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Gallo, Daniele

Same-Sex Couples before National, Supranational and International Jurisdictions

Gallo, Daniele - Same-Sex Couples before National, Supranational and International Jurisdictions, e-bok


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ISBN: 9783642354342

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Table of contents

1. Same-Sex Couples, Legislators and Judges. An Introduction to the Book
Daniele Gallo, Luca Paladini, Pietro Pustorino

Part I. Selected National Jurisdictions

2. The Recognition of Same-Sex Couples’ Rights in the US Between Counter-Majoritarian Principle and Ideological Approaches: A State Level Perspective
Graziella Romeo

3. From Gay Rights to Same-Sex Marriage: A Brief History Through the Jurisprudence of US Federal Courts
Antonio D’Aloia

4. Different Approaches, Similar Outcomes: Same-Sex Marriage in Canada and South Africa
Edmondo Mostacci

5. Same-Sex Couples Before Courts in Mexico, Central and South America
José Miguel Cabrales Lucio

6. Following the Legislative Leaders: Judicial Recognition of Same Sex Couples in Australia and New Zealand
Olivia Rundle

7. The Nordic Model: Same-Sex Families in Love and Law
Hrefna Friðriksdóttir

8. A Glorious Revolution? UK Courts and Same-Sex Couples
Aidan O’Neill

9. Between Recognition and Homophobia: Same-Sex Couples in Eastern Europe
Adam Bodnar, Anna Śledzińska-Simon

10. Same-Sex Couples in France and Belgium: The Resilient Practice of Judicial Deference
Philippe Reyniers

11. At the Crossroads Between Privacy and Community: The Legal Status of Same-Sex Couples in German, Austrian and Swiss Law
Giorgio Repetto

12. Judicial Restraint and Political Responsibility: A Review of the Jurisprudence of the Italian, Spanish and Portuguese High Courts on Same-Sex Couples
Tiago Fidalgo Freitas, Diletta Tega

13. The Legal Situation of Same-Sex Couples in Greece and Cyprus
Spyridon Drosos, Aristoteles Constantinides

14. The Law Applicable to the Formation of Same-Sex Partnerships and Marriages
Roberto Virzo

15. On Recognition of Foreign Same-Sex Marriages and Partnerships
Giacomo Biagioni

16. Same-Sex Families Across Borders
Matteo M. Winkler

Part II. Supranational and International (and Quasi-) Jurisdictions

17. Same-Sex Couples Before the ECtHR: The Right to Marriage
Pietro Pustorino

18. Same-Sex Couples’ Rights (Other than the Right to Marry) Before the ECtHR
Francesco Crisafulli

19. Same-Sex Couples Before the Inter-American System of Human Rights
Laura Magi

20. Free Movement Rights for Same-Sex Couples Under EU Law: What Role to Play for the CJEU?
Jorrit Rijpma, Nelleke Koffeman

21. Employment Benefits for Same-Sex Couples: The Case-Law of the CJEU
Massimo F. Orzan

22. International Administrative Tribunals and Their Non-Originalist Jurisprudence on Same-Sex Couples: ‘Spouse’ and ‘Marriage’ in Context, Between Social Changes and the Doctrine of Renvoi

Daniele Gallo

23. Same-Sex Couples Before Quasi-Jurisdictional Bodies: The Case of the UN Human Rights Committee
Luca Paladini

Nyckelord: Law, Private International Law, International & Foreign Law, Comparative Law, Public International Law, Gender Studies, Human Rights, European Law, Constitutional Law

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