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Jin, David

Advances in Multimedia, Software Engineering and Computing Vol.1

Jin, David - Advances in Multimedia, Software Engineering and Computing Vol.1, e-bok


E-bok, PDF, Adobe DRM-skydd
ISBN: 9783642259890

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Table of contents

1. Model Retrieval Based on Three-View
FuHua Shang, YaDong Zhou, HongTao Xie

2. A Bayesian Network Approach in the Relevance Feedback of Personalized Image Semantic Model
Lei Huang, Jian-guo Nan, Lei Guo, Qin-ying Lin

3. An Empirical Study on Elastic Effect of Fiscal Expenditure to Household Consumption in China
Jianbao Chen, Huanjun Zhu, Tingting Cheng

4. Extraction and Recognition of Bridges over Water in High Resolution SAR Image
XiongMei Zhang, JianShe Song, ZhaoXiang Yi, JunHui Xu

5. Unsupervised SAR Imagery Segmentation Based on SVDD
XiongMei Zhang, JianShe Song, ZhaoXiang Yi, RuiHua Wang

6. An Approach of Building Areas Segmentation of SAR Images Based on the Level Set Method
Ruihua Wang, Jianshe Song, Xiongmei Zhang, Yibing Wu

7. SAR Image Classification in Urban Areas Using Unit-Linking Pulse Coupled Neural Network
Ruihua Wang, Jianshe Song, Xiongmei Zhang, Yibing Wu

8. The Research of Intrusion Detection System in Cloud Computing Environment
Huaibin Wang, Haiyun Zhou

9. Zero-Voltage-Switching Voltage Doubled SEPIC Converter
Hyun-Lark Do

10. The Study on Application of Computer Assisted-Language Learning in College English Reading Teaching
Haiquan Huang

11. Single-Switch Step Up/Down Converter with Positive and Negative Outputs
Hyun-Lark Do

12. Energy Recovery Address Driver with Reduced Circulating Current
Hyun-Lark Do

13. A Scheme of Feasibility with Static Analysis in Software Testing Environment
ManSha Lu

14. Active Clamped Resonant Flyback with a Synchronous Rectifier
Hyun-Lark Do

15. A Robust Digital Watermarking Algorithm Based on Integer Wavelet Matrix Norm Quantization and Template Matching
Xin Liu, XiaoQi Lv, Qiang Luo

16. Semi-supervised Metric Learning for 3D Model Automatic Annotation
Feng Tian, Xu-kun Shen, Xian-mei Liu, Kai Zhou

17. ZVS Synchronous Buck Converter with Improved Light Load Efficiency and Ripple-Free Current
Hyun-Lark Do

18. A Prediction Model Based on Linear Regression and Artificial Neural Network Analysis of the Hairiness of Polyester Cotton Winding Yarn
Zhao Bo

19. Predicting the Fiber Diameter of Melt Blowing through BP Neural Network and Mathematical Models
Zhao Bo

20. Humanizing Anonymous More Sensitive Attributes Privacy Protection Algorithm
GuoXing Peng, Qi Tong

21. Research of Music Class Based on Multimedia Assisted Teaching in College
Hongbo Zhang

22. Analysis and Design of E Surfing 3G Mobile Phone’s Payment Schemes of China Telecom Based on BP Neural Network
Yan Shen, Shuangshuang Sun, Bo Zhang

23. Soft-switching High Step-Up DC-DC Converter with Single Magnetic Component
Hyun-Lark Do

24. Research on Association Rule Algorithm Based on Distributed and Weighted FP-Growth
Huaibin Wang, Yuanchao Liu, Chundong Wang

25. The Research of PWM DC-DC Converter Based on TMS320F28335
Jinhua Liu, Xuezhi Hu

26. The New Method of DDOS Defense
Shuang Liang

27. Research of Blind Signal Separation Algorithm Based on ICA Method
Xinling Wen, Yi Ru

28. Research of Intelligent Physical Examination System Based on IOT
Wei Han

29. Research of Intelligent Campus System Based on IOT
Wei Han

30. Training Skills of Autonomous Learning Abilities with Modern Information Technology
Xianzhi Tian

31. Medical Image Processing System for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery
YanQiu Chen, PeiLli Sun

32. Multi-scale Image Transition Region Extraction and Segmentation Based on Directional Data Fitting Information
Jianda Wang, Yanchun Wang

33. Analysis and Design of Digital Education Resources Public Service Platform in Huanggang
Yun Cheng, Yanli Wang, SanHong Tong, ZhongMei Zheng, Feng Wang

34. Study on E-commerce Course Practice and Evaluation System under Bilingual Teaching
Yiqun Li, Quan Jin, Xuezheng Zhang

35. Non-termination Analysis of Polynomial Programs by Solving Semi-Algebraic Systems
Xiaoyan Zhao

36. Construction of Matlab Circuit Analysis Virtual Laboratory
Shoucheng Ding

37. Identification and Evaluation Methods of Expert Knowledge Based on Social Network Analysis
Guoai Gu, Wanjun Deng

38. Effect of Ammonium and Nitrate Ratios on Growth and Yield of Flowering Chinese Cabbage
Shiwei Song, Lingyan Yi, Houcheng Liu, Guangwen Sun, Riyuan Chen

39. Research of Rapid Design Method for Munitions Based on Generalized Modularity
Chao Wang, Chunlan Jiang, Zaicheng Wang, Ming Li

40. Structured Evaluation Report of an Online Writing Resource Site
Xing Zou

41. Inversion Calculation and Site Application for High-Resolution Dual Laterolog (HRDL) Tool
Zhenhua Liu, Jianhua Zhang

42. GPU Accelerated Target Tracking Method
Jian Cao, Xiao-fang Xie, Jie Liang, De-dong Li

43. Web Database Access Technology Based on ASP.NET
Jin Wang

44. A Novel Approach for Software Quality Evaluation Based on Information Axiom
Houxing You

45. Research on Model of Ontology-Based Semantic Information Retrieval
Yu Cheng, Ying Xiong

46. Using Dynamic Fuzzy Neural Networks Approach to Predict Ice Formation
Qisheng Yan, Muhua Ding

47. The Design of Simple Experiment System for Automatic Control System
YiMing Li

48. Deformation Calculation for Uplift Piles Based on Generalized Load Transfer Model
Wenjuan Yao, Shangping Chen, Shengqing Zhu

49. Teaching Linear Algebra: Multimedia, Strategies, Methods and Computing Technology Development
Jing Zhang

50. Research on Keyword Information Retrieve Based on Semantic
Xin Li, Wanxin Dong

51. The Implementation of a Specific Algorithm by Traversing the Graph Stored with Adjacency Matrix
Min Wang, YaoLong Li

52. Research of Key Technologies in Development in Thesis Management System
Huadong Wang

53. Evaluation Model of Business Continuity Management Environment on E-learning
Gang Chen

54. Knowledge Discovering and Innovation Based on General Education Curriculum Reform around Classical Reading in Colleges
ShuQin Wu

55. Based on Embedded Image Processing Technology of Glass Inspection System
Lian Pan, Xiaoming Liu, Cheng Chen

56. Wavelet Weighted Multi-Modulus Blind Equalization Algorithm Based on Fractional Lower Order Statistics
Fang Xu, Yecai Guo, Jun Guo

57. Orthogonal Wavelet Transform Blind Equalization Algorithm Based on Chaos Optimization
Yecai Guo, Wencai Xu, Fang Xu, Jun Guo

58. Research on Soil Heavy Metal Pollution Assessment System Based on WebGIS
He Shen, TingYan Xing, ShengXuan Zhou, YongHong Mi, Xian Feng

59. The Impact of Visual Transcoder on Self-similarity of Internet Flow
JingWen Zhu, Jun Steed Huang, BoTao Zhu

60. The Research and Design of NSL-Oriented Automation Testing Framework
Chongwen Wang

61. Based on Self-manufactured Experimental Equipments, the Curriculums of Microcomputer Experiment Teaching Mode Reform and Innovation
Jiangchun Xu, Jiande Wu, Nan Lin, Ni Liu, Xiaojun Xue, Yan Chen

62. “Flexibility” of Software Development Method
Yu Gao, Yong-hua Yang

63. Direction of Arrival (DOA) Estimation Algorithm Based on the Radial Basis Function Neural Networks
Hong He, Tao Li, Tong Yang, Lin He

64. Interference Analysis of WCDMA Base from TD-SCDMA Terminals
Hong He, Xin Yin, Tong Yang, Lin He

65. Research of Dispatching Method in Elevator Group Control System Based on Fuzzy Neural Network
Jun Wang, Airong Yu, Lei Cao, Fei Yang

66. Modal of Dynamic Data Collection Based on SOA
Airong Yu, Jun Wang, Lei Cao, Yihui He

67. A Distributed Website Anti-tamper System Based on Filter Driver and Proxy
Jun Zhou, Qian He, Linlin Yao

68. The Application of TDL in the Windows Intelligent Control
WangNa, YanxiaPang

69. The System Design and Edge Detection on Island and Reef Based on Gabor Wavelet
XiJun Zhu, QiuJu Bai, GuiFei Liu, Ke Xu

70. The Designs of the Function and Structure of the New Hydraulic Cylinder Test-Bed
DongHai Su, ZhengHui Qu

71. A Positioning Algorithm for Node of WSN Based on Received Signal Strength
Xiang Yang, Wei Pan, Yuanyi Zhang

72. Linear Generalized Synchronization between Two Complex Networks
Qin Yao, Guoliang Cai, Xinghua Fan, Juan Ding

73. The Application of Digital Media Technology in Art Design
Qiang Liu, Lixin Diao, Guangcan Tu, Linlin Lu

74. A Metadata Architecture Based on Combined Index
Li Cai, JianYing Su

75. Two-Stage Inventory Model with Price Discount under Stochastic Demand
Yanhong Qin, Xinghong Qin

76. Study a Text Classification Method Based on Neural Network Model
Jian Chen, Hailan Pan, Qinyun Ao

77. Security Design and Implementation of Yangtze Gold Cruises Website
Huashan Tan, You Yang, Ping Yu

78. The Effect of Multimedia CAI Courseware in the Modern Art Teaching
Guangcan Tu, Qiang Liu, Linlin Lu

79. A Virtual Laboratory Framework Based on Mobile Agents
Chao Yang, Gang Liu

80. Research and Improvement of Resource Scheduling Mechanism in Alchemi Desktop Grid
CaiFeng Cao, DeDong Jiang

81. Customers Evaluation Effects of Brand Extension towards Brand Image of Chinese Internet Companies
Ming Zhou

82. Research on the Fault Diagnosis of Excess Shaft Ran of Electric Submersible Pump
Fengyang Tao, Guangfu Liu, Wenjing Xi

83. An Empirical Research of Effects of Realness on Microblogging Intention Model
Zhijie Zhang, Haitao Sun, Huiying Du

84. A Study on the Relation between Moldingroom’s Temperature and the Cock Issue in FDM Techniques
Hao Wu, Zheng Yang

85. The Gracefulness of a Kind of Unconnected Graphs
Yan-Hua Yu, Wen-Xiang Wang, Li-xia Song

86. Six-Order Symplectic Integration in Quasi-classical Trajectory Computation
Xian-Fang Yue

87. Identity for Sums of Five Squares
Gaowen Xi

88. The Optimal Traits of Semiorthogonal Trivariate Matrix-Valued Small-Wave Wraps and Trivariate Framelets
Delin Hua

89. The Nice Features of Two-Direction Poly-scale Trivariate Small-Wave Packages with Finite Support
Bingqing Lv, Jing Huang

90. The Excellent Traits of Multiple Dual-Frames and Applications
Kezhong Han

91. Finite-Time Control of Linear Discrete Singular Systems with Disturbances
Yaning Lin, Fengjie An

92. Construction of Gray Wave for Dynamic Fabric Image Based on Visual Attention
Zhe Liu, Xiuchen Wang

93. Theoretical Framework of Responsible Leadership in China
XiaoLin Zhang, YangHua Lu

94. Research on Dual-Ring Network Based TDM Ring and CSMA Ring
Haiyan Chen, Li Hua, Donghua Lu

95. Improved Authentication Model Based on Kerberos Protocol
Xine You, Lingfeng Zhang

96. Predicting Arsenic Concentration in Rice Plants from Hyperspectral Data Using Random Forests
Jie Lv, Xiangnan Liu

97. Design and Implementation of Online Experiment System Based on Multistorey Architectures
Wei Li, WenLong Hu, YiWen Zhang

98. CT-PCA Algorithm Based on Contourlet Transform and KPCA for Image Enhancement
Qisong Chen, Maonian Wu, Xiaowei Chen, Yanlong Yang

99. A Robust STBC-OFDM Signal Detection with High Move Speed Environments
Yih-Haw Jan

100. Application in Evaluating Driving Fatigue Influence Factors by Grey Interval Theory
Jixuan Yuan, Zhumei Song, Shiqiong Zhou

101. An Improved Semantic Differential Method and Its Application on Sound Quality
Jixuan Yuan, Zhumei Song, Shiqiong Zhou

102. Design and Application of Linux-Based Embedded Systems
Chunling Sun

103. Detection of Human Movement Behavior Rules Using Three-Axis Acceleration Sensor
Hui Xu, Lina Zhang, Wenting Zhai

104. Research on Forecasting Models for Material Consumption
Qingtian Han, Wenqiang Li, Wenjing Cao

105. Study on Optimal Model and Algorithm of Equipment Spares
Qingtian Han, Wenjing Cao, Wenqiang Li

106. Research on Role and Context-Based Usage Control Model
HaiYing Wu

107. A No Interference Method for Image Encryption and Decryption by an Optical System of a Fractional Fourier Transformation and a Fourier Transformation
Huaisheng Wang

108. A Minimum Spanning Tree Problem in Uncertain Networks
FangGuo He, GuiMing Shao

Nyckelord: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Multimedia Information Systems, Software Engineering/Programming and Operating Systems

Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing
Teknologi, energi, trafik

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