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Calzi, Marco Li

Progress in Artificial Economics

Calzi, Marco Li - Progress in Artificial Economics, e-bok


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ISBN: 9783642139475

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Table of contents

1. Agent’s Minimal Intelligence Calibration for Realistic Market Dynamics
Iryna Veryzhenko, Olivier Brandouy, Philippe Mathieu

2. Trading on Marginal Information
Florian Hauser, Bob Kaempff

3. Stylized Facts Study through a Multi-Agent Based Simulation of an Artificial Stock Market
Zahra Kodia, Lamjed Ben Said, Khaled Ghedira

4. A Variable Bid Increment Algorithm for Reverse English Auction
Imène Brigui-Chtioui, Suzanne Pinson

5. Co-evolutionary Agents in Combinatorial Sealed-bid Auctions for Spectrum Licenses Markets
Asuncion Mochon, Yago Saez, Jose Luis Gomez-Barroso, Pedro Isasi

6. The Effect of Transaction Costs on Artificial Continuous Double Auction Markets
Marta Posada, Cesáreo Hernández

7. The Rise and Fall of Trust Networks
Kartik Anand, Prasanna Gai, Matteo Marsili

8. Simulations on Correlated Behavior and Social Learning
Andrea Blasco, Paolo Pin

9. Technology Shocks and Trade in a Network
Davoud Taghawi-Nejad

10. The (Beneficial) Role of Informational Imperfections in Enhancing Organisational Performance
Friederike Wall

11. Social Interactions and Innovation: Simulation Based on an Agent-Based Modular Economy
Bin-Tzong Chie, Shu-Heng Chen

12. Threshold Rule and Scaling Behavior in a Multi-Agent Supply Chain
Valerio Lacagnina, Davide Provenzano

13. Information and Search on the Housing Market: An Agent-Based Model
John Mc Breen, Florence Goffette-Nagot, Pablo Jensen

14. Adaptation of Investments in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Tino Schütte

15. An Agent-Based Information Management Model of the Chinese Pig Sector
Sjoukje A. Osinga, Mark R. Kramer, Gert Jan Hofstede, Omid Roozmand, Adrie J. M. Beulens

16. Wealth Distribution Evolution in an Agent-Based Computational Economy
Victor Romanov, Dmitry Yakovlev, Anna Lelchuk

17. Endogenous Credit Dynamics as Source of Business Cycles in the EURACE Model
Andrea Teglio, Marco Raberto, Silvano Cincotti

18. Reinforcement Learning of Heterogeneous Private Agents in a Macroeconomic Policy Game
Mahdi Hemmati, Masoud Nili, Nasser Sadati

19. Towards an Agent-Based Model of the Economic Development Process: The Dynamics of the Fertility Rate
Gianfranco Giulioni, Edgardo Bucciarelli

20. An Agent-Supported Simulation of Labour and Financial Markets for Migration Processes
Nancy Ruiz, Vicente Botti, Adriana Giret, Vicente Julian, Oscar Alvarado, Victor Perez, Rosa M. Rodriguez

21. Sensitivity Analysis of an Agent-Based Model of Culture’s Consequences for Trade
Saskia L. G. E. Burgers, Gert Jan Hofstede, Catholijn M. Jonker, Tim Verwaart

Nyckelord: Economics/Management Science, Game Theory/Mathematical Methods

Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems
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