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Marchenko, Alexey V.

The Ocean in Motion

Marchenko, Alexey V. - The Ocean in Motion, e-bok


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ISBN: 9783319719344

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Table of contents

Part I. Personal Reminiscences

1. Honorary Note. Evgeny Georgievich Morozov: A Life at Sea as a Devoted Ocean Observer
Manuel G. Velarde, Roman Yu. Tarakanov, Alexey V. Marchenko

2. Gallery: An Ocean Scientist and His Life at Sea
Manuel G. Velarde, Roman Yu. Tarakanov, Alexey V. Marchenko

3. New Steps of the Modern Oceanography: Reminiscences of My Work with Evgeny Georgievich Morozov
Victor G. Neiman

4. Fifty Years of Collaboration with Evgeny Georgievich Morozov
Boris N. Filyushkin

Part II. Scientific Contributions: Internal and Surface Waves

5. Internal Undular Bores in the Coastal Ocean
Roger Grimshaw, Chunxin Yuan

6. Calculating FRAM’s Dead Water
John Grue

7. Internal Solitary Waves in a Layered Weakly Stratified Flow
Nikolay Makarenko, Janna Maltseva, Roman Tarakanov, Kseniya Ivanova

8. Surface Manifestations of Internal Waves Induced by a Subsurface Buoyant Jet (Experiment and Theory)
Valerii G. Bondur, Yuliya I. Troitskaya, Ekaterina V. Ezhova, Vasiliy I. Kazakov, Alexandr A. Kandaurov, Daniil A. Sergeev, Irina A. Soustova

9. Large Internal Solitary Waves in Shallow Waters
Valery Liapidevskii, Nikolay Gavrilov

10. Internal Gravity Waves in Horizontally Inhomogeneous Ocean
Vitaly V. Bulatov, Yury V. Vladimirov

11. High-Resolution Observations of Internal Wave Turbulence in the Deep Ocean
Hans Haren

12. Deep-Ocean Tides in the South-West Indian Ocean: Comparing Deep-Sea Pressure to Satellite Data
Leo R. M. Maas, Borja Aguiar-González, Leandro Ponsoni

13. Internal Tides West of the Iberian Peninsula
Eugene G. Morozov, Manuel G. Velarde

14. Asymmetric Baroclinic Response to Tidal Forcing Along the Main Sill of the Strait of Gibraltar Inferred from Mooring Observations
Jesús García-Lafuente, Simone Sammartino, José C. Sánchez-Garrido, Cristina Naranjo

15. Mode 2 Internal Waves in the Ocean: Evidences from Observations
Andrey N. Serebryany

16. Abyssal Mixing in the Laboratory
T. Dauxois, E. Ermanyuk, C. Brouzet, S. Joubaud, I. Sibgatullin

17. Rogue Waves in the Ocean, the Role of Modulational Instability, and Abrupt Changes of Environmental Conditions that Can Provoke Non Equilibrium Wave Dynamics
Karsten Trulsen

18. Simulation of Standing and Propagating Sea Waves with Three-Dimensional ARMA Model
Ivan Gankevich, Alexander Degtyarev

19. Perturbation Theory for the Compound Soliton of the Gardner’s Equation; Their Interaction and Evolution in a Media with Variable Parameters
Irina A. Soustova, Konstantin A. Gorshkov, Alexey V. Ermoshkin, Lev A. Ostrovsky, Yuliya I. Troitskaya

Part III. Scientific Contributions: Ocean Circulation

20. Geostrophic Adjustment Beyond the Traditional Approximation
Gregory M. Reznik

21. Evolution of an Intrathermocline Lens over the Lofoten Basin
Boris N. Filyushkin, Mikhail A. Sokolovskiy, Konstantin V. Lebedev

22. The Global Atmosphere Oscillations in the Context of the Recent Climate Change
Victor G. Neiman, Vladimir I. Byshev, Yury A. Romanov, Ilya V. Serykh

23. Influence of the Current Field Non-stationarityand the Non-simultaneity of Hydrographic Measurements on ADCP-based Transport Estimates
R. Yu. Tarakanov

24. Satellite Remote Sensing of Submesoscale Eddies in the Russian Seas
Andrey G. Kostianoy, Anna I. Ginzburg, Olga Yu. Lavrova, Marina I. Mityagina

25. Ship-Based Monitoring of the Northern North Atlantic Ocean by the Shirshov Institute of Oceanology. The Main Results
Artem Sarafanov, Anastasia Falina, Alexey Sokov, Vyacheslav Zapotylko, Sergey Gladyshev

26. Thermohaline Structure and Salt Fingering in the Lomonosov Equatorial Undercurrent as Observed in April 2017
Tatiana A. Demidova

27. Numerical Realization of Hybrid Data Assimilation Algorithm in Ensemble Experiments with the MPIESM Coupled Model
Konstantin P. Belyaev, Ingo Kirchner, Andrey A. Kuleshov, Natalia P. Tuchkova

28. Sea of Azov Waters in the Black Sea: Do They Enhance Wind-Driven Flows on the Shelf?
Peter O. Zavialov, Alexander S. Izhitskiy, Roman O. Sedakov

29. Bottom Water Flows in the Vema Channel and over the Santos Plateau Based on the Field and Numerical Experiments
Dmitry I. Frey, Vladimir V. Fomin, Roman Yu. Tarakanov, Nikolay A. Diansky, Nikolay I. Makarenko

30. Modeling Study of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current Variability Based on Argo Data
Konstantin V. Lebedev

31. Tareev Equatorial Undercurrent in the Indian Ocean
Albert K. Ambrosimov, Dmitry I. Frey, Sergey M. Shapovalov

32. The Bering Sea Regional Data Assimilation System: From Climate Variability to Short Term Hindcasting
Gleb G. Panteleev, Max Yaremchuk, Vladimir Luchin, Oceana Francis

33. Monitoring Strong Tidal Currents in Straits and Nearshore Regions
Alexei Sentchev, Max Yaremchuk, Maxime Thiébaut

Part IV. Scientific Contributions: Arctic Oceanography

34. Analytical Solutions Describing Zonal and Circular Wind Drift of Sea Ice with Elastic-Plastic Rheology
Aleksey Marchenko

35. Arctic Ocean Modeling: The Consistent Physics on the Path to the High Spatial Resolution
Nikolay G. Iakovlev

36. Numerical Modeling of Internal Wave Generation at High Latitudes
Oxana E. Kurkina, Tatiana G. Talipova, Efim N. Pelinovsky, Andrey A. Kurkin

37. Internal Wave Frequency Spectrum in the Amundsen Basin of the Arctic Ocean Inferred from Ice Tethered CTD Instruments
Sergey V. Pisarev

38. Experimental Studies of Sea and Model Ice Fracture Mechanics
Marina Karulina, Alexey Marchenko, Alexandr Sakharov, Evgeny Karulin, Peter Chistyakov

39. Seasonal Freezing of a Subwater Ground Layer at the Laptev Sea Shelf
Peter V. Bogorodskii, Andrey V. Pnyushkov, Vasilii Yu. Kustov

Nyckelord: Earth Sciences, Oceanography, Fluid- and Aerodynamics, Earth System Sciences, Applications of Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos Theory

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