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Bhushan, Bharat

Scanning Probe Microscopy in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

Bhushan, Bharat - Scanning Probe Microscopy in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, e-bok


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ISBN: 9783642035357

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Table of contents

1. Dynamic Force Microscopy and Spectroscopy Using the Frequency-Modulation Technique in Air and Liquids
Hendrik Hölscher, Daniel Ebeling, Jan-Erik Schmutz, Marcus M. Schäefer, Boris Anczykowski

2. Photonic Force Microscopy: From Femtonewton Force Sensing to Ultra-Sensitive Spectroscopy
O. M. Maragò, P. G. Gucciardi, P. H. Jones

3. Polarization-Sensitive Tip-Enhanced Raman Scattering
Pietro Giuseppe Gucciardi, Marc Lamy La Chapelle, Jean-Christophe Valmalette, Gennaro Picardi, Razvigor Ossikovski

4. Electrostatic Force Microscopy and Kelvin Force Microscopy as a Probe of the Electrostatic and Electronic Properties of Carbon Nanotubes
Thierry Mélin, Mariusz Zdrojek, David Brunel

5. Carbon Nanotube Atomic Force Microscopy with Applications to Biology and Electronics
Edward D. Asis, You Li, Alex J. Austin, Joseph Leung, Cattien V. Nguyen

6. Novel Strategies to Probe the Fluid Properties and Revealing its Hidden Elasticity
Laurence Noirez

7. Combining Atomic Force Microscopy and Depth-Sensing Instruments for the Nanometer-Scale Mechanical Characterization of Soft Matter
Davide Tranchida, Stefano Piccarolo

8. Static and Dynamic Structural Modeling Analysis of Atomic Force Microscope
Yin Zhang, Kevin D Murphy

9. Experimental Methods for the Calibration of Lateral Forces in Atomic Force Microscopy
Martin Munz

10. Simultaneous Topography and Recognition Imaging
A. Ebner, L. A. Chtcheglova, J. Preiner, J. Tang, L. Wildling, H. J. Gruber, P. Hinterdorfer

11. Structural and Mechanical Mechanisms of Ocular Tissues Probed by AFM
Noël M. Ziebarth, Felix Rico, Vincent T. Moy

12. Force-Extension and Force-Clamp AFM Spectroscopies in Investigating Mechanochemical Reactions and Mechanical Properties of Single Biomolecules
Robert Szoszkiewicz

13. Multilevel Experimental and Modelling Techniques for Bioartificial Scaffolds and Matrices
F. Consolo, F. Mastrangelo, G. Ciardelli, F. M. Montevecchi, U. Morbiducci, M. Sassi, C. Bignardi

14. Quantized Mechanics of Nanotubes and Bundles
Nicola M. Pugno

15. Spin and Charge Pairing Instabilities in Nanoclusters and Nanomaterials
Armen N. Kocharian, Gayanath W. Fernando, Chi Yang

16. Mechanical Properties of One-Dimensional Nanostructures
Gheorghe Stan, Robert F. Cook

17. Colossal Permittivity in Advanced Functional Heterogeneous Materials: The Relevance of the Local Measurements at Submicron Scale
Patrick Fiorenza, Raffaella Lo Nigro, Vito Raineri

18. Controlling Wear on Nanoscale
Mario D’Acunto

19. Contact Potential Difference Techniques as Probing Tools in Tribology and Surface Mapping
Anatoly Zharin

20. Modern Atomic Force Microscopy and Its Application to the Study of Genome Architecture
Kunio Takeyasu, Hugo Maruyama, Yuki Suzuki, Kohji Hizume, Shige H. Yoshimura

21. Near-Field Optical Litography
Eugenio Cefalì, Salvatore Patanè, Maria Allegrini

22. A New AFM-Based Lithography Method: Thermochemical Nanolithography
Debin Wang, Robert Szoszkiewicz, Vamsi Kodali, Jennifer Curtis, Seth Marder, Elisa Riedo

23. Scanning Probe Alloying Nanolithography
Luohan Peng, Hyungoo Lee, Hong Liang

24. Structuring the Surface of Crystallizable Polymers with an AFM Tip
Cvetelin Vasilev, Günter Reiter, Khalil Jradi, Sophie Bistac, Marjorie Schmitt

25. Application of Contact Mode AFM to Manufacturing Processes
Michael A. Giordano, Steven R. Schmid

26. Scanning Probe Microscopy as a Tool Applied to Agriculture
Fabio Lima Leite, Alexandra Manzoli, Paulo Sérgio Paula Herrmann, Osvaldo Novais Oliveira, Luiz Henrique Capparelli Mattoso

Nyckelord: Material Science, Nanotechnology, Condensed Matter Physics, Engineering, general

NanoScience and Technology
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