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Proceedings of the FISITA 2012 World Automotive Congress

 - Proceedings of the FISITA 2012 World Automotive Congress, e-bok


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ISBN: 9783642337383

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Table of contents

1. Vehicle Usage Measurement and Analysis Based on the Random Retail Customer
Yaozeng Pan, Feng Yang, Chenyang Li

2. Design, Evaluation Methods and Parameters of Automotive Lightweight
Mingtu Ma, Hongzhou Lu

3. Body Light Weight and Cost Control
Dazhou Guo

4. Lightweight Design and Formability Analysis of Auto Body Aluminum Trunk Lid
Zhao Liu, Ping Zhu, Xiaojing Zhu

5. Geometric Parameters Optimal Design of Variable Cross-Section Rim
Hongyu Wang

6. Lightweight Design for a FSC Car Based on Modal and Stiffness Analysis
Liman Jiang, Guoquan Wang, Guoqing Gong, Ruiqian Zhang

7. Application of Comprehensive Optimization into Bus Structure Lightweight Improvement in 3-Section Chassis Frame
Congcheng Ma, Fengchong Lan

8. Applying Agile Software Principles and Practices for Fast Automotive Development
David Socha, Tyler C Folsom, Joe Justice

9. Multi-Objective Evaluation Regulation Study of Automotive Lightweight
Hongzhou Lu, Zhiwen Wang, Ma Mingtu, Yilong Cheng, Guimin Lu

10. Future Mobility Requires Advanced Car Concepts and Power Train
Sven Augustin

11. A Lightweight Optimization Method of Vehicle Body Structure Design
Zhixiang Li, Jifa Mei

12. Analysis of the Transient Thermomechanical Behaviour of a Lightweight Brake Disc for a Regenerative Braking System
S. Sarip, A. J. Day, P. Olley, H. S. Qi

13. Concept Analysis of Automotive Aluminium Alloy Bumper
Xinming Wan, Xiao Zhi, Qingjiang Zhao, Guangyao Wang, Xiaofei Xu

14. Study on Lightweight of Vehicle Body Structure Based on Implicit Parametric Model
Jiyou Zhang
, Shudan Liu, Hong Peng, Yongxin Men, Fuquan Zhao

15. Lightweight Design and Evaluation for Cab-in-White of Heavy-Duty Truck
Xinyu Wang, Dengfeng Wang, Wanlai Sun, Peiwu Liu

16. Research on Parameterized Structural Modeling for Carbody Lightweighting
Xin Chen, Fangwu Ma, Dengfeng Wang, Yongxin Men, Qiang Liu, Zaiqi Yao, Junlong Zhou, Chen Xie

17. Reliability-Based Topology Optimization of Control Arm of Suspension for Lightweight Design
Qinghai Zhao, Xiaokai Chen, Yi Lin

18. Structural Lightweight Design of Engine Connecting Rod
Fuxiang Huo, Jun Li, Yu Xu, Bing Wu, Yepeng Han, Peng Li, Qun Zhang

19. Development of Environmental Assessment System of Vehicle
Moosang Yu, Yunjong Kim

20. Research on Hydraulic Regenerative Braking System for Pure Electric Vehicle Based on AMESim
Junping Jiang, Xiaobin Ning, Yaoting Xu, Qiucheng Wang, Wei Liu, Zhijie Pan, Fuquan Zhao

21. Main Problems of Creating Surface Traction-Transport Vehicles with Mechatronic Systems
Belousov Boris, Ksenevich Tatiana

22. Wheelbase Filtering Effect on Vehicle Ride Dynamics
Kang Song, Xiaokai Chen, Yi Lin

23. Modeling and Experimental Research About a New Type of Vehicle Active Suspension Electromagnetic Actuator
Lai Fei, Huang Chaoqun

24. Research on Nonlinear Characteristics of Hydro-Pneumatic Spring and Impact to Ride Performance of Vehicles
Junwei Zhang, Sizhong Chen, Zhicheng Wu, Lin Yang, Bin Zhang

25. Simulation Research on Car Suspension Durability Enhancement Test Based on Virtual Proving Ground
Zhenglin Cao, Jun Li, Konghui Guo

26. Simulation Research on Strong Fluid–Solid Interaction of Hydraulic Engine Mount
Zhenglin Cao, Jun Li, Konghui Guo, Qun Zhang

27. A Study on Battery Model Verification Using Battery HILS
Hyun-Sik Song, Tae-Hoon Kim, Jin-Beom Jeong, Byoung-Hoon Kim, Dong-Hyun Shin, Baek-Haeng Lee, Hoon Heo

28. Extended Flexible Environment and Vehicle Simulation for an Automated Validation
Albert Albers, Rolf Hettel, Matthias Behrendt, Tobias Düser, Alexander Schwarz

29. Application of Energy Distribution Analysis During the Vehicle Development
Yongsheng Long, Jianpeng Shi, Li Xin, Xueen Zhang, Jun Wang, Shaoju Qu

30. Simulation and Correlation of Commercial Axle Banjo Housing Fracture Under Braking Fatigue Test
Ajay Guddeti, Abhijit Nilangekar

31. Development of a Vehicle Simulator Based on a Real Car for Research and Education Purposes
Zsolt Szalay, Péter Gáspár, Zoltán Kánya, Dávid Nagy

32. Early Verification of Complex Distributed Systems Using Model Driven Development and Virtual Engineering
Lance Brooks, Jun Wu, Darrell Teegarden

33. Research in the Impact of Curtain Airbag Deployment on Interior
Shuyuan Zhou, Liangming Xiang, Jie Lou, Wenwei Zhang, Min Xu

34. Multi-Domain Modeling and Simulation of Automotive Air Conditioning System Based On Modelica
Jing Li, Yunqing Zhang, Wei Chen

35. Predictive Energy Management Strategies in Virtual Driving Tests: Early Evaluation of Networked Controller Functions in Realistic Use Cases
Andreas Kunz, Bernhard Schick, Steffen Lange

36. Evaluation of Video-Based Driver Assistance Systems with Sensor Data Fusion by Using Virtual Test Driving
Bernhard Schick, Steffen Schmidt

37. Vehicle Warm-Up Analysis with Experimental and Co-Simulation Methods
Daniel Ghebru, Christian Donn, Wolfgang Zulehner, Heiko Kubach, Uwe Wagner, Ulrich Spicher, Wolfgang Puntigam, Klaus Strasser

38. Modelling and Simulation of AMT Truck Clutch Actuating Mechanism
Yanying Guo, Xintian Lu, Tao Yan, Zhonghui Sun

39. Vibration Fatigue Analysis of Adaptive Front Lighting System
Yeon Gyoo Lee, Seungryul Choi, Tae Ryong Jeon

40. Application of Two-Chamber Muffler to Reduce Car Noise in Engine Intake System
Zhihong Tang, Zhenying Zhu, Yongxin Men, Fuquan Zhao

41. Ergonomic Simulation and Optimization During the Body Assembly
Yanjun Gao, Xianbo Wei, Beifang Ma, Yang Yu, Xingmin Wei, Fuquan Zhao

42. Test and Analysis of the Mechanical Properties for Laser-Welding Seams and Spot-Welding Joints
Liling Zhang, Xuefeng Chen, Qing Jiang, Xu Wang

43. Aerodynamic Design and Numerical Simulation Analysis of a Passenger Car’s Defrosting Duct
Bo Yang, Li-na Huang, Fengtao Ren

44. An Operating System for the Optimization of Technical Systems Using the Example of Transmission Calibration
Albert Albers, Alexander Schwarz, Matthias Behrendt, Rolf Hettel

45. Model Structure, Realization and Learning Process For a Driver Model Being Capable to Improve Performance with Learning by Itself
Kazuhide Togai, Hisashi Tamaki

46. The Suspension Optimization of FSAE Racing Car Based on Virtual Prototyping Technology
Jun Ni, Sizhong Chen, Zhicheng Wu

47. The Study of the Impact of Aluminum Formability Parameters on its Stamping Formability
Jian Zhang, Mingtu Ma, Hongzhou Lu

48. Calculation of Shrinkage Rate for Injection Molding Based on Moldflow
Fangcheng Xiao, Lei Chen, Xiao Wang

49. A Study of Contact Condition in Vehicle Transmission Virtual Assembly System
Yan Chen, Shouwen Yao, Fei Liu

50. The Multi-Properties Modeling Technologies of Virtual Assembly for Vehicle Transmission Based on the Design
Fei Liu, Qingdong Yan, Shouwen Yao, Xin Zheng

51. New Technologies in Driving Dynamics Performance Simulation
Cibrario Valerio, Cugnon Frederic

52. Transmission System Design and Manufacture in FSC Racing Vehicle
Zhenpo Wang, Changfu Zou, Lei Yue, Lei Zhang

53. Parallel Design Optimization of Articulated Heavy Vehicles with Active Safety Systems
Manjurul Md. Islam, Steve Mikaric, Yuping He, Thomas Hu

54. The Application of Dual Limit Analysis Method in Physical Performance Characteristics Defining and Structural Designing
Chi Luo

55. Predicting Battery Pack Thermal and Electrical Performance in a Vehicle Using Realistic Drive Cycle Power Profiles
Allen Curran, Scott Peck

56. Virtual Test Drive in the Application Process of ESP®-Systems to Ensure Performance and Robustness
Albert Lutz, Fabien Macaire, Walter My

57. The Test and Analysis of Car’s Brake Noise
Qinghai Sui

58. Thermal Management Simulation of Passenger Car with Naturally Aspirated and Turbocharged Gasoline Engine
Haie Chen, Hongzhou Li, Xinxin Dai, Qun Chen, Kang Li

59. Research on User Vehicle Operation Regularity
Zhonggao Yu, Yutan Zhang, Yonghong Xu, Gan Chen, Jianguang Zhou, Jianxian Chen, Jie Bai

60. Acoustic Mode and Structure Mode Analysis of Heavy Duty Truck Muffler
Guoquan Wang, Cheng Zhao, Liangcheng Zhang, Yong Chen

61. Transient Thermal Measurement of Electronic Components and Radiometric Characterization of LEDs
Boris Marovic, Alexandra Francois-Saint-Cyr

62. Maneuver-Based Testing of Integrated, Highly Interconnected Safety Systems
Kathrin Sattler, Andreas Raith, Thomas Brandmeier, Christian Schyr, Daouda Sadou

63. Studying of Instantaneous Emissions Character for Hybrid Electric Vehicle
Nie Yanxin, Du Baocheng, Wan Peng, Xie Jingsi

64. Effect of Cryogenic Treatment on Retained Austenite and Fatigue Life of Gcr15 Wheel-Hub Bearing
Qiucheng Wang, Xiaobin Ning, Qi Chen, Bintao Mao

65. A Study on Analysis Method of Motion Characteristics in the Crash Test Based on Computer Vision
Guohua Cao, Gang Han, Weiguo Liu, Fuquan Zhao

66. Study of Optimized Tuning in Full AFLS Head Lamps
Doohyun Kim

67. Improvements in Test Protocols for Electric Vehicles to Determine Range and Total Energy Consumption
Juhani Laurikko, Jukka Nuottimäki, Nils-Olof Nylund

68. New AMFM Test Method with Android Operation System
Yongqing Zhu, Kerun Xu, Lubing Zeng, Minjie Tian, Chendong Wang

69. Ergonomic Evaluation System for Vehicle Package
Shihai Li, Yongqing Liu, Zhongxian Chen, Mengdong Mi, Hao Chen, Weiwei Du, Tingchuan Song, Huang Jian

70. Subjective and Objective Vehicle Tests, Two Parallel Vehicle Handling Evaluations
Eric Chabrier, Michel Grima

71. Subjective Evaluation and Modeling of Human Ride Comfort of Electric Vehicle Using Tools Based on Artificial Neural Networks
Lerspalungsanti Sarawut, Albers Albert, Ott Sascha

72. Torque Vectoring Control Design Based on Objective Driving Dynamic Parameters
Michael Graf, Markus Lienkamp

73. Integrated State Estimation with Driving Dynamic Sensors and GPS Data to Evaluate Driving Dynamics Control Functions
Markus Bauer, Carlo Ackermann, Rolf Isermann

74. Evaluation Tool for Current and Future Powertrains
Barak Adam

75. Wet Handling Track: Utilities, Water System, Coefficient of Adherence
Pinilla Marc, Carbonell Abel, Arango Luz A

76. The Development of an Auxiliary Unloading Device for Dump Trucks
Guoxing Li, Tie Wang

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