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Anscher, Mitchell S.

The Impact of Tumor Biology on Cancer Treatment and Multidisciplinary Strategies

Anscher, Mitchell S. - The Impact of Tumor Biology on Cancer Treatment and Multidisciplinary Strategies, e-bok


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ISBN: 9783540743866

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Table of contents

1. Tumorigenesis
Michael J. Atkinson, Soile Tapio

2. Tumor Growth and Cell Proliferation
Marek Los, Iran Rashedi, Soumya Panigrahi, Thomas Klonisch, Klaus Schulze-Osthoff

3. Tumor Angiogenesis
Vesile Schneider, Hans Christian Rischke, Joachim Drevs

4. Pathophysiology of Solid Tumors
Peter Vaupel

5. Adhesion, Invasion, Integrins, and Beyond
Nils Cordes, Stephanie Hehlgans, Iris Eke

6. The Biology of Cancer Metastasis
Miodrag Gužvi?, Christoph A. Klein

7. Role of the Immune System in Cancer Development and Therapeutic Implications
Gabriele Multhoff, Sabrina T. Astner

8. Tumor Detection by Biological Markers
Carsten Nieder, Adam Pawinski

9. Tumor Imaging with Special Emphasis on the Role of Positron Emission Tomography in Radiation Treatment Planning
Anca-Ligia Grosu, Wolfgang A. Weber, Ursula Nestle

10. Quantitative Cell Kill of Radio- and Chemotherapy
Michael Molls, Carsten Nieder, Claus Belka, Jan Norum

11. The Impact of Molecularly Targeted Therapy in Multi-Modality Therapy
Shiyu Song, Paul Dent, Steven Grant

12. Target-Based Interventions to Treat Radiation-Induced Lung Injury
Isabel L. Jackson, Mitchell S. Anscher, Zeljko Vujaskovic

13. Mechanisms of Treatment Resistance: Molecular and Clinical Examples for Radio- and Chemotherapy
Carsten Nieder

14. DNA Repair and Cell Cycle Regulation After Ionizing Irradiation
George Iliakis, Jochen Dahm-Daphi, Ekkehard Dikomey

15. Physiological Mechanisms of Treatment Resistance
Peter Vaupel

16. Influence of Time Factor and Repopulation on Treatment Resistance
Daniel Zips

17. Molecular Tools, Expression Profiling
Angela M. Kaindl, Konrad Oexle

18. Strategies of Gene Transfer and Silencing, and Technical Considerations
Kristoffer Valerie, Paul R. Graves

19. Tumor Biology’s Impact on Clinical Cure Rates
Michael Baumann, Mechthild Krause

20. Dose-Escalated High-Precision Radiotherapy: a Method to Overcome Variations in Biology and Radiosensitivity Limiting the Success of Conventional Approaches?
Carsten Nieder, Minesh P. Mehta

21. Treatment of the Primary Tumor in Metastatic Cancer: Influence on Outcome
Satoshi Itasaka, Masahiro Hiraoka

Nyckelord: Medicine & Public Health, Imaging / Radiology, Radiotherapy, Oncology, Cancer Research, Surgical Oncology, Pathology

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