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Alfonsín, Jorge L. Ramírez

Graph Theory in Paris

Alfonsín, Jorge L. Ramírez - Graph Theory in Paris, e-bok


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ISBN: 9783764374006

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Table of contents

1. Claude Berge — Sculptor of Graph Theory
Bjarne Toft

2. ?-path-connectivity and mk-generation: an Upper Bound on m
M. Abreu, S. C. Locke

3. Automated Results and Conjectures on Average Distance in Graphs
Mustapha Aouchiche, Pierre Hansen

4. Brambles, Prisms and Grids
E. Birmelé, J. A. Bondy, B. A. Reed

5. Dead Cell Analysis in Hex and the Shannon Game
Yngvi Björnsson, Ryan Hayward, Michael Johanson, Jack Rijswijck

6. Ratios of Some Domination Parameters in Graphs and Claw-free Graphs
Mostafa Blidia, Mustapha Chellali, Odile Favaron

7. Excessive Factorizations of Regular Graphs
Arrigo Bonisoli, David Cariolaro

8. Odd Pairs of Cliques
Michel Burlet, Frédéric Maffray, Nicolas Trotignon

9. Recognition of Perfect Circular-arc Graphs
Kathie Cameron, Elaine M. Eschen, Chính T. Hoàng, R. Sritharan

10. On Edge-maps whose Inverse Preserves Flows or Tensions
Matt DeVos, Jaroslav Nešetril, André Raspaud

11. On the Extremal Number of Edges in 2-Factor Hamiltonian Graphs
Ralph J. Faudree, Ronald J. Gould, Michael S. Jacobson

12. Generalized Colourings (Matrix Partitions) of Cographs
Tomás Feder, Pavol Hell, Winfried Hochstättler

13. A Note on [k, l]-sparse Graphs
Zsolt Fekete, László Szego

14. Even Pairs in Bull-reducible Graphs
Celina M. H. Figueiredo, Frédéric Maffray, Claudia Regina Villela Maciel

15. Kernels in Orientations of Pretransitive Orientable Graphs
Hortensia Galeana-Sánchez, Rocío Rojas-Monroy

16. Nonrepetitive Graph Coloring
Jaroslaw Grytczuk

17. A Characterization of the 1-well-covered Graphs with no 4-cycles
B. L. Hartnell

18. A Graph-theoretical Generalization of Berge’s Analogue of the Erdos-Ko-Rado Theorem
A. J. W. Hilton, C. L. Spencer

19. Independence Polynomials and the Unimodality Conjecture for Very Well-covered, Quasi-regularizable, and Perfect Graphs
Vadim E. Levit, Eugen Mandrescu

20. Precoloring Extension on Chordal Graphs
Dániel Marx

21. On the Enumeration of Bipartite Minimum Edge Colorings
Yasuko Matsui, Takeaki Uno

22. Kempe Equivalence of Colorings
Bojan Mohar

23. Acyclic 4-choosability of Planar Graphs with Girth at Least 5
Mickaël Montassier

24. Automorphism Groups of Circulant Graphs — a Survey
Joy Morris

25. Hypo-matchings in Directed Graphs
Gyula Pap

26. On Reed’s Conjecture about ?,? and ?
Bert Randerath, Ingo Schiermeyer

27. On the Generalization of the Matroid Parity Problem
András Recski, Jácint Szabó

28. Reconstruction of a Rank 3 Oriented Matroids from its Rank 2 Signed Circuits
Ilda P. F. Silva

29. The Normal Graph Conjecture is True for Circulants
Annegret K. Wagler

30. Two-arc Transitive Near-polygonal Graphs
Sanming Zhou

31. Open Problems
U. S. R. Murty


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