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Woo, Ming-ko

Cold Region Atmospheric and Hydrologic Studies. The Mackenzie GEWEX Experience

Woo, Ming-ko - Cold Region Atmospheric and Hydrologic Studies. The Mackenzie GEWEX Experience, e-bok


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ISBN: 9783540739364

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Table of contents

1. The Mackenzie GEWEX Study: A Contribution to Cold Region Atmospheric and Hydrologic Sciences
Ming-ko Woo, Wayne R. Rouse, Ronald E. Stewart, John M. R. Stone

2. The Mackenzie Climate System: A Synthesis of MAGS Atmospheric Research
Kit K. Szeto, Ronald E. Stewart, M. K. Yau, John Gyakum

3. Climatological Analysis of the Mackenzie River Basin Anticyclones: Structure, Evolution and Interannual Variability
Lily Ioannidou, Peter M. K. Yau

4. Variability of Cold-Season Temperatures in the Mackenzie Basin
Kit K. Szeto

5. Extreme Winter Warming over the Mackenzie Basin: Observations and Causes
Zuohao Cao, Ronald E. Stewart, William D. Hogg

6. Water Vapor Fluxes over the Canadian Prairies and the Mackenzie River Basin
Jinliang Liu, Ronald E. Stewart, Kit K. Szeto

7. Moisture Sources for Extreme Rainfall Events over the Mackenzie River Basin
Julian C. Brimelow, Gerhard W. Reuter

8. Precipitation Recycling in the Mackenzie and Three Other Major River Basins
Kit K. Szeto, Jinliang Liu, Alexander Wong

9. On the Cloud and Precipitating Systems over the Mackenzie Basin
David Hudak, Ronald Stewart, Peter Rodriguez, Bohdan Kochtubajda

10. The Relationship between Monthly Precipitation and Elevation in the Alberta Foothills during the Foothills Orographic Precipitation Experiment
Craig D. Smith

11. On Predicting Maximum Snowfall
Max L. Dupilka, Gerhard W. Reuter

12. Estimating Snow Water Equivalent in Northern Regions from Satellite Passive Microwave Data
Chris Derksen, Anne Walker, Peter Toose

13. Mackenzie Basin Snow Cover: Variability and Trends from Conventional Data, Satellite Remote Sensing, and Canadian Regional Climate Model Simulations
Chris Derksen, Ross Brown, Murray MacKay

14. Recent Studies on the Climatology and Modeling of Blowing Snow in the Mackenzie River Basin
Stephen J. Déry, M. K. Yau

15. On Blowing Snow and Sublimation in the Mackenzie River Basin
Mark Gordon, Peter A. Taylor

16. Assessing Water and Energy Budgets for the Mackenzie River Basin
Kit K. Szeto, Hang Tran, Murray MacKay, Robert Crawford, Ronald E. Stewart

17. Characteristics of the Moisture Flux Convergence over the Mackenzie River Basin for the 1990–2000 Wateryears
Mark Schuster

18. The Influence of Lakes on the Regional Energy and Water Balance of the Central Mackenzie River Basin
Wayne R. Rouse, Jacqueline Binyamin, Peter D. Blanken, Normand Bussières, Claude R. Duguay, Claire J. Oswald, William M. Schertzer, Christopher Spence

19. Mapping of Surface Albedo over Mackenzie River Basin from Satellite Observations
Alexander P. Trishchenko, Konstantin V. Khlopenkov, Calin Ungureanu, Rasim Latifovic, Yi Luo, William B. Park

20. Comparison of Solar Radiation Budgets in the Mackenzie River Basin from Satellite Observations and a Regional Climate Model
Song Guo, Henry G. Leighton, Jian Feng, Murray MacKay

21. Wildfire Aerosol and Cloud Radiative Forcing in the Mackenzie River Basin from Satellite Observations
Song Guo, Henry G. Leighton, Jian Feng, Alexander Trishchenko

22. The Nature and Impacts of Thunderstorms in a Northern Climate
Bohdan Kochtubajda, Michael D. Flannigan, John R. Gyakum, Ronald E. Stewart, William R. Burrows, Andrew M. Way, Evan Richardson, Ian Stirling

23. Forest Fires and Climate Change in the Northwest Territories
Michael D. Flannigan, Bohdan Kochtubajda, Kimberley A. Logan

24. The Impact of CLASS in MAGS Monthly Ensemble Predictions
Harold Ritchie, Yves Delage

25. The MAGS Regional Climate Modeling System: CRCM-MAGS
Murray MacKay, Paul Bartlett, Ed Chan, Diana Verseghy, E. D. Soulis, Frank R. Seglenieks

26. Synopsis of Hydrologic Research under MAGS
Ming-ko Woo


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