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Shaw, Rajib

Disaster Recovery

Shaw, Rajib - Disaster Recovery, e-bok


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ISBN: 9784431542551

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Table of contents

1. Post Disaster Recovery: Issues and Challenges
Rajib Shaw

Part I. Governance and Institutional Issues

2. Post-Disaster Reconstruction and Institutional Mechanisms for Risk Reduction: A Comparative Study of Three Disasters in India
V. Thiruppugazh

3. Collaborative Governance and Disaster Recovery: The National Disaster Recovery Framework (NDRF) in the U.S.
Naim Kapucu

4. Typhoon Morakot and Institutional Changes in Taiwan
Jet-Chau Wen, Shao-Yang Huang, Chi-Feng Lin, Chia-Chen Hsu, Wen-Ni Chen

5. Institution and Governance Related Learning from the East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami
Mikio Ishiwatari

6. Institutional Response in Education Sector in Kesennuma City
Yukihiko Oikawa

Part II. Education and Learning

7. Implication of Floods—2010 on Education Sector in Pakistan
Amir Nawaz Khan, Amjad Ali

8. Role of Civil Society and its Role in Formal and Informal Education as a Part of Disaster Recovery
Manu Gupta

9. New Insights of Education Sector from East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami
Yukiko Takeuchi, Rajib Shaw

10. School Based Community Recovery in Kamaishi, Japan
Shohei Matsuura, Rajib Shaw

Part III. Technology and Innovations

11. Post-Disaster Housing Reconstruction in Indonesia: Review and Lessons from Aceh, Yogyakarta, West Java and West Sumatera Earthquakes
Krishna S. Pribadi, Dyah Kusumastuti, Saut A. H. Sagala, Ramanditya Wimbardana

12. Coastal Zone Management in Tamil Nadu, India: Challenges and Innovations
R. R. Krishnamurthy, K. Chandrasekar, D. Shanmugam

13. Post-Aila Community Recovery Innovations and Planning
Fuad Mallick, Aminul Islam

14. Incorporating Traditional Knowledge in Post Disaster Recovery to Integrate Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction
Anshu Sharma, Sahba Chauhan

15. Technological and Innovative Measures to Improve Flood Disaster Recovery Following Mumbai 2005 Mega-Flood
Kapil Gupta, Vinay Nikam

Part IV. Cross-cutting Issues

16. Mangrove Management and Cyclone Risk Reduction in Kachchh, Gujarat
R. Parthasarathy, Mahima Gupta

17. Adaptive and Transformative Capacities of Communities After Disaster: The Case of Oil Spill in Guimaras, Philippines
Andrew Eusebio S. Tan, Juan M. Pulhin

18. Environmental Management and Urban Recovery
Akhilesh Surjan, Rajib Shaw

19. Integrated Healthcare as the Future of Disaster Recovery Potential in Tohoku Region
Kenji Isayama, Rajib Shaw

20. Role of Community Radio in Post Disaster Recovery: Comparative Analysis of Japan and Indonesia
Junichi Hibino, Rajib Shaw

21. Disaster Recovery as a Development Vehicle
Rajib Shaw

Nyckelord: Earth Sciences, Natural Hazards, Sustainable Development

Disaster Risk Reduction

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