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Meyer, Bertrand

Objects, Components, Models and Patterns

Meyer, Bertrand - Objects, Components, Models and Patterns, e-bok


E-bok, PDF, Adobe DRM-skydd
ISBN: 9783540698241

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Table of contents

1. The End of the Computing Era: Hephaestus Meets the Olympians
Michael L. Brodie

2. Modeling of Component Environment in Presence of Callbacks and Autonomous Activities
Pavel Parizek, Frantisek Plasil

3. Efficient Model Checking of Networked Applications
Cyrille Artho, Watcharin Leungwattanakit, Masami Hagiya, Yoshinori Tanabe

4. Controlling Accessibility in Agile Projects with the Access Modifier Modifier
Philipp Bouillon, Eric Großkinsky, Friedrich Steimann

5. Towards Raising the Failure of Unit Tests to the Level of Compiler-Reported Errors
Friedrich Steimann, Thomas Eichstädt-Engelen, Martin Schaaf

6. Virtual Machine Support for Stateful Aspects
Yuri Phink, Amiram Yehudai

7. Guarded Program Transformations Using JTL
Tal Cohen, Joseph (Yossi) Gil, Itay Maman

8. A Multiparadigm Study of Crosscutting Modularity in Design Patterns
Martin Kuhlemann, Sven Apel, Marko Rosenmüller, Roberto Lopez-Herrejon

9. Representing and Operating with Model Differences
José E. Rivera, Antonio Vallecillo

10. Optimizing Dynamic Class Composition in a Statically Typed Language
Anders Bach Nielsen, Erik Ernst

11. Ownership, Uniqueness, and Immutability
Johan Östlund, Tobias Wrigstad, Dave Clarke, Beatrice Åkerblom

12. Object Incompleteness and Dynamic Composition in Java-Like Languages
Lorenzo Bettini, Viviana Bono, Betti Venneri

13. The Meta in Meta-object Architectures
Marcus Denker, Mathieu Suen, Stéphane Ducasse

14. An AsmL Semantics for Dynamic Structures and Run Time Schedulability in UML-RT
Stefan Leue, Alin Stefanescu, Wei Wei

15. Component Reassembling and State Transfer in MaDcAr-Based Self-adaptive Software
Guillaume Grondin, Noury Bouraqadi, Laurent Vercouter

16. A Comparison of State-Based Modelling Tools for Model Validation
Emine G. Aydal, Mark Utting, Jim Woodcock

17. MontiCore: Modular Development of Textual Domain Specific Languages
Holger Krahn, Bernhard Rumpe, Steven Völkel

18. Proof-Transforming Compilation of Eiffel Programs
Martin Nordio, Peter Müller, Bertrand Meyer

19. Engineering Associations: From Models to Code and Back through Semantics
Zinovy Diskin, Steve Easterbrook, Juergen Dingel

20. On the Efficiency of Design Patterns Implemented in C# 3.0
Judith Bishop, R. Nigel Horspool

21. A Framework for Model Transformation By-Example: Concepts and Tool Support
Michael Strommer, Manuel Wimmer

22. Web Applications Design and Development with WebML and WebRatio 5.0
Roberto Acerbis, Aldo Bongio, Marco Brambilla, Stefano Butti, Stefano Ceri, Piero Fraternali


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Nyckelord: COMPUTERS / Computer Science COM014000

Datateknik, Datakommunikation

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