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Arabie, Ph.

New Developments in Classification and Data Analysis

Arabie, Ph. - New Developments in Classification and Data Analysis, e-bok


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ISBN: 9783540273738

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Table of contents

Part I. Classification and Clustering

1. Multi-Class Budget Exploratory Trees
Massimo Aria

2. Methods to Compare Nonparametric Classifiers and to Select the Predictors
Simone Borra, Agostino Ciaccio

3. Variable Selection in Cell Classification Problems: A Strategy Based on Independent Component Analysis
Daniela G. Calò, Giuliano Galimberti, Marilena Pillati, Cinzia Viroli

4. Simplifying Classification Trees Through Consensus Methods
Rossella Miglio, Gabriele Soffritti

5. Selecting the Training Set in Classification Problems with Rare Events
Bruno Scarpa, Nicola Torelli

6. A Classification and Discrimination Integrated Strategy Conducted on Symbolic Data for Missing Data Treatment in Questionnaire Survey
Maria Gabriella Grassia

7. A Collinearity Based Hierarchical Method to Identify Clusters of Variables
Annalisa Laghi, Gabriele Soffritti

8. On the Dynamic Time Warping for Computing the Dissimilarity Between Curves
Isabella Morlini

9. Metrics in Symbolic Data Analysis
Luciano Nieddu, Alfredo Rizzi

10. Constrained Clusterwise Linear Regression
Antonella Plaia

11. Crossed Clustering Method on Symbolic Data Tables
Rosanna Verde, Yves Lechevallier

Part II. Multivariate Statistics and Data Analysis

12. Some Statistical Applications of Centrosymmetric Matrices
Estela Bee Dagum, Laura Guidotti, Alessandra Luati

13. Selection of Structural Equation Models with the PLS-VB Programme
Giuseppe Boari, Gabriele Cantaluppi

14. Web Robot Detection - Preprocessing Web Logfiles for Robot Detection
Christian Bomhardt, Wolfgang Gaul, Lars Schmidt-Thieme

15. Data Dependent Prior Modeling and Estimation in Contingency Tables: The Order-Restricted RC Model
Giulio D'Epifanio

16. PLS Typological Regression: Algorithmic, Classification and Validation Issues
Vincenzo Esposito Vinzi, Carlo N. Lauro, Silvano Amato

17. Weighted Metric Multidimensional Scaling
Michael Greenacre

18. An Improved Majorization Algorithm for Robust Procrustes Analysis
Patrick J.F. Groenen, Patrizia Giaquinto, Henk A.L. Kiers

19. Generalized Bi-Additive Modelling for Categorical Data
Patrick J.F. Groenen, Alex J. Koning

20. Model Selection Procedures in Three-Mode Component Models
Pieter M. Kroonenberg

21. Principal Component Analysis for Non-Precise Data
Carlo N. Lauro, Francesco Palumbo

22. A New Version of the Structural Dynamic Model with Unique Latent Scores
Simona Caterina Minotti, Giorgio Vittadini

23. Some Issues About the Use of Experts
Paola Monari, Patrizia Agati

24. Nonparametric Methods in Survey Sampling
Giorgio E. Montanari, M. Giovanna Ranalli

25. A Different Approach for the Analysis of Web Access Logs
Gabriella Schoier, Giuseppe Melfi

26. Blending Statistics and Graphics in Visual Data Mining
Antony Unwin

27. Confidence Regions in Multivariate Calibration: A Proposal
Diego Zappa, Silvia Salini

Part III. Applied Multivariate Statistics

28. Nonparametric Analysis of Air Pollution Indices Compositions
Francesca Bruno, Daniela Cocchi, Meri Raggi

29. VAR Models for Spatio-temporal Structures: An Application to Environmental Data
Aldo Lamberti, Alessia Naccarato

30. Analysis of Spatial Covariance Structure for Environmental Data
Aldo Lamberti, Eugenia Nissi

31. Bayesian Clustering of Gene Expression Dynamics: An Application
Sara Lodi, Paola Sebastiani, Daniela Cocchi, Marco Ramoni

32. A Hierarchical Mixture Model for Gene Expression Data
Luisa Scaccia, Francesco Bartolucci

33. Sequence Analysis of BHPS Life Course Data
Arnstein Aassve, Francesco C. Billari, Raffaella Piccarreta

34. Robust Multivariate Methods for the Analysis of the University Performance
Matilde Bini

35. Some Insights into the Evolution of 1990s' Standard Italian Using Text Mining Techniques and Automatic Categorization
Sergio Bolasco, Alessio Canzonetti

36. Evaluating Undergraduate Education Through Multiple Choice Tests
Franca Crippa

37. A New Approach in Business Travel Survey: Multivariate Techniques for Strata Design
Andrea Guizzardi

38. Value-Orientations and Partnership
Rossella Miglio, Lucia Pasquini, Alessandra Samoggia, Gabriele Soffritti

39. An Item Response Theory Model for Student Ability Evaluation Using Computer-Automated Test Results
Stefania Mignani, Silvia Cagnone, Giorgio Casadei, Antonella Carbonaro

40. Functional Cluster Analysis of Financial Time Series
Andrea Cerioli, Fabrizio Laurini, Aldo Corbellini

41. The Role of the Normal Distribution in Financial Markets
Michele Costa, Giuseppe Cavaliere, Stefano Iezzi

42. Functional Principal Component Analysis of Financial Time Series
Salvatore Ingrassia, G. Damiana Costanzo

43. Elliptically Symmetric Distributions: A Review of Achieved Results and Open Issues
Fiorella Romito


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