolution between Japan and China: Developing and Applying a Narrative Theory of History and Identity
James H. Liu, Tomohide Atsumi


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