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Zhang, Liangchi

Engineering Education and Management

Zhang, Liangchi - Engineering Education and Management, e-bok


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ISBN: 9783642248238

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Table of contents

1. Dimensions of Perceived Risk and Their Influence on Consumers’ Purchasing Behavior in the Overall Process of B2C
Lingying Zhang, Wojie Tan, Yingcong Xu, Genlue Tan

2. Research on the Mode Selection of Technology Transfer and Innovative Process
Jianxin Zhang, Shudong Sun

ARCH Model Approach to Measuring Function of Government in the Science & Technology Auto-organization System
Neng Shen

4. Research on New Patterns of Fostering the Innovative Ability in China’s Graduate Education
Wang Peizhi, Liu Jun

5. Social Network’s Impact on New Venture Performance-—An Empirical Research of Zhejiang Entrepreneurs
Jun-ping Yang, Lu-bin Tang, Zhe-jing Lu

6. Cluster Analysis of Regional Economic Development in Hebei Province
Dongchu Cui, Yue Yu, Zhijie Song

7. Research on Construction of University Students’ Self-regulated Learning Environmental Based on Internet
Sun Dao-yin, Zhang Xin-rui

8. Research on Contracting Risk Control in Building Engineering
Guo Zhanglin, Shi Ying

9. Model of Biding Evaluation Based on Algorithm of Adjusting Weight of Decision-Makers
Xin Yang, Mei Lu

10. The Training Program for Product Design Engineers of Automotive Industry in China
Yinghua Fu, Yiquan Zhao, Yue Li

11. A Multi-agent Economic Simulation System
Wu Li

12. A Bi-level Programming Model for a Multi-facility Location-Routing Problem in Urban Emergency System
Sun Hua-li, Wang Xun-qing, Xue Yao-feng

13. The Comparative Study of the Effect of Incentives and Punishments in the Corporation
Guoqin Bu

14. The CDIO Teaching Practice of Mechanism Analysis and Design
Jiang Fan, Zhang Chunliang, Wang Yijun

15. The Creation and Connotation of Seven Equations in “A+T·CDIO” Engineering Teaching Reform
Liu Chaoying

16. The Study on Constructing the Teaching System of the Generic Cabling Course for the Intelligent Building Major
Jianwen Cao, Xinli Wei

17. Multimedia Technology Applied to College Ideological and Political Theory Course Teaching Problems and Countermeasures
Qiu Shuangcheng

18. Strategic Study of Improvement of Regional College Graduates’ Employability
Ke Ming Xu, Bi Xia Lin

19. Application of Sports-Based Project Teaching Mode in Cultural Education for Athletes
Wei Chen, Mei Yang

20. The Teaching Reform of the Course of Quality Management and Reliability
Li Li Meng, Hui Zhen Zhao, Chun Guang Lu, Lin Chen

21. Discussion on Classroom Teaching to Improve Specialized English Ability of Engineering Students
Quanli Han, Wenming Zhang, Xuhui Zhang

22. Exploration and Analyzing of Bilingual Teaching in “Engineering Graphics” in College
Xiaoyan Xi, Ziqin Li, Lili Meng, Huigang Wang

23. An Analysis on the Differences between the Specialty-Education of Sino-American Construction Engineering Management
Kang Xiangping

24. An Exploration of Curriculum Construction in Higher Vocational Education with a Working and Learning Combination Pattern
Guang Si Luo

25. Research on Constructing Index System of Talents Evaluation for Science and Technology Enterprises
Li Yun Xing, Zhao Tong Zhu

26. Study on the Innovative Education in Geometric Tolerance
Yu Li, Chong Yang Zhao, Jun Jin Ma, Ping Yan Bian

27. Analysis on Teaching in Course of “Architecture Structure” of Engineering Management Major
Suqing Cao, Xiaofei Xin

28. Focus on Form Instruction-—Theoretical Review of Research Abroad
Hongju Yan

29. Background and Introspection of Higher Vocational Education Reforms in China
Zhenhua Liu

30. Searching a “Work-Integrated Learning” Teaching Practice for the Mould Professional Course
Jiaju An, Zhaorong Su

31. Feasibility Study on the Talent Cultivation Mode of “Work-Integrated Learning”
Zhaorong Su, Jiaju An

32. Risk Measurement of Rail Transit Investment and Financing
Ji Fa Wang, Wei Li

33. Cultivating Innovative Applied Talents by Constructing the Specialized Core Curriculum System
Shouming Hou, Fen Luo, Wenpeng Xu

34. Research of Education about Industrial Design Based on the Modern Engineering Design Software
Ming-qian Shen, Jiang-tao Wang

35. Conceive and Construction of Engineering Training Model Based on the Concept of International CDIO Engineering Education
Shuli Sun, Yangfang Wu, Qianqian Lu, Hua Liu, Wei Shao

36. Adding Value: Strengthening the Relationship among “Teaching”, “Learning” and “Researching” in Undergraduate Engineering Education
Hao-Yu Shen

37. Exploration and Practice of Basic Computer Teaching Reform under New Situation for Colleges
Zhiguo He, Li Yan

38. Overall Course Design Method Based on Working Process-—Illustrated by the Course of Mechanical Components Design

Jin-mei Zhang, Hong-jin Bai, Chong-you Feng

39. Efficiency Frontier for Chinese Stock Markets under Influence of Financial Crises
Wang An Guo

40. English-Chinese Bilingual Lectures on Hydraulic and Pneumatic Transmission and Engineering Education
Shumei Chen, Chuanming Chen, Shuncong Zhong

41. Evaluation and Analysis on Benefit of Chinese College Resources Input
Zhu Xiao-hong

42. Investigation of the Connotation and Constitution Elements of Innovative Practice Ability
Rangtong Liu, Chao Zhang, Fenghua Liu, Peixue Wang

43. “1234 Project Design Curriculum Innovation Model” for Local Engineering Colleges on the Basis of “Excellence Plan”
Liu Chaoying

44. Research on Practice Teaching of Engineering Education in Co-op Mode
Tao Guo, Xuefei Li, Yanfang Li

45. Creative Talents Training Pattern of Telecommunication Engineering in Colleges
Geng Li, Yu-na Su

46. Research on the Performance Incentive Methods of Higher Education
Zhi Ping Du, Yu Zhang, Le Shi Cai

47. Study on Innovative Training System in Local University Based on TRIZ Theory
Jiang Fan, Zhang Chunliang, Xiao Zhongmin

48. Research and Practice of Entrepreneurship Education Reform: The Case of Wenzhou University
Er Lei Zeng

49. Formation Strategies of Innovative Practice Ability Based on Its Constitution Elements
Rangtong Liu, Chao Zhang, Fenghua Liu, Peixue Wang

50. Investigation and Analysis on Humanistic Quality Education of Science and Engineering University in China
Hong Xia Chen

51. Exploration on the Reform of Mechanical Engineering Graduates’ Quality Education
Wei Li, Xiaoyan Cao

52. Hydropower-Based Research on Training Mode of Civil Engineering
Ruihong Wang, Jianlin Li, Yuzhou Jiang, Yu Wang

53. Construction for the Online Education Evaluation System of Adult Higher Education
Chen Juan

54. Overview of Service Orientation in Manufacturing Companies
Meng Xiang Li, Zhi Yang

55. Characteristics and Trends about China’s Trade on Internet
Yong Ju Ren

56. The Application in the Game PBL Teaching
Ya Nan Li, Hao Zhang, Jing Zhang

57. The Study of Practical Teaching for Undergraduates Majored in Marketing
Li Yan Du

58. Engineering Graphics Implementation and Reflection on Teaching Quality Assurance
Min Xue Luo

59. A Study on the of Application Blended Learning Theory in Practical Teaching of Program Design
He Yupeng

60. A Research on the Humanity Qualities of University Teachers
Naisheng Wang

61. Study on Effective Assessment of Practical Teaching in University Based on IPA
Zhengguo Zhu, Taoxing Zhu, Yongquan Zhu, Minglei Sun

62. Job Burnout of University Administrators and Teachers and Its Protective Factors
Li Yibai, Zhu Haoliang

63. Design of Mechanical Engineering Project Courses Based on Complex Project Carrier
Shu Zheng, Wei Jin, Chang Ming Lu, Xiao Rong, Xue Lian Du

64. University Culture of Innovation Promote the Healthy Development of University Education
Qing Zhu Hu

65. Construction of Talent Training Scheme Based on Innovative Practice Ability
Rangtong Liu, Chao Zhang, Fenghua Liu, Peixue Wang

66. On the Plight and the Solving Way of Higher Engineering Education
Hui Wang

67. Concerning Clothing Design and Engineering Professional Education Reform
Hu QingHong, Jiang Yu, Gong Ke

68. In JiLin Province Native Products Brand Design Thinking
Gong Ke, Zhen Zhu

69. On the Status and Significance of Education on Engineering Ethics in Engineering Education
Wenping Wang

70. Training Innovative Quality in Engineering Education by the ’Incomplete’ Study
Chi Jun, Guo Jianliang, Zhang Weiwei

71. Integrated Reform Research and Practice on Engineering Machinery Course
Shuang Chen

72. Innovative Research on Graduate Education Quality
Qi Ye, Jun Zhang

73. Personnel Training Mode Renovation on the Tertiary Vocational Education and Training
Kunhong Li

74. The Whole Discrete Actuarial Model of Life Insurance with the Interest Rate Obeying Uniform Distribution
Nian Nian Jia, Qing Fang Wu

75. Research on Physical Education Reform from the Perspective of Physical Fitness
Pengtao Lu, Linsen Song, Shibin Wang

76. The Exploration of Sino-German Cooperation Training Mode for Electrical Engineering Education
Zou Xuan, Shen Jianqiang, Bai Te

77. The Applications of Web3D Technologies in Web Teaching of Engineering Graphics
Qu Chang, Wang Junze

78. Keystone of Engineering Education — Ethics Education
Hongju Yan

79. Problems and Countermeasures of "Village to Neighborhood" by the Process of Accelerating Urbanization
Yuehua Song, Yuanyuan Gu

80. The Research of Theory Education and Practice in University Career Planning
Tao Zhang, Baojian Shao

81. The Discussed of the Role of Mathematics Modeling in the University Mathematics Education
Liu Lin, Chang Juan

82. Application of PBL Teaching Mode in College Practical Teaching under New Educational Values
Hai-ling Sun

83. Employment of College Students Research Based on Long Tail Theory
Ying Peng, Yinxia Wei

84. Preliminary Study on the Ethical Issues of Engineering Activities
Wang Jing

85. Research on the Human Resource Development of Rural Women -— Take the Example of the Rural Women in Shuangliu County of Chengdu
Jia Zhang, Qianming Chen

86. Promoting Blended Learning Strategies Based on the Participatory Instructional Design Concept
Jilan Sun, Yuehong Sun

87. Empirical Study of Investment Performance Based on Monthly Holding Period: The Evidence from Listed Banks in Shanghai Stock Exchange
Fengjun Liu, Benzhi Shi, Zhu He, Fei Li

88. Developing Marine-Related Specialities of Higher Vocational College for Serving the Modern Marine Industries
Zhi Yuan Xie, Xue Ren

Mechanical Principle Teaching and Engineering Ability Training
Dongjie Zhao, Hongliang Guo, Zhenhua Qi

90. Exploration on Cultivating Integration Capabilities of Polymer Talents
Dongjian Shi, Mingqing Chen, Xiaoya Liu, Weifu Dong

91. Application of Eight Engineering Education Management Principles in the Application -— Oriented Talents Training
Lixin Yin, Jing Yan, Guowen Li

92. Study on the Design and Implementation of Economics Experiment-—Take Demand Curve as an Example
Jun Xian Liu

93. Construction of Digital Learning Platform for Ocean Universities’ Advanced Mathematics
Zhang Ming, Gao Shengzhe, Qu Leilei

94. Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering: Necessity to Add Undergraduate Education of MEEM in China
Yan Bingbing, Wei Tianlu, Chen Guangjun

95. Research on Construction of College Student’s Entrepreneurship Education System
Dayong Xu

96. Research and Practice of the Practical Ability Training at Independent Colleges for Applied Talents
Qinxian Liu, Wei Lv

97. Chinese and Western Cultural Conflicts under Sino-foreign Cooperative Education
Lu Chanjiang, Feng Yan, Cheng Lanbo, Lv Weibin

98. Research and Reform of CDIO Engineering Education Mode
Hanqi Yu, Niansheng Yin, Jingqiu Wu, Qiqing Xu, Xue Yang

99. Reform on Curriculum Project in Management Information System Based on Project Management Technology
Xiaohong Deng, Xuemei Hu, Yanjun Liu

100. Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering: Discussion about the Way of Training Mechanical Applied Type Undergraduate Talents
Chen Guangjun, Yan Bingbing, Yu Yonghong, Liu Qisheng

101. Talk about Students’ Ability Training in Teaching Practice Reform of Graduates from Engineering Course
Liu Yuyan, Chen Lin

102. Relying on the Discipline Superiority, to Construct Material Molding and Control Engineering
Chen Lin, Liu Yuyan, Yang Jichun

103. Features, Training and Participation of National Computer Simulation Grand Prize
Li Cong-ying, Han Lei, Lu Jian-hua, Yu Jin-yong

104. How to Improve the Teaching Effect of Material Mechanics
Mei Yang, Xingguo Wang, Lihui Ma

105. The Research of ERP Courses Teaching in Third-Batch Colleges
Liu Jinan

106. Analysis on Factors of Regional Logistics of China – ASEAN: BASED on the Angle of the Gravity Model
Zijuan Gong, Lin Gui

107. Construction of Comprehensive Experiment Platform of Mechanical Major
Hongliang Guo, Dongjie Zhao, Ling Zhao, Yanxia Wei, Yan Zhu

108. Comparison and Analysis on Education System of Practical Talents of China and Germany
Zhu Fanglai, Zhang Qiang, Sun Xiaoli, Li Zhengguo

109. Research on the Construction of Specialized Teaching Team in Independent College Based on Symbiosis Theory
Yongfeng Cao

Optimal R&D Subsidies under Technology Licensing
Lili Zhu, Qingyou Yan

111. Employment Service and Instruction for the Disadvantaged Group of University Graduates in the New Period Guided by “Three Hopes”
Yan Gu, Dongjie Zhang, Jing Zhang

112. A Research on CDIO Engineering Training Innovative Practice Teaching Program in Ethnic Areas
Jiansheng Peng

113. The Electronics Experiment Teaching Reform Base on the CDIO
Qingjin Wei, Jiansheng Peng

114. The Employment Services and Guidance of the Disadvantaged Groups of Electronics Professional College Graduates
Yong Qin, Jiansheng Peng

115. Research and Practice of the Teaching Reform for Professional Course
Xining Li

116. Practice Teaching of Disaster Prevention and Reduction for Engineering Major from 3·11 Earthquake
Xin Xi, Shu Ying Qu, Shan Shan Hao, Li Xiang Wu

117. Experiment on Students’ Expression Ability Affected by Language Meme Training in English Classroom
Ningman Xia

118. The Main Problems of Learning Style Construction in Institution of Higher Education
Hua Sun, Yanjun Zhao

119. Exploration of Engineering Education Reform in New Application Oriented Institutions
Wei Zu, Xingyong Xie, Fuchun Fan, Jinquan Wang

120. Research on the Education of Application Type Undergraduates Majored in Engineering
Chao Zhen Yang, Wei Min Zhao, Shi Quan Zhang

121. Research and Practice to Improve the Design Capacity for Application Engineer in Mechanical Professional
Chao Zhen Yang, Xu Xia Zhu, Wei Min Zhao

Nyckelord: Engineering, Engineering Economics, Organization, Logistics, Marketing, Educational Technology, Quality Control, Reliability, Safety and Risk

Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering
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