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Huynh, Van-Nam

Interval / Probabilistic Uncertainty and Non-Classical Logics

Huynh, Van-Nam - Interval / Probabilistic Uncertainty and Non-Classical Logics, e-bok


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ISBN: 9783540776642

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Table of contents

I. Keynote Addresses

1. An Algebraic Approach to Substructural Logics – An Overview
Hiroakira Ono

2. On Modeling of Uncertainty Measures and Observed Processes
Hung T. Nguyen

II. Statistics under Interval Uncertainty and Imprecise Probability

3. Fast Algorithms for Computing Statistics under Interval Uncertainty: An Overview
Vladik Kreinovich, Gang Xiang

4. Trade-Off between Sample Size and Accuracy: Case of Static Measurements under Interval Uncertainty
Hung T. Nguyen, Vladik Kreinovich

5. Trade-Off between Sample Size and Accuracy: Case of Dynamic Measurements under Interval Uncertainty
Hung T. Nguyen, Olga Kosheleva, Vladik Kreinovich, Scott Ferson

6. Estimating Quality of Support Vector Machines Learning under Probabilistic and Interval Uncertainty: Algorithms and Computational Complexity
Canh Hao Nguyen, Tu Bao Ho, Vladik Kreinovich

7. Imprecise Probability as an Approach to Improved Dependability in High-Level Information Fusion
Alexander Karlsson, Ronnie Johansson, Sten F. Andler

III. Uncertainty Modelling and Reasoning in Knowledge-Based Systems

8. Label Semantics as a Framework for Granular Modelling
Jonathan Lawry

9. Approximating Reasoning for Fuzzy-Based Information Retrieval
Tho T. Quan, Tru H. Cao

10. Probabilistic Constraints for Inverse Problems
Elsa Carvalho, Jorge Cruz, Pedro Barahona

11. The Evidential Reasoning Approach for Multi-attribute Decision Analysis under Both Fuzzy and Interval Uncertainty
Min Guo, Jian-Bo Yang, Kwai-Sang Chin, Hongwei Wang

12. Modelling and Computing with Imprecise and Uncertain Properties in Object Bases
Tru H. Cao, Hoa Nguyen, Ma Nam

IV. Rough Sets and Belief Functions

13. Several Reducts in Dominance-Based Rough Set Approach
Masahiro Inuiguchi, Yukihiro Yoshioka

14. Topologies of Approximation Spaces of Rough Set Theory
Milan Vlach

15. Uncertainty Reasoning in Rough Knowledge Discovery
Yaxin Bi, Xuhui Shen, Shengli Wu

16. Semantics of the Relative Belief of Singletons
Fabio Cuzzolin

17. A Lattice-Theoretic Interpretation of Independence of Frames
Fabio Cuzzolin

V. Non-classical Logics

18. Completions of Ordered Algebraic Structures: A Survey
John Harding

19. The Algebra of Truth Values of Type-2 Fuzzy Sets: A Survey
Carol L. Walker, Elbert A. Walker

20. Some Properties of Logic Functions over Multi-interval Truth Values
Noboru Takagi

21. Possible Semantics for a Common Framework of Probabilistic Logics
Rolf Haenni, Jan-Willem Romeijn, Gregory Wheeler, Jon Williamson

22. A Unified Formulation of Deduction, Induction and Abduction Using Granularity Based on VPRS Models and Measure-Based Semantics for Modal Logics
Yasuo Kudo, Tetsuya Murai, Seiki Akama

23. Information from Inconsistent Knowledge: A Probability Logic Approach
Jeff B. Paris, David Picado-Muiño, Michael Rosefield

VI. Fuzziness and Uncertainty Analysis in Applications

24. Personalized Recommendation for Traditional Crafts Using Fuzzy Correspondence Analysis with Kansei Data and OWA Operator
Mina Ryoke, Yoshiteru Nakamori, Van Nam Huynh

25. A Probability-Based Approach to Consumer Oriented Evaluation of Traditional Craft Items Using Kansai Data
Hongbin Yan, Van Nam Huynh, Yoshiteru Nakamori

26. Using Interval Function Approximation to Estimate Uncertainty
Chenyi Hu

27. Interval Forecasting of Crude Oil Price
Shanying Xu, Xi Chen, Ai Han

28. Automatic Classification for Decision Making of the Severeness of the Acute Radiation Syndrome
Karin Mehr, Eberhard P. Hofer


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