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Abdul-Rahman, Alias

Innovations in 3D Geo Information Systems

Abdul-Rahman, Alias - Innovations in 3D Geo Information Systems, e-bok


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ISBN: 9783540369981

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Table of contents

1. 3D Geometries in Spatial DBMS
Sisi Zlatanova

2. A Web 3D Service for Navigation Applications
Jörg Haist, Thorsten Reitz, Volker Coors

3. Integration of Photogrammetric and LIDAR Data in a Multi-Primitive Triangulation Environment
A. F. Habib, S. Shin, C. Kim, Mohamad Al-Durgham

4. LIDAR-Aided True Orthophoto and DBM Generation System
Ayman Habib, Changjae Kim

5. Surface Matching Strategy for Quality Control of LIDAR Data
A. F. Habib, R. W. T. Cheng

6. On-line Integration of Photogrammetry and GIS to Generate Fully Structured Data for GIS
Hamid Ebadi, Farshid Farnood Ahmadi

7. 3D Integral Modeling for City Surface & Subsurface
Yanbing Wang, Lixin Wu, Wenzhong Shi, Xiaojuan Li

8. Spatial Object Structure for Handling 3D Geodata in GRIFINOR
Eric Kjems, Jan Kolar

9. The Study and Application of Object-oriented Hyper-graph Spatio-temporal Reasoning Model
Jing Luo, Weihong Cui, Zhenguo Niu

10. Using 3D Fuzzy topological relationships for Checking of Spatial Relations between Dynamic Air Pollution Cloud and City Population Density
Roozbeh Shad, Mohamad Reza Malek, Mohammad Saadi Mesgari, Alireza Vafaeinezhad

11. 3D Modeling Moving Objects under Uncertainty Conditions
Shokri, T, M. R. Delavar, M. R. Malek, A. U. Frank, G. Navratil

12. Research on a feature based spatio-temporal data model
Weihong Cui, Wenzhong Shi, Xiaojuan Li, Luojing, Zhenguo Niu

13. 0-D Feature in 3D Planar Polygon Testing for 3D Spatial Analysis
Chen Tet Khuan, Alias Abdul-Rahman

14. Definition of the 3D content and geometric level of congruence of numeric cartography
R. Brumana, F. Fassi, F. Prandi

15. 3D multi-scale modelling of the interior of the Real Villa of Monza (ITALY)
C. Achille, F. Fassi

16. On The Road To 3D Geographic Systems: Important Aspects of Global Model-Mapping Technology
Jan Kolář

17. Cristage: A 3D GIS with A Logical Crystallographic Layer To Enable Complex Analyses
B. Poupeau, O. Bonin

18. The Democratizing Potential of Geographic Exploration Systems (GES) Through the Example of GRIFINOR
Lars Bodum, Marie Jaegly

19. The Integration Methods of 3D GIS and 3D CAD
Juan Li, Tor Yam Khoon, Zhu Qing

20. 3D Navigation for 3D-GIS — Initial Requirements
Ivin Amri Musliman, Alias Abdul Rahman, Volker Coors

21. Web-based GIS-Transportation Framework Data Services using GML, SVG and X3D
Hak-Hoon Kim, Kiwon Lee

22. 3D Geo-database Implementation using Craniofacial Geometric Morphometrics Database System
Deni Suwardhi, Halim Setan

23. GIS-based Multidimensional Approach for Modeling Infrastructure Interdependency
Rifaat Abdalla, Harris Ali, Vincent Tao

24. Conception of a 3D Geodata Web Service for the Support of Indoor Navigation with GNSS
Stephan Mäs, Wolfgang Reinhardt, Fei Wang

25. Reconstruction of 3D Model Based on Laser Scanning
Lu-Xingchang, Liu-Xianlin

26. Automatic Generation of Pseudo Continuous LoDs for 3D Polyhedral Building Model
Jiann-Yeou Rau, Liang-Chien Chen, Fuan Tsai, Kuo-Hsin Hsiao, Wei-Chen Hsu

27. Reconstruction of Complex Buildings using LIDAR and 2D Maps
Tee-Ann Teo, Jiann-Yeou Rau, Liang-Chien Chen, Jin-King Liu, Wei-Chen Hsu

28. Building Reconstruction — Outside and In
Christopher Gold, Rebecca Tse, Hugo Ledoux

29. Skeletonization of Laser-Scanned Trees in the 3D Raster Domain
Ben Gorte

30. Automated 3D Modeling of Buildings in Suburban Areas Based on Integration of Image and Height Data
Kourosh Khoshelham

31. Automatically Extracting 3D Models and Network Analysis for Indoors
Ismail R. Karas, Fatmagul Batuk, Abdullah E. Akay, Ibrahim Baz

32. Improving the Realism of Existing 3D City Models
Martin Kada, Norbert Haala, Susanne Becker

33. Different Quality Level Processes and Products for Ground-based 3D City and Road Modeling
Bahman Soheilian, Olivier Tournaire, Lionel Pénard, Nicolas Paparoditis

34. Texture Generation and Mapping Using Video Sequences for 3D Building Models
Fuan Tsai, Cheng-Hsuan Chen, Jin-Kim Liu, Kuo-Hsing Hsiao

35. Design and Implementation of Mobile 3D City Landscape Authoring/Rendering System
Seung-Yub Kim, Kiwon Lee

36. Macro to Micro Archaeological Documentation: Building a 3D GIS Model for Jerash City and the Artemis Temple
Nedal Al-Hanbali, Omar Bayari, Bassam Saleh, Husam Almasri, Emmanuel Baltsavias

37. Building 3D GIS Modeling Applications in Jordan: Methodology and Implementation Aspects
Nedal Al-Hanbali, Eyad Fadda, Sameeh Rawashdeh

38. Moving Towards 3D — From a National Mapping Agency Perspective
Dave Capstick, Guy Heathcote

39. An Approach for 3D Visualization of Pipelines
Y. Du, S. Zlatanova

40. Developing Malaysian 3D Cadastre System — preliminary findings
Muhammad Imzan Hassan, Alias Abdul Rahman, Jantien Stoter

41. Developing 3D Registration System for 3D Cadastre
Mohd Hasif Ahmad Nasruddin, Alias Abdul Rahman

42. Volumetric Spatiotemporal Data Model
Mohd Shafry Mohd Rahim, Abdul Rashid Mohamed Shariff, Shattri Mansor, Ahmad Rodzi Mahmud, Mohammad Ashari Alias

43. Use of 3D Visualization in Natural Disaster Risk Assessment for Urban Areas
S. Kemec, H. S. Duzgun

44. Development and Design of 3D Virtual Laboratory for Chemistry Subject Based on Constructivism-Cognitivism-Contextual Approach
Norasiken Bakar, Halimah Badioze Zaman

45. The 3D Fusion and Visualization of Phototopographic Data
Ming Hui Yang, Wei Chun Ren, Hong Wei Guan, Kai Wang

46. Integrating a Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation and Visualization with a 3D Virtual Walkthrough — A Case Study of Putrajaya
Puteri Shireen Jahnkassim, Maisarah Ali, NoorHanita Abdul Majid, Mansor Ibrahim

47. A Geospatial Approach to Managing Public Housing on Superlots
Jack Barton, Jim Plume

48. 3D Visualization and Virtual Reality for Cultural Heritage Diagnostic
L. Colizzi, F. Pascalis, F. Fassi

49. True Ortho-photo Generation from High Resolution Satellite Imagery
A. F. Habib, K. I. Bang, C. J. Kim, S. W. Shin

50. Development of Country Mosaic Using IRS-WiFS Data
Ch. Venkateswara Rao, P. Sathyanarayana, D. S. Jain, A. S. Manjunath, K. M. M. Rao

51. Digital Terrain Models Derived from SRTM Data and Kriging
T. Bernardes, I. Gontijo, H. Andrade, T. G. C. Vieira, H. M. R. Alves

52. The St Mark’s Basilica Pavement: The Digital Orthophoto 3D Realisation to the Real Scale 1:1 for the Modelling and the Conservative Restoration
L. Fregonese, C. C. Monti, G. Monti, L. Taffurelli

53. The Application of GIS in Maritime Boundary Delimitation
I Made Andi Arsana, Chris Rizos, Clive Schofield

54. Integration of GIS and Digital Photogrammetry in Building Space Analysis
Mokhtar Azizi Mohd Din, Mohammed Yaziz Ahmad

55. An Integration of Digital Photogrammetry and GIS for Historical Building Documentation
Seyed Yousef Sadjadi

56. Reconstruction of Three Dimensional Ocean Bathymetry Using Polarised TOPSAR Data
Maged Marghany, Mazlan Hashim

Nyckelord: Geography, Geographical Information Systems/Cartography, Computer Applications in Geosciences, Multimedia Information Systems

Lecture Notes in Geoinformation and Cartography
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