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Popovich, Vasily

Information Fusion and Geographic Information Systems (IF AND GIS 2013)

Popovich, Vasily - Information Fusion and Geographic Information Systems (IF AND GIS 2013), e-bok


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ISBN: 9783642318337

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Table of contents

Part I. Invited Paper

1. Using Space-Based Technology for Smart Resource Management during Disaster Early Warnings
Cosimo Stallo, Marina Ruggieri, Sabino Cacucci, Donatella Dominici

Part II. Editorial

2. Intelligent GIS Conceptualization
Vasily V. Popovich

3. Ten Years of the International Workshop “Information Fusion and Geoinformation Systems”
Rafael Yusupov, Yan Ivakin

Part III. Ontologies and Modeling in GIS

4. Semantic Retrieval of Geospatial Datasets Based on a Semantic Repository
Julio Vizcarra, Miguel Torres, Rolando Quintero

5. A Semantic Model to Query Spatial–Temporal Data
Benjamin Harbelot, Helbert Arenas, Christophe Cruz

6. Modeling Concepts for Consistency Analysis of Multiple Representations and Heterogeneous 3D Geodata
Susanne Becker, Volker Walter, Dieter Fritsch

7. Modeling of Search Actions Under the Conditions of Variable Environment Properties
Victor Ermolaev

8. OpenStreetMap-Based Dynamic Ridesharing Service
Alexander Smirnov, Nikolay Shilov, Alexey Kashevnik, Nikolay Teslya

Part IV. Algorithms and Computational Issues for GIS

9. Application of Sleator-Tarjan Dynamic Trees in a Monitoring System for the Arctic Region Based on Remote Sensing Data
Philipp Galiano, Mikhail Kharinov, Sergey Vanurin

10. A Two-Phase Multiobjective Local Search for GIS Information Fusion: Spatial Homogeneity and Semantic Information Tradeoff
Enguerran Grandchamp, Evelin Fonseca-Cruz

11. Parallel Algorithms of Discrete Fourier Transform for Earth Surface Modeling
Marina Chicheva

12. Adaptive Multidimensional Measurement Processing Using Intelligent GIS Technologies
A. Pankin, A. Vitol, N. Zhukova

Part V. Data Security for GIS

13. Logical Inference Framework for Security Management in Geographical Information Systems
Igor Kotenko, Olga Polubelova, Igor Saenko

14. Dynamical Attack Simulation for Security Information and Event Management
Igor Kotenko, Andrey Shorov, Andrey Chechulin, Evgenia Novikova

Part VI. Urban GIS

15. A Simulation Model of Urban Growth Driven by the Bosphorus Bridges
Ismail Ercument Ayazli, Fatmagul Kilic, Hulya Demir

16. A New Method to Characterize Density Adapted to a Coarse City Model
Rachid Hamaina, Thomas Leduc, Guillaume Moreau

Part VII. Marine and Coastal GIS (for the Arctic Region)

17. The Skipper’s Advisor: An Expert System for Coastal Navigation
Ruslan Sorokin

18. Modeling of Noise and Acoustic Field Calculations in the Limited Water Area of Beibu Gulf Using Geospatial Data
Viktor Ermolaev, Truong Giang Bui

19. Anomaly Detection for the Security of Cargo Shipments
Muriel Pellissier, Evangelos Kotsakis, Hervé Martin

20. Atmosphere and Ocean Data Processing in a Decision-Making Support System for Arctic Exploration
Oksana Smirnova, Nataly Zhukova

Nyckelord: Geography, Geographical Information Systems/Cartography, Information Systems and Communication Service, Landscape/Regional and Urban Planning

Lecture Notes in Geoinformation and Cartography

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