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Qian, Zhihong

Recent Advances in Computer Science and Information Engineering

Qian, Zhihong - Recent Advances in Computer Science and Information Engineering, e-bok


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ISBN: 9783642257810

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Table of contents

1. A Novel RS-Based Key Frame Extraction Algorithm for Video Mining in Compressed-Domain
Liu Mei

2. A Study on Small Scale Fading Model of Aeronautical Relay Channel
Kai Hu, Zhigang You

3. An Investigation of the Performance of Informative Samples Preservation Methods
Jianlin Xiong, Yuhua Li

4. Analysis of Spatial Intensity Correlation’s Effect on Registration Measures
You-e Cheng, Xi-lin Zhao

5. Application of Data Mining in Analysis of Electrovalence
Bo Hu

6. Application of Data Mining in Power Customer Satisfaction Evaluation
Bo Hu

7. CRM Research Based on the Decision Tree Classification Algorithm
Yan Yan, Dali Yin, Feng Wang

8. Design of Optimal Controller for Dynamic Positioning System of a Certain Drilling Platform
Zhigao Liu, Baojun Pang, Yaguang Jiang, Zhichao Liu

9. KKM Theorems in L-Spaces
Rong-Hua He

10. Optimal Output of Hydropower Station Based on Rough Set Theory
Ailing Yan, Baichun Wang

11. Performance Study on Fire Alarm System in Large Space Buildings
Zhang Zhenna, Zhang Qin, Chen Hongbing, Wang Suilin, Li Hongwen

12. Research on Expert System for Ginseng Diseases and Pests Based on CBR
Dongming Li, Guifeng Chen, Lijuan Zhang

13. Research on Reliability Evaluation Based on Vibration Severity for Gearbox
Chengkai Zhang, Haiqi Zheng, Jinwu Yang, Qingjian Wu, Renfa Shen

14. Study and Development on WEBGIS-Based Emergency Rescue Platform for Mines
Wu Bing, He Min, Zhang Bo, Ni Yingjie

15. Study on Noun Phrase of “B+N” Structure in Search Engine Query Logs
Li Zheng, Shuicai Shi, Xueqiang Lv, Zhijie Liu

16. Study on Queue Strategy of Gated Polling Multi-access Communication System
Yongfa Ling, Chang Liu, Yanmei Li

17. The Climatic Characterization of Reference Evapotranspiration of Beijing Meteorological Station
Lingling Zhao, Jun Xia, Chong-Yu Xu, Leszek Sobkowiak

18. The Digital Design Applied to Consumer Garment Try-On Experience Integrated with Augmented Reality
Wen-Cheng Wang, Ying-Hsiu Chen, Chen-Yuan Kao

19. Video Event Detection Based on Temporal Pattern Analysis
Min Chen

20. A Memetic Algorithm for Hardware Software Partitioning
Geng Lin, Wenxing Zhu, Jinglan Wu

21. Dimensionality Reduction for Colon Data
Li Zuoling, Weng Guirong

22. Mechanics Analysis on Set Membership Evaluation of Real-Virtual Sensor-Based on Multi-layer Fusion
Liming Liang, Haihua Zheng, Mengsen Wan

23. Web News Pages Extraction Method Based on DOM and Decision Tree
Zhizhao Chen, Jian Cheng Lv

24. Study on Feature Selection Based on Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm
Quanjin Liu, Zhimin Zhao, Yong Wang

25. Urban Air Quality Forecast System Based on Sample Optimization and Its Application
Lu Li, Ming Cai, Yonghong Liu, Zhi Yu

26. A Fast KNN Categorization Algorithm Based on Feature Space Indexing
Chuangxin Yang, Jia Wei

27. An Experimental Comparison of Different Features for Image Retrieval Based on Bayesian Classifier
Niu Pingyang, Wei Jia, Zhuang Junzun

28. An Improved Document Clustering Algorithm Based on Neural Gas Algorithm
Zhu Ye-hang, Li Yan-ling, Yang Xian-wen

29. An Odor Discrimination Approach Based on Mice Olfactory Neural Network
Qin Guojun, Zhang Ji, Hu Niaoqing, Sun Hai

30. Application Research of Weighted Fuzzy C Means Clustering about Soil Fertility Evaluation in Nong’an County
Guowei Wang, Li Yan, Yuxia Yao

31. Automatic Classification between Wind and Bowstring Instrumental Music Using Support Vector Machine
Huijing Dou, Yan Feng, Yanzhou Qian, Jianchao Shi

32. Boundary Point Recognition Algorithm Based on Grid Adjacency Relation
Guang-xing Li, Bo Li

33. The Application of Genetic BP Neural Network and D-S Evidence Theory in the Complex System Fault Diagnosis
Hao Xiang, Desheng Wang

34. Research into Fuzzy Clustering with Collaboration between Multi Data Sets
Zhi-shui Zhong, Gang Wang, Yong-qing Huang

35. Scalable Online Incremental Learning for Web Spam Detection
Liangxiu Han, Abby Levenberg

36. Semi-supervised Clustering Algorithm Based on Shared Nearest Neighbors
Lingzhi Zheng, Decai Huang

37. A Improved MASK Algorithm Based on Privacy Preserving
Shuangying Liu, Qiaomei Ma

38. Classification Data Mining for Digital Home Sensor Networks
Lindong Liu, Ruqi Zhou

39. On Ranking Senators by Their Votes
Mugizi Rwebangira

40. Visibility Graph Analysis on Monthly Macroeconomic Series of U.S.A. from Jan-1959 to Jun-2010 Based on Complex Network Theory
Na Wang, Dong Li, Qiwen Wang

41. Investigations of Intrusion Detection Based on Data Mining
Minjie Wang, Anqing Zhao

42. Research on the Change of HRV in the Process of Gradually Guided Breathing
Buqing Wang, Zhengbo Zhang, Weidong Wang

43. The Analysis of Earthquake Precursory Based on Multiscale Technology of Wavelet Transform
Anxu Wu, Leyin Hu, Layue Li

44. Analysis Method Based of Digital Image of Wool or Cashmere
Shang Shuyuan, Yi Haiyan, Wang Zhihong, Liu Yaxia

45. Population Density Analysis in Underground Public Space Based on Digital Video and Pattern Recognition
Gang Zeng, Yi Liu

46. A New Preprocessing Phase for LSA-Based Turkish Text Summarization
Aysun Güran, Nilgün Güler Bayazıt

47. Recognition of Chemical Names in Chinese Texts
Nan Li, Jiu-ming Ji, Rong-ting Zheng

48. Exploration on Data Recommendation Prototype Based on Data-Sharing-Platform
Xinyu Zhang, Li Zheng

49. The Study of Financial Early-Warning Model in Chinese Listed Companies by Fuzzy Neural Network
Junqi Yang, Lijia Chen

50. A Multi-source Spatial Data Fusion Method Used for Terrain Simulation
Yin Huafei, Lv Pin, Zheng Changwen, Hu Xiaohui

51. A New Method of Outlier Detection
Xincai Gu, Jun Zhou, Xiaoli Wang

52. Acoustic Recognition of Artillery Projectiles by SVM
Songyun Guo, Quanxia Ma, Xiaoxi Zhou, Rongming Shao

53. Algorithm for Data Mining Based on Fuzzy Logic
Jintao Yang

54. Analysis on Electro-Mechanical Response of Carbon Fiber under Off-Axis Tension in Multivariate Regression Modeling Procedures
Fang Xi, Li Zhuoqiu, Zhu Sirong

55. Application of Data Mining for Fluid Identification in Complicated Reservoir
Lichang Wang, Zhizhang Wang, Guo Tao

56. Audio Classification for Blackfoot Language Analysis
Min Chen, Mizuki Miyashita

57. Neural-Based Decision Trees Classification Techniques: A Case Study in Water Resources Management
Chih-Chiang Wei, Li Chen, Hsun-Hsin Hsu

58. Personalized Recommendation Based on Desktop Context
Xiao-yun Li, Ying Yu, Xiao-hua Yang, Jia-yu Ma, Zhi-ming Liu, Ya-ping Wan, Hui Jiang

59. The Classification Recognition of Projectiles Wear Mark Based on Support Vector Machine Method
Chang Jing, Bingcheng Wang

60. An Integrated Spatial Topology Model of Urban Public Transport Networks Based on Walking Paths Oriented to Passenger’s Views
Shaopei Chen, Jianni Qiu

61. The Design of ATmega161 and USB Connection Data Acquisition System
Wei Zhang

62. Order Exchange Key in Data Encryption
Mo Hong Fei, Fan Jing, Li Hong Lian

63. Weighted Social Networks Anonymizing Publication
Lihui Lan, Biao Cong

64. Efficient Structural XML Index for Multiple Queries
Bo Zhang, Ziyun Zhuang

65. An Efficient KNN Query Processing Approach on High-Dimensional Data Objects in P2P Systems
Baiyou Qiao, Linlin Ding, Xiaoyang Wang, Yong Wei

66. Research on Parallelizing Trie-Based Apriori Algorithm
Zhiyong Zeng, Chengzhi Yang, Jiankun Yu

67. A Web Log Mining System Based on MDP Algorithm
Jirong Gao, Tian Yan, Yunfeng Dang

68. Design and Implementation of Test Paper Management System
Yang Guoxing, Song Yan

69. Embedded Real-Time Database System Concurrency Control Protocol A-Based FDA
Zhicheng Liu, Dongsheng Lin

70. A Data Mining Algorithm of Frequent Pattern for Data Flow Based on Landmark Window
Chunsheng Zhang, Liyan Zhuang

71. A Recovery Approach for Real-Time Database Based on Transaction Fusion
Changqing Chen, Qing Liu, Yunsheng Liu, Gang Shen

72. A Data Collection Framework with Extensible Protocol Based on XML
Xinyi Peng, Miansheng Li, Zhiwei Huang

73. Optimizing Oracle System Based on SGA
Yin Yang, Xingfa Yang

74. Road Crosses High Locality Sorting for Navigation Route Planning
Ting Li, Diange Yang, Xiaomin Lian

75. Emergency Case Supporting System for Engineering Accidents by CBR
Chang Chunguang, Jia Zhaonan, Ma Xiang, Kong Fanwen, Liu Yachen

76. Fast Face Detection Based on Enhanced AdaBoost
Hongguang Sun, Yannan Xie, Bohan Sun, Huijie Zhang, Binnan Shang, Genxin Fan

77. A Compound Fuzzy Control Studying on Main Road in City
Yuping Su, Weixin Yang

78. A Semi-supervised Fuzzy SVM Clustering Framework
Aibin Zheng, Limin Luo

79. An Algorithm of Building Fuzzy Petri Nets Based on the Simplified Fuzzy Productions
Kaiqing Zhou, Xiaobo Yue, Liping Mo, Ming Tang

80. An Effective Approach to Detect Hard Exudates in Color Retinal Image
Pan Lin, Zheng Bing-Kun

81. Design and Simulation of Fuzzy Control Algorithm in OCC Processing
Huaping Xu, Xiemin Mao, Yongming Bian

82. Optimal Hierarchical Remote Sensing Image Clustering Using Imperialist Competitive Algorithm
Samaneh Karami, Shahriar Baradaran Shokouhi

83. Optimization Estimation of Muskingum Model Parameter Based on Genetic Algorithm
Sihui Dong, Bo Su, Yang Zhang

84. Recursive Genetic Algorithm for Robot Manipulator Motion Planning in the Existence of Obstacles
Mohamed Atia, Aboelmagd Noureldin

85. Research on Convergence of Self-adaptive Mutation Algorithm
Li Huang, Weiwei Du

86. Head Movements and Animating Facial Expressions Based on Multi-curve Spectrum
Zhixiang Chen, Chunhui Xie

87. Implementation of Eye Tracking with Webcam Images
Batbold Myagmarjav, Jiahuang Ji

88. Research and Development of the Head Unit of Interactive Humanoid Robot
Xiai Chen, Shuang Ke, Dong Wei, Hong Xu, Ling Wang, Bingrui Wang

89. The Chinese Describing of GIS Path Based on Continuous Polar Coordinate
Dehai Chang, Bin Li, Min Zhang

90. Usability Evaluation and Redesign of E-Government: Users’ Centred Approach
Zhao Huang, Laurence Brooks

91. A Research Based on a Modified Genetic Algorithm for the Overfitting of Resonance Maching Network
Changji Wen, Cuijuan Zhou, Shengsheng Wang

92. Application of BP Neural Network in History Match and Productivity Prediction of Coalbed Methane
Yumin Lv, Dazhen Tang

93. Application of RBF Neural Network and ANFIS on the Prediction of Corrosion Rate of Pipeline Steel in Soil
San He, Yongli Zou, Desheng Quan, Hanyi Wang

94. Dynamic Network Clustering with Affinity Propagation
Qiuyan Huo, Peng Yang

95. Electric Load Forecasting Based on Improved Grey Neural Network
Jiatang Cheng, Wei Xiong, Li Ai

96. Forest Growth Simulation Based on Artificial Neural Network
Jiarong Huang, Guangqin Gao, Fang Guo

97. Fuzzy Adaptive Back Propagation Model Based on Genetic Algorithm
Min Mao, Daowu Pei

98. Lagurre Orthogonal Polynomial Basis Functions Neural Network
A-Long Yu

99. Study on Fabric Classification with Support Vector Machines Based on Half-Circle Skirts Shape Simulated in 3D Virtual Try-On
Fengyuan Zou, Xin Xia, Qinli Gong, Lifeng Pan, Juanfeng Jin

100. The Classification of Children’s Occupational Therapy Problems Using Neural Network
Yu-Ling Yeh, Tung-Hsu Hou, Chin-Yao Low

101. Enhancement of Template-Based Face Detection by Belief Propagation in Ordered Component Search
Hossein Nejati, Elaheh Bayat, Amin J. Torabi, Rasool Maghareh

102. Face Recognition Based on DWT and Improved Linear Discriminant Analysis
Weijun Dong, Mingquan Zhou, Guohua Geng

103. Incomplete Barcode Reading Mechanism with Remote Database Access
Jyh Perng Fang, Yang-Lang Chang, Wei-Chieh Chu, Kuo Wei Chen

104. Local Feature Image Fusion Algorithm Based on Wavelet Transform
Yuqiu Sun, Xiaoqiang Feng

105. One Infrared Face Recognition Method with Matrixized Model
Zhe Wang, Zengxin Niu

106. One-Dimensional Feature Extraction Method for Iris Image
Qing’an Yao, Zhongyu Xu, Liquan Han, Qiong Wu, Ziwei Li

107. Rademacher Complexity Analysis for Matrixized and Vectorized Classifier
Zhe Wang, Wenbo Jie, Daqi Gao, Jin Xu

108. Recognition of Plate Shape Defect Based on RBF-BP Neural Network
Xiaohua Li, Junjie Zhang

109. The Texture Feature Extraction for Multi-objective Image in Complex Traffic Environment
Dezheng Zhu, Jiafu Jiang

110. A Novel Fuzzy Sarsa Learning Incorporated with Ant Colony Optimization
Xuesong Chen, Guangqiang Xie

111. A Study Based on Distributed Supervised Machine Learning System for Text Classification
Jingyi Xu, Duo Li, Shiwen Yu, Xue Bai

112. Content-Based Remote Sensing Image Retrieval Using Image Multi-feature Combination and SVM-Based Relevance Feedback
Lijun Zhao, Jiakui Tang, Xinju Yu, Yongzhi Li, Sujuan Mi, Chengwen Zhang

113. Ranking Learning Model Applying Visual Features for Image Search
Xiaotong Mu, Yibo Dong, Jiuwen Liu

114. SVM Classification for Large Data Sets by Support Vector Estimating and Selecting
Fei Li, Honglian Li

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