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Demougeot-Renard, Hélène

Geostatistics for Environmental Applications

Demougeot-Renard, Hélène - Geostatistics for Environmental Applications, e-bok


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ISBN: 9783540265351

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Table of contents

1. Change of support: an inter-disciplinary challenge
C. A. Gotway Crawford, L. J. Young

2. Combining categorical and continuous information using Bayesian Maximum Entropy
P. Bogaert, M.-A. Wibrin

3. Geostatistical prediction of spatial extremes and their extent
N. Cressie, J. Zhang, P.F. Craigmile

4. Monitoring network optimisation using support vector machines
A. Pozdnoukhov, M. Kanevski

5. Bayesian Kriging with lognormal data and uncertain variogram parameters
J. Pilz, P. Pluch, G. Spöck

6. Kriging of scale-invariant data: optimal parameterization of the autocovariance model
R. Sidler, K. Holliger

7. Scaling Effects on Finite-Domain Fractional Brownian Motion
S. Cintoli, S. P. Neuman, V. Federico

8. The delineation of fishing times and locations for the Shark Bay scallop fishery
U. Mueller, L. Bloom, M. Kangas, N. Caputi, T. Tran

9. A spatial extension of CART: application to classification of ecological data
L. Bel, J.M. Laurent, A. Bar-Hen, D. Allard, R. Cheddadi

10. Using a Markov-type model to combine trawl and acoustic data in fish surveys
M. Bouleau, N. Bez

11. Mapping unobserved factors on vine plant mortality
N. Desassis, P. Monestiez, J. N. Bacro, P. Lagacherie, J. M. Robez-Masson

12. Analysis and modelling of spatially and temporally varying phenological phases
D. Doktor, F.W. Badeck, F. Hattermann, J. Schaber, M. McAllister

13. Detection of spatial clusters and outliers in cancer rates using geostatistical filters and spatial neutral models
P. Goovaerts

14. Geostatistical assessment of long term human exposure to air pollution
N. Jeannée, V. Nedellec, S. Bouallala, J. Deraisme, H. Desqueyroux

15. Air quality models resulting from multi-source emissions
A. Russo, C. Nunes, A. Bio

16. Variogram estimation with noisy data in the space-time domain: application to air quality modelling
C. Nunes, A. Soares

17. Multiple-point geostatistics: a powerful tool to improve groundwater flow and transport predictions in multi-modal formations
L. Feyen, J. Caers

18. Simulation of radionuclide mass fluxes in a heterogeneous clay formation locally disturbed by excavation
M. Huysmans, A. Berckmans, A. Dassargues

19. Modeling density-dependent flow using hydraulic conductivity distributions obtained by means of non-stationary indicator simulation
K.-J. Röhlig, H. Fischer, B. Pöltl

20. Random field approach to seawater intrusion in heterogeneous coastal aquifers: unconditional simulations and statistical analysis
A. Al-Bitar, R. Ababou

21. Uncertainty estimation of well catchments: semianalytical post-processing
F. Stauffer, H.-J. Hendricks Franssen

22. Conditional moments of residence time of sorbent solutes under radial flow
C. Castillo-Cerdà, X. Sanchez-Vila, L. Nuñez-Calvet, A. Guadagnini

23. Impact of the choice of the variogram model on flow and travel time predictors in radial flows
M. Riva, M. Simoni, M. Willmann

24. Strategies to determine dispersivities in heterogeneous aquifers
D. Fernàndez-Garcia, J. Jaime Gómez-Hernández

25. Solving the groundwater inverse problem by successive flux estimation
P. Pasquier, D. Marcotte

26. Inverse problem for highly heterogeneous porous media: the factorial geostatistical analysis in differential system method
B. Ortuani

27. Inverse stochastic estimation of well capture zones with application to the Lauswiesen site (Tübingen, Germany)
H.-J. Hendricks Franssen, F. Stauffer

28. “Soft” geostatistical analysis of radioactive soil contamination
R. Parkin, E. Savelieva, M. Serre

29. Modelling the spatial distribution of copper in the soils around a metal smelter in northwestern Switzerland
A. Papritz, C. Herzig, F. Borer, R. Bono

30. Towards a real-time multi-phase sampling strategy optimization
D. D’Or

31. Spatio-temporal mapping of sea floor sediment pollution in the North Sea
E. J. Pebesma, R. N. M. Duin

32. Merging Landsat TM and SPOT-P images with geostatistical stochastic simulation
J. Carvalho, J. Delgado-García, H. Caetano

33. Characterising local spatial variation in land cover using geostatistical functions and the discrete wavelet transform
C. Lloyd, P. Atkinson, P. Aplin

34. Distinguishing features from outliers in automatic Kriging-based filtering of MBES data: a comparative study
P. Bottelier, C. Briese, N. Hennis, R. Lindenbergh, N. Pfeifer

35. Forecasting volcanic eruptions using geostatistical methods
O. Jaquet, R. Carniel, R. Namar, M. Cecca

36. Delineation of estuarine management units: Evaluation of an automatic procedure
F. Bação, S. Caeiro, M. Painho, P. Goovaerts, M. H. Costa

37. Estimating indicators of river quality by geostatistics
C. Bernard-Michel, C. Fouquet

38. Stochastic simulation of rainfall using a spacetime geostatistical algorithm
J. A. Almeida, M. Lopes

39. Inferring the lateral subsurface correlation structure from georadar data: Methodological background and experimental evidence
B. Dafflon, J. Tronicke, K. Holliger


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