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Armenakis, Costas

Geographic Hypermedia

Armenakis, Costas - Geographic Hypermedia, e-bok


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ISBN: 9783540342380

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Table of contents

Part I. Foundations of Geographic Hypermedia

1. Geographic Hypermedia
Emmanuel Stefanakis, Michael P. Peterson

2. New Media: From Discrete, to Distributed, to Mobile, to Ubiquitous
William Cartwright, Michael Peterson, Georg Gartner

3. Design Issues Associated with Discrete and Distributed Hypermedia GIS
Shunfu Hu

Part II. Data Resources and Accessibility Issues

4. Using Data from Earth Orbiting Satellites in Geo-Hypermedia Applications: A Survey of Data Resources
Danny Hardin

5. Exploring the Use of a Virtual Map Shop as an Interface for Accessing Geographical Information
William E. Cartwright

6. Atlases from Paper to Digital Medium
Cristhiane da Silva Ramos, William Cartwright

7. Hypermedia Maps and the Internet
Michael P. Peterson

8. In Pursuit of Usefulness: Resetting the Design Focus for Mobile Geographic Hypermedia Systems
Karen Wealands

9. Cruiser: A Web in Space
Manolis Koutlis, George Tsironis, George Vassiliou, Thanassis Mantes, Augustine Gryllakis, Kriton Kyrimis

Part III. Technologies for Content Integration

10. Merging Hypermedia GIS with Spatial On-Line Analytical Processing: Towards Hypermedia SOLAP
Yvan Bédard, Marie-Josée Proulx, Sonia Rivest, Thierry Badard

11. A Hypermedia Afghan Sites and Monuments Database
Ralf Klamma, Marc Spaniol, Matthias Jarke, Yiwei Cao, Michael Jansen, Georgios Toubekis

12. Towards the Development of Open Cartographic Hypermedia Systems
Michail Vaitis, Manolis Tzagarakis

13. Standards for Geographic Hypermedia: MPEG, OGC and co.
Ralf Klamma, Marc Spaniol, Matthias Jarke, Yiwei Cao, Michael Jansen, Georgios Toubekis

14. Semantically-Aware Systems: Extraction of Geosemantics, Ontology Engineering, and Ontology Integration
Marinos Kavouras, Margarita Kokla, Eleni Tomai

Part IV. Analytical Functionality and Geovisualizations

15. Towards a Typology of Interactivity Functions for Visual Map Exploration
Donata Persson, Georg Gartner, Manfred Buchroithner

16. A Framework for Using Coordinated Displays for the Analysis of Multidimensional, Spatial, and Temporal Data
Natalia Andrienko, Gennady Andrienko

17. Visualization and Hypermedia for Decision Making
Peter Williams, Eva Siekierska, Costas Armenakis, Florin Savopol, Charles Siegel, Jessica Webster

18. Geovisualization of Vegetation Patterns in National Parks of the Southeastern United States
Marguerite Madden, Thomas Jordan, John Dolezal

19. Visualization of Spatial Change
Costas Armenakis, Anita Müller, Eva Siekierska, Peter Williams

20. Scalable Vector Graphics Interfaces for Geographic Applications
Randy George

Part V. Geographic Hypermedia: Applications and Services

21. About the Role of Cartographic Presentation for Wayfinding
Georg Gartner, Verena Radoczky

22. Wireless Campus LBS: Building Campus-Wide Location Based Services Based on WiFi Technology
Barend Köbben, Arthur Bunningen, Kavitha Muthukrishnan

23. Developing Web-GIS Applications According to HCI Guidelines: The Viti-Vaud Project
Jens Ingensand

24. High Definition Geovisualization: Earth and Biodiversity Sciences for Informal Audiences
Ned Gardiner

25. Mobile Geographic Education: The MoGeo System
Jerry Mount, David Bennett, Marc Armstrong


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