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Jin, David

Advances in Multimedia, Software Engineering and Computing Vol.2

Jin, David - Advances in Multimedia, Software Engineering and Computing Vol.2, e-bok


E-bok, PDF, Adobe DRM-skydd
ISBN: 9783642259869

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Table of contents

1. A Quick Emergency Response Model for Micro-blog Public Opinion Crisis Oriented to Mobile Internet Services: Design and Implementation
Hanxiang Wu, Mingjun Xin

2. Effectiveness Evaluation on Material Modularity Storage and Transportation by Grey-Analytical Hierarchy Process
HuiJun Yang, Jun Meng, YanXia Liu

3. Study on Logistics Decision Making by Interval AHP
HuiJun Yang, Juan Wu, Jian Zhang

4. A Kind of Privacy-Preserving Data Mining Algorithm Oriented to Data User
Li Cai, JianYing Su

5. Design of Industrial Instrument Manipulator
Xinsheng Che, Dongxue Fan

6. Facial Expression Recognition Based on MB-LGBP Feature and Multi-level Classification
Zheng Zhang, Chao Xu, Jiaxin Wang, Xiangning Chen

7. Semantic Processing on Big Data
ZhenXin Qu

8. Study on Land Use Structural Change Based on Information Entropy
Saiming Yang

9. Game Analysis on Adoption of Incentive Strategies in Embedded Rural Company Cluster: Case Study Based on Shangli Firework Industry
Jianlin Zhang, Ting Wu, Xinglin Wu

10. Research and Application on Organization Method Used in 3D Basic Geographic Data
Xiaopeng Leng, Fang Miao, Wenhui Yang, Xiang Ni

11. The Application of BP Neural Network in Hospitalization Expense Research
Chao Chen, Sufeng Yin, Dong Wang, Jianhui Wu, Guoli Wang

12. Application of GM(1,1) Model on Predicating the Outpatient Amount
Dong Wang, Sufeng Yin, Chao Chen, Jianhui Wu, Guoli Wang

13. Multi-user Detection on DS-CDMA UWB System Using QDPSO Algorithm
XiangBo Song, Jun Shi, Yue Chi, YaTong Zhou

14. The Characters of Two-Directional Vector-Valued Poly-Scale Small-Wave Wraps with Finite Support
Honglin Guo, Rui Tian

15. The Traits of Quarternary Minimum-Energy Frames in Sobolev Space
Zhihao Tang

16. Beautification of Chinese Character Stroke-Segment-Mesh Glyph Stroke Curve
MaiKu Zhang, Min Lin, HanQuan Huang

17. Technology of GPS Data Acquisition Based on Linux Operating System
Miaolei Zhou, Yimu Guo

18. Key Technology and Statistical Mapping Method of Active Emergency Service
Deguo Su, Ximin Cui, Lijian Sun

19. Pattern Synthesis of Array Antennas with a Kind of Quantum Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
Ting Wang, Shou-da Wang, Wen-mei Zhang, Zhi-wei Zhang

20. An Approach to the Algorithm for Adaptive Routing Strategy Oriented to Location-Based Services
Mingjun Xin, Guobin Song, Qiongqiong Wang

21. An Improved Shuffled Frog Leaping Algorithm for TSP
Zhoufang Li, Yuhua Wang

22. A Detection Method of Iron Ore Pipeline Transportation Leak Point Positioning
Jiande Wu, Xuyi Yuan, Guangyue Pu, Chunlei Pan, Yugang Fan

23. Design of Data Acquisition and Monitoring System Used in Complex Terrain Long Distance Pipeline Transportation of Iron Ore
Weidong Geng, Yu Gong, Li Zhang, Chunlei Pan, Xiaodong Wang

24. Design of the Intelligent Simple Electrocardiograph
Jie Sun, Xiao-li Wang

25. Best Path Analysis in Military Highway Transportation Based on MapX
Qingge Zhang, Xuri Yin

26. Design and Optimization of Data Process Server of ITS Base on Shared Memory
Shaochun Zhang, Weiming Wu, Yonghao Gu

27. A Fast Method for Large Aperture Optical Elements Surface Defects Detection
Cheng Yang, Rong Lu, Niannian Chen

28. Study and Optimization Based on MySQL Storage Engine
Xiaolong Pan, Weiming Wu, Yonghao Gu

29. An Analysis of Statistical Properties on Some Urban Subway Networks
Yimin Ding, Zhuo Ding

30. The Research of Applying Chaos Theory to Speech Communicating Encryption System
YunPeng Zhang, Fan Duan, Xi Liu

31. The Research and Improvement of Path Optimization in Vehicle Navigation
Bo Huang, Weiming Wu, Yuning Zheng

32. Research and Design of Communications Protocol in APTS Based on a Hybrid Model
Xiangbao Su, Weiming Wu, Yuning Zheng

33. The Optimum Professional Liability Insurance Contract Design for Supervising Engineer
Bao-Long Li

34. The Influence of Project Owner on Professional Liability Insurance for Supervising Engineer
Bao-Long Li

35. The Long Term Incentive Mechanism of the Professional Liability Insurance for Supervising Engineers
Bao-Long Li

36. Research on the Externality of the Real Estate Market in Social Security Sector
Bao-Long Li

37. The Research on Urban Planning Data Storage System
Xiaosheng Liu, Tingli Wang

38. Web3D Based Multimedia Software of Safety Knowledge for Children
Zhen Liu, YanJie Chai

39. The Research on Viewpoints Requirements Description Method under Time-Varying
FuHua Shang, LiJuan Liu, RuiShan Du, Ye Yuan

40. Cost-Effective Charge Sharing Address Driver with Load Adaptive Characteristic
Hyun-Lark Do

41. A Method of Mechanical Faults Feature Extraction Based on Timbre Feature
Yungong Li, Jinping Zhang, Li Dai

42. Based ADL on the 3d Virtual Characters Based Action of the Research and Application
FuHua Shang, Bo Li, Hong Zhou

43. Vehicle Scheduling for Transports in Large-Scale Sports Meeting
Lei Wang, Chunlu Wang

44. Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Algorithm Based on User Interest Evolution
Dejia Zhang

45. Wavelet TRANSFORMATION for Content-Based Image Retrieval COMBINE G-Regions Of Interest
Xugang, Fuliang Yin, Chaorong Wei

46. An Optimal Algorithm for Resource Scheduling in Cloud Computing
Qiang Li

47. An Empirical Study on Governance Characteristics and Performance of High-Tech Corporations
Ye Liu, Lili Zeng, Duo Wang, Fanyun Sun, Liang Feng

48. Research of Node Location Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Network
Jianqiang Zhao, Ge Yao, Jie Zhang, Sufen Yao

49. The Study of Bus Superstructure Strength Based on Rollover Test Using Body Sections
Guosheng Zhang, Xuewen Zhang, Bin Liu

50. Strengthen the Experiment and Training Management, Construction, and to Improve Teaching and Research
Yandong Song

51. The Optimization on the Multiperiod Mean-VaR Portfolio Selection in Friction Market
Peng Zhang, Lang Yu

52. Analysis and Program Design on Time Effect of Foundation Settlement
Wei Lei

53. Close Eye Detected Based on Synthesized Gray Projection
Ling Lu, Xing Ning, Ming Qian, YongKe Zhao

54. Healthy Record and Hospital Medical Record System Intercommunication Based on ESB
Guang Dong, Honghua Xu, Weili Shi

55. Improving Oral Fluency through Readers Theater in the EFL Classroom—A GET Innovation in China
Man Cao, Lan Huang

56. The Management Mechanism of Education Exchange and Cooperation Platform for Southeast and South Asia in Yunnan China
Jing Tian, Yun Zeng

57. An Approach to Sound Feature Extraction Method Based on Gammatone Filter
YaHui Zhao, HongLi Wang, RongYi Cui

58. Explore New Countryside from the Perspective of the Rural Environmental Protection Measures
YueFen Wang

59. Analysis on Forest Industry Enterprises Culture and the Necessity of Reconstruction
YueFen Wang

60. Discusses the Construction of Ecological Good Yichun Forest Region
YueFen Wang, Yao Xiao

61. Research on the General Method of Round Robin Scheduling
Jian Chen, DongFeng Dong

62. The Development of Ontology Information System Based on Bayesian Network and Learning
ZhiPing Ding

63. Study on the Relationship between Goal Orientation and Constitution of Collage Students in Sport
Jian Chen, Gang Qin

64. Sub-block Size on Impact of Fundus Image Noise Estimate
YiTao Liang, WeiYang Lu, YuanKun Zhu, Rui Pang

65. The Application of Particle Filter Algorithm in Multi-target Tracking
Jiaomin Liu, Junying Meng, Juan Wang, Ming Han

66. Environmental Sensor Networks: A Review of Critical Issues
Jinxin He, Jonathan Li, Haowen Yan

67. Research on Service-Oriented Geospatial Information Sharing Mechanism and Technical Architecture
Zhigang Li, Tian Liang, Wunian Yang

68. The Research and Practice on Computer Graphics Extended Education
Zhefu Yu, Huibiao Lu

69. Study of the Border Port Logistics Equilibrium Based-On DIS/HLA under Comprehensive Transportation System
Dou Zhi-wu, Li Yan-feng

70. The Construction of the Program Design Online Community
XueFeng Jiang, JunRui Liu

71. The Reform of the Many-Branched Setting in Software Development Technology Course
JunRui Liu, XueFeng Jiang

72. Visual Information Interactive Design on Web Interface
Peng Shi

73. A Fast Direct Calculation Inference Algorithm
HaiYang Chen, XiaoGuang Gao, Jian Xu

74. Disassembly Sequence Planning Based on Improved Genetic Algorithm
JiaZhao Chen, YuXiang Zhang, HaiTao Liao

75. A Method to Raise Test Efficiency of SRM Gas-Tightness
JiaZhao Chen, WenTao Yu, Liang Qi

76. Fast NLMS Algorithm with Orthogonal Correction Factors Designed for Adaptive Transversal Equalizers
Huxiong Li

77. An Improved Kerberos Intra-domain Authentication Protocol Based-On Certificateless Public-Key Cryptography
Wang Juan, Cao Man-cheng, Fang Yuan-kang

78. On Evaluating English On-Line Study Websites in China
Hanxiong Zhu, Ruiting Xie, Yi Xie

79. Comparison of Three Motor Imagery EEG Signal Processing Methods
Dan Xiao

80. Multi-agents Simulation on Unconventional Emergencies Evolution Mechanism in Public Health
Qing Yang, Fan Yang

81. The Application of Knowledge Management Based on Ontology in College Education Management
Xuejun He

82. Development and Application of the Virtual Intelligent Digital Camera Teaching System
YangNa Su

83. Improvement Project on Collecting and Integrating Video Resources
Weichang Feng, Xiaomeng Chen

84. JND Model Study in Image Watermarking
Wei Li, Cheng Yang, Chen Li, Qiu Yang

85. Illegal Node Detection of Wireless Mesh Network Based on Node Reputation Value
Huai Yang

86. Utilizing Free Software to Improve the Teaching and Learning of Computer Major Courses
XianBo He, BaoLin Li, MingDong Li, YouJun Chen

87. The Combined Homotopy Methods for Optimization Problem in Non-convex Constraints Region
Yunfeng Gao

88. A Novel Method for Dead-Time Compensation of the Inverter Using SVPWM
YiMin Gong, XiaoJiao Chen, Ying Huang

89. The Application of Wavelet in Digital Image Watermarking Pretreatment
Chen Li, Cheng Yang, Wei Li

90. The Design of Clothing Sales Management Platform
Tian-Min Cheng

91. Study of the Model of Agile Supply Chain Management
Tian-Min Cheng

92. Using the Knowledge Integration Teaching Method to Improve the Teaching Quality in C Language
ChengLie Du, XueFeng Jiang, JunRui Liu

93. Collaborative Learning on Multi-agent in M-Learning
Xiaohan Zhang, Honghua Xu, Lin Hu, Shuying Zhuang

94. Wavelet Bases and Decomposition Series in the Digital Image Watermarking
Chen Li, Cheng Yang, Wei Li

95. Research of Software Human-Computer Interface Based on Cognitive Psychology
Peng Shi

96. Structured Evaluation Report of an Online Writing Resource Site
Xing Zou

97. The Discussion of the Designing of Teaching Plan
ShuKun Liu, XiongJun Wen, JinPeng Tang, Zhen Chen

98. Study of Agent-Based Simulation of Parking Management System of Intelligent Residence
Qicong Zhang

99. Multi-agent Based Supermarket Queuing Model and Optimization
Qicong Zhang

100. Exploration of Computer Specialty Enterprise Work Practices for Ordinary University
Ying Cai, Weizhen Zhou

101. Quality Traceability of MES Based on RFID
Jiwei Hua, Xiaoting Li, Wei Xia, Yang Liu

102. The Study of RFID Oriented Complex-Event Processing
Jiwei Hua, Chuan Wang, Wei Xia, Jin Zhang

103. The Study of RFID-Based Manufacturing Execution System
Jiwei Hua, Yao Lu, Wei Xia, Xiaolei Hua

104. Visual Research on Virtual Display System in Museum
Peng Shi

105. Dynamic Public Transport Passenger Flow Forecast Based on IMM Method
Zhenliang Ma, Jianping Xing, Liang Gao, Junchen Sha, Yong Wu, Yubing Wu

106. Teaching Reformation on Course of Information Theory and Source Coding
Xin-qiang Wang, Guo-xiong Xu

107. A Distributed Multicast Protocol with Location-Aware for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
Tzu-Chiang Chiang, Jia-Lin Chang, Shih-Wei Lin

108. Exploring of New Path for Job Opportunities with New Model in IT Education
Hongbo Zhao, Chen Wang, Dejun Tang

Nyckelord: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Multimedia Information Systems, Software Engineering/Programming and Operating Systems

Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing
Teknologi, energi, trafik

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