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Qi, Ershi

Proceedings of 20th International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management

Qi, Ershi - Proceedings of 20th International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, e-bok


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ISBN: 9783642400636

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Table of contents

Part I. Industrial Engineering – Advanced Design and Manufacturing

1. Technological Innovation Networking Features in Pharmaceutical Companies Based on Social Network Perspective
Wei Zhang, Xi-quan Wang, Jia-lin Tian

2. The Evaluation and Analysis of Science Technology Progress of Traditional Industry in Shandong Province Based on the Perspective
Rong-ping Li, Zheng Cui, Shao-hui Dong

3. A SSM Analysis on Industrial Structure of Wangjiang Urban Belt
Bing-hong Da, Tong-hui Lian

4. An Experimental Study of Drilling Small and Deep Blind Holes with an Abrasive Water Jet
Feng-lian Zhang, Jing Zhu

5. Design of an Information System of Production Logistics Tracking (ISPLT) for Tobacco Manufacturing Based on RFID
Pei-ran Fan, Li-cheng Ren

6. A Design of Mobile Payments Business Model Based on Value Network
Jin-luan Ren, Xia-fei Zhuo, Li Zeng, Bo Li

7. Development of Modular Design System for CNC Machine Tools
Jun-you Song, Li-ke Wu, Zhong-qi Sheng

8. Evaluation and Management of Culture Conflict in Cross-Border Merger and Acquisition
Wei-guo Yang

9. The Discussion on the Application of Modapts About Improving the Pipeline of Plastic Enterprise
Rui-yuan Xu, Zi-lin Sun, Hai-wei Gao, Rui Wang, Xue-jun Liu, Li-hu Wang

10. The Application of High-Strength Yielding Bolt in −536 Air-Return Cross-Cuts
Da-guang Yang

11. Effective and Efficient Ways of Hybridizing GA with Various Methods While Reviewing a Wide Variety of Hybrid Genetic Approaches
Nafisa Maqbool, Mudabbri Badar

12. Simulation and Analysis of Aerodynamic Characteristics of High-Altitude Long-Distance Gliding UUV (Unmanned Underwater Vehicle)
Huan-huan Liu, Guang Pan, Xiao-xu Du

13. Implementation of DOM-Based Linux System
You-yuan Cheng, Yong-en Luo, Zhi-jun Yin, Ji-cheng Hu

14. An Empirical Research of the Relationship Between the Image of Platforms, Sellers, Products Under C2C and Customer Loyalty
Jun-feng Liao, Pei-er Cai, Hua-qiong Chen

15. FLAC3D Application on the Reinforcement Effect of Subsidence Damaged Return Air Duct
Lei Zhang, Xian-feng Cai, Xin Zhang, Bing-wen Wang

16. Challenges and Choices: Application of Public–Private Partnerships (PPPs) in Development of Large-Scale Sports Venues in China
Xin-ping Zhang, Qian Yang

17. Innovation Researches of the Reader and the Tag Asymmetric Connection Strategy in RFID Systems
Shao-rong Wei, Xiao-ying Wang, Xiao-qing Wang, Yi Jin

18. System Control Framework for Green Furniture Design Based on Systems Theory
Yu Qian

19. Generalized Process Family Modeling Based on Process Platform
Lin Wang, Xu-yun Fu, Shi-sheng Zhong

20. Influence of Confriction on Intertooth Space Meshing Efficiency of Helical Gear in EHL
Wen-hong Liang, Kai Liu, Ya-hui Cui

21. Power-Hydraulic Coupling Dynamic Model of the Reciprocating Membrane Pump Used in Fault Diagnosis and the Simulation
Pei-yuan Meng, Kai Liu, Lin Xu

22. The Study of Lean Production’s Maturity and Improving Rating
Jun Li, Meng-yi Qiu, Fu-xing Zhang, Xiao-Li Wei

23. A New Validation Concept for Globally Distributed Multidisciplinary Product Development
A. Albers, Yin You, S. Klingler, M. Behrendt, T. Zhang, K. Song

24. Barcode Recognition System Based on GPU & CPU Structure
Peng Wang, Shan-shan Liu, Jian-sheng Hao, Yong Cai

25. Research on Collaborative Design Resources Integration of Product
You-yuan Wang, Peng-biao Nie, Jie Liao, Li-kang Song

26. Assessment on the Socio-Economic-Environmental Coordinated Development of Highway Construction Project
Yu He

27. Research on Reverse Engineering’s Parameter System
Ming Li, Quan-qing Li

28. Research on the Model of Material and Energy for the Mechanical Manufacturing System Based on the System Dynamics
Hui Zheng, Xue-li Li

29. How to Protection Electric Larceny Through Neutral Drift
Li Ping, Xin Xia, Dan-jun Wu

30. Study on Virtual Construction Enterprises Simulation Applying to Adaptive Genetic Algorithm
Zhi-tao Ren, Jun-wei Zheng, Yan-na Wang, Rui Zhang

31. Application of Grey-Markov Model in Forecasting the Variation Trend of Three Industrial Structures in Qingdao City
Ming-yi Li, Hui-ying Gao

32. Application Research of Lean Thinking in the Birth Process of Product
Yu-chun Wang, Wen-ze Wang, Li-fang Wang, Ze-yong Xu, Yu-ling Zhao, Hao Lv, Yong-xun Yang, An-qing Zuo, Yu-jiang Dong, Sheng-jiang Li

33. Manufacturing and Environmental Management
Soemon Takakuwa

34. Low-Carbon Tourism Research Based on System Dynamics
Lan Xiao, Li-ming Zhao

Part II. Industrial Engineering – Artificial Intelligence

35. A Learnable Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for Numerical Function Optimization
Xiangbo Qi, Yunlong Zhu, Lin Nan, Lianbo Ma

36. C# and Matlab Mix and GRNN Agricultural Pest Forecasting System Design
Shuai-Jun Jin, Jian-Dong Fang

37. Study of Using Jess to Develop Fault Diagnosis Expert System for Computerized Numerical Control Machine
Jia-hai Wang, Chen-yang Liu, Shu-yu Zhao

38. Self-Configuration of Physical Cell Identity in LTE Based on Improved GSO Algorithm
Cheng-fu Zhang, Navrati Saxena, Fan-guang Kong, Jian-hua He

39. Surgery Rescheduling Based on Pareto Solution Set Under Uncertain Resource
Tian-yong He, Wei Xiang

40. A Moving Object Detection Algorithm Based on Improved Gaussian Mixture Model
Huai-zhi Ma, Li-na Gong, Jin-qian Yu

41. Feature Selection Based on Rough Set and Gravitational Search Algorithm
Hua-qiang Wang, Zhan-wen Niu, Li-jun Liang

42. Stochastic Resonance Based on PSO with Applications in Multiple Line-Spectrums Detection
Zhi-kai Fu, Jian-chun Xing, Shuang-qing Wang, Qi-liang Yang

43. A Pilot Study on the Application of Cloud Computing in Industrial Automation
You-cheng Shan, Wen-bo Cui, Yi-wen Wen, Xin-xin Huo

Part III. Industrial Engineering – Decision Analysis/Decision Theory and Method

44. Research on Theory and Method for Maintenance Function Deployment
Zao-jie Kong

45. A Bi-criteria Dimension Reduction Approach with Application in Supplier Selection
Ren-yan Jiang, Xue-long Cang

46. Product Requirements Cluster Analysis Based on K-Means
Yu-guang Li, Yong-sheng Huang

47. Determinant Factors of Corporate Intention to Disclose Carbon Information: An Empirical Research of Chinese Firms
Ying-hui Lin, Qiao-ling Guo, Rong-rong He

48. An Application of Decision-Tree-Based Support Vector Machines to Fault Diagnosis for Transformer
Cui-ling Zhang, Da-zhi Wang, Xue-chen Jiang, Yi Ning

49. Capacity and DEA Efficiency of Listed Chinese IT Firms Overseas
Hong Ge, Ming-di Li, Yu Gai

50. A Shared Decision Making Model for Different Preferences of Patients and Health Care Professionals
Li-jun Liang, Zi-xian Liu

51. Study on the Construction of Multiattribute Group Decision-Making Model Based on the Social Network Analysis
Yu-ge Qu, Bai-zhou Li

52. Research on the Bidding Game of Construction Enterprises with Asymmetric Information Based on the CAS System Evolution
Yu Lai, Xu-jia Wang, Xiao-hong Xie

53. Analysis on Game of Service Outsourcing About Service Quality and Price Decision
You-de Dong, Qin-zhu Li

54. Projection Analysis of Interval Number DEA Efficiency Set Model in Business Performance Evaluation
Gang Yang

55. Foreign R&D Spillover and China’s Innovation Capability: A Panel Data Model Analysis
Yang Xu, Jun-chao Hu

56. Carbon Footprint Research of Manufacturing Energy Consumption in Shanxi, Shaanxi and Inner Mongolia
Yu-chen Song, Jing Zhang, Hai-dong Meng, Zhen-hua Yang

57. Research on Brittleness Risk Analysis and Prevention Strategy of Mine Water Disaster System
Zhen-feng Liu, Bing Wu, Li-jie Feng

58. The Incentive Programs Research of Fund Management
Jian-jun Zhang, Yang Xu

59. The Regional Distribution Changes of the Top 500 Private Enterprises, and the Regional Welfare Growth—An Empirical Research Based on Provincial Panel Data from 2000 to 2011 in China
Chang-fu Huang, Qin Xie

60. The Analysis of Factors in Sustainable Growth Ability of New Energy Power Generation Enterprises
Yun-na Wu, Na Tian, Yan Peng, He-ping Wang

61. Study on Carbon Footprint of the Household Consumption in Tianjin Based on Input-Output Analysis
Tao Zhao, Ri-hao Cui

62. Market Density and Entry Decision: An Empirical Study in Emerging Economy
Xi-kai Zhang, Wei Sun, Gui-yao Tang

63. Decision Making in CDA with Arbitrary Supply-Demand Curves
Yuan Shao, Wen-jie Zhan

64. Research on Regional Strategic Emerging Industry Selection and Business Model Innovation
Xiu-ying Guo, Xiao-feng Hui

65. The Optimal Capacity of Industrial Enterprises on Automotive Supply Chain Under the Internet of Things
Han-jiang Zhang, Hong-xia Zhong, Wei-hua Shi

66. Based on the Gray Correlation Dynamic Analysis Method: Sort of Strategic Emerging Industry Development Tax Incentive Policy in Heilongjiang Province
De-fa Cai, Ze Guo, Pei-xin Shi

67. The Application of Carbon Print Analysis Method Based on Life Cycle in Accommodation Service Products
Lei Liu, Run-liang Dou, Hui Zheng

68. Study on the Performance Evaluation of Manufacturing Enterprises Based on EVA
Zhi-gang Li, Xi Zhao, Xu Gong, Ke-jia Liu

69. Study on the Social Influence Evaluation of the Urban Old Industrial Zones’ Upgrade Projects Based on Fuzzy Neural Network Method
Nan Jia, Xing Bi

70. Study on Returns to Scale Consistency Between the Weak BCC Inefficient DMUs and Their Projection in DEA
Wei-feng Lin, Bao-cheng Zhang

71. Performance Comparison and Analysis of Application of the Principal Component Analysis in Medical Work
Tian-Zhi Yu, Jun Ma, Jinsheng Liu

Part IV. Industrial Engineering – Human Factors Engineering

72. Human Error Analysis of Marine Power System Based on Grey Correlation
Guang-hui Qi, Li-min Yu, Yi-chuan Pan, Yan Leng

73. Research on Travel Mode and Travel Decision – Making of Low-Income Groups in Guangzhou City
Xiao Wei, Wei-gao Kong

74. Relationship Between Cognitive Abilities of an Inspector and the X-Ray Screening Task Performance
Yi-fan Tian, Lin-dong Yang, Rui-feng Yu

75. Researches on the Effects of Leader Empowerment Behavior on Employees’ Voice Behavior: The Mediating Effect of Self-Efficacy
Zai-lan Tian, Pei-lun Huang

Part V. Industrial Engineering – Logistics Engineering and Management

76. The Evaluation for a Single Third-Party Reverse Logistics Supplier Based on Evidence Theory
Liu-Bo Zhang, Xian-jia Wang, Sen Yang

77. Study on the Inadequacies and Strategies of Dangerous Chemicals Transport in China
Quan-min Bu, Yong-ning Cai, Xing Tong

78. Optimal Replenishment Policies for Deteriorating Items Based on the Forecasting Method of Grey Model
Shou-feng Ji, Hai-yan Lan, Jin-huan Tang

79. Production Organization Strategy Research and Simulation Based on Energy-Saving Requirements of Bulk Cargo Handling System
Ji-gang Dong

80. Coordination Development of Regional Urbanization Process and Logistics Industry Based on Composite System
Xian-wen Gong

81. Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for Three-Dimensional Loading Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem
Bin Wu, Jin-guo Lin, Min Dong

82. Research on the Differential Outsourcing Risks for Fresh Cold-Chain Logistics
Shi-hua Li, Meng Zhu

83. Calculation of Rational Inventory of Spare Parts in Power Enterprise Based on Chronological-Order Prediction
Jian Li, Man Xu

Part VI. Industrial Engineering – Manufacturing Systems and Management

84. Manufacturing Service Chain Assembly Planning Optimization Based on the Hybrid Immune Algorithm
Wei Zhang

85. Optimization Model for Job Shop Scheduling Based on Genetic Algorithm
Yu-jie Zhu, Ya-min Liang

86. Research on the Production Logistic Parameters Setting and Simulating Optimization in Discrete Manufacturing Enterprise
Ai-hua Wu, Zhi-yuan Ma

87. Research on the Problem of Spare Parts Based on Prognostics and Health Management
Ao-fu Zhang, Li-rong Cui, Pu Zhang

88. Automated Preparation and Optimization of Operating Sequence Chart (OSC) for Aircraft Assembly
Shun-long Jiang, Jun Hong, Gang Tong

89. The Antecedents of Information System Success: From an Innovation Implementation Perspective
Xiao-chun Chen, Zhao Zhao, Yong-zhong Liao

Part VII. Industrial Engineering – Operations Research

90. Study of Unreliable Multiserver Queueing System of MAP/PH/N Type with Broadcasting Service Discipline
Bin Sun, Alexander Dudin

91. A Low Carbon Emission Regularity Between Companies and Supervisor Based on Evolutionary Analysis
Shi-liang Xia

92. Price Decision Analysis for Reusable Product Under Asymmetric Information
Juan Li

93. The Research of Expected Utility Models Based on Classified Information in IPO Pricing
Hai-feng Pan, Zhi-min Li

94. Development of Small Brands in E-commerce Environment – Case Study of Taobao ‘Double Eleven’ Phenomenon in China
Ping-xiu Li

95. An MIP Model for Surgery Scheduling in Combination with Surgeon Shift Scheduling
Yuan-jun Cheng

96. Empirical Research on the Relationship Between Financial Development and Economic Growth Based on VAR Model-A Case Study of Qinhuangdao
Zhe Li, Shu Liu, Zhe Liu

97. Interaction Between Real Estate Prices of Beijing and Stock Prices Based on VAR Model
Wei Li, Ling Jiang

98. The Major Impacts on Internationalization of Higher Education: Empirical Evidence from Universities in Tianjin and Hebei Regions
Su-ying Gao, Ya-ran Fan, Jian-zhao Liu, Hui Xing, Ya-jie Wang

99. A New High-Order Compact Finite Difference Scheme for Solving Black-Scholes Equation
Lu-feng Yang, Xu-lin Hu

100. Preparation of the Public Bus Schedule Based on FCFS
Hong-lei Zhang, Bo-tang Han, Jing-chao Xu, Yu Feng

101. From Location Choice to Agglomeration: An Analysis Based on Game Theory
Zhen-po Wang, Jing-wen Zhang

Part VIII. Industrial Engineering – Production Planning and Control

102. Dynamic Job-Shop Scheduling Research Based on Rolling Horizon Technology
Shu-juan Wang, Chang-an Liu, Hao-yu Wang, Yan Li

103. A Direct Sum of Sequential Matrix Method for Mixed-Model Workshop Layout
Hua-dong Wang, Di Liang, Xiang-fei Ma, Yu-cheng Pan

104. Study on Flexible Production Planning Management System Under the ERP Environment
Kai Qi, Di Xie

105. Adjustment and Control the Agricultural Production with the Law of Price
Wen-xi Duan

106. The Price Decision for Large-Scale Project’s Procurement with Stage-Demand Uncertainty
Zhi-yu An, Yu-can Liu

Part IX. Industrial Engineering – Supply Chain Management

107. Research on the Collaborative Operation Mechanism of Mass Customization Supply Chain
Yu-guang Li, Yong-sheng Huang

108. Preservation Behavior Decision of Fruits and Vegetables Supply Chain
Ying-tang Li, Zhong Qiao

109. The Current Value Distribution of Residential Housing Based on the Theory of Industrial Value Chain – A Case Study of Xi’an City
Ling-yan Li, Xiao-jun Liu, Wei-cheng Yan

110. Wind Turbine Spare Parts Management Based on Kanban System
Zhi-chun Zhang, Hong-wei Liu, Guo-wen Huang

111. Inventory Decisions and Contracts Analyses in a Dual-Channel Supply Chain with Sale Services
Rong-fang Yan, Jian-jun Wu

112. Improving Ammunition Supply Chain Management with RFID Technology
Ping Yan, Wen-liang Yang, Bo Tan, Bo-biao Yu

113. A New Way to Manage a Fashion Industry Supply Chain
Chia-Ling Huang

114. Analysis on the Risk Formation Mechanism of Agricultural Products Logistics Supply Chain and Early Warning Mode
Xiao-yu Li, Yan Song

115. Research on Knowledge Management Incentive in Collaborative Supply Chain with Reciprocal Preference
Xiao-lan He

116. Outpatient Scheduling Under Multiple Providers and Revisit Based on Single Equipment
Xiao-dan Wu, Ya-nan Chu, Zhan-ting Gao, Juan Hao

Nyckelord: Economics/Management Science, Innovation/Technology Management, Industrial and Production Engineering, Engineering Economics, Organization, Logistics, Marketing

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