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Bahaj, Mohamed

Advanced Information Technology, Services and Systems

Bahaj, Mohamed - Advanced Information Technology, Services and Systems, e-bok


E-bok, PDF, Adobe DRM-skydd
ISBN: 9783319691374

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Table of contents

1. Factors Influencing the Adoption of Ambient Assisted Living Technologies by Healthcare Providers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Majid H. Alsulami, Anthony S. Atkins, Russell J. Campion

2. Continuous Improvement of Strategic Alignment Model
Akazzou Salaheddine, Cherti Ilias

3. A Comparative Simulation Study on the Performance of LDPC Codes and 3Dimensional Turbo Codes
Mensouri Mohammed, Aaroud Abdessadek, El Hore Ali

4. Energy Efficiency Approach for Smart Building in Islanding Mode Based on Distributed Energy Resources
Youssef Hamdaoui, Abdelilah Maach

5. Genetic Algorithm for Reusable Containers Management Problem
Mohammed Rida Ech-Charrat, Khalid Amechnoue, Tarik Zouadi

6. Multi-agent Modeling of Resource Allocation Under Competence and Emergency Constraints in the Hospital Environment
M. El Hankouri, M. Kharbach, M. Ouardouz

7. Context Awareness-Based Ontology Using Internet of Things for Multimedia Documents Adaptation
Hajar Khallouki, Mohamed Bahaj

8. Face Recognition Using Deep Features
Hamid Ouanan, Mohammed Ouanan, Brahim Aksasse

9. Myface: Unconstrained Face Recognition
Hamid Ouanan, Mohammed Ouanan, Brahim Aksasse

10. Content-Based Image Retrieval Using Gabor Filters and 2-D ESPRIT Method
Youness Chawki, Khalid Asnaoui, Mohammed Ouanan, Brahim Aksasse

11. A Retirement Pension from a Supply Chain Side: Case of the Moroccan Retirement Pension
Houda Mezouar, Abdellatif Afia

12. Creating Multidimensional Views from RDF Sources
Yassine Laadidi, Mohamed Bahaj

13. An Ontology Based Approach to Organize Supplier and Transportation Provider Selection Negotiation in Multi-agent System Model
Iman Achatbi, Khalid Amechnoue, Saloua Aoulad Allouch

14. Deep Neural Networks Features for Arabic Handwriting Recognition
Mustapha Amrouch, Mouhcine Rabi

15. SCH-WSD: A Semantic-Conceptual Hybrid Approach for Web Services Discovery
Hicham Laabira, Khalid El Fazazy, Redouane Ezzahir

16. Optimal Regulation of Energy Delivery for Community Microgrids Based on Constraint Satisfaction and Multi-agent System
Mostafa Ezziyyani, Loubna Cherrat

17. Using Image Segmentation in Content Based Image Retrieval Method
Mohamed Ouhda, Khalid Asnaoui, Mohammed Ouanan, Brahim Aksasse

18. Alignment of IT Frameworks for Corporate Governance
Hajar Ben Laadar, Ilias Cherti, Mohamed Bahaj

19. A Design Requirements Framework for Mobile Learning Environment
Abdel Karim Aziz, Faddoul Khoukhi

20. Knowledge Management in Business, A Multi-desciplinar Science and A State of Mind
Ben Laadar Hajar, Cherti Ilias

21. Survey of Security in Software-Defined Network
Nadya Moussaid, Ahmed Toumanari, Maryam Azhari

22. Weakness in Zhang et al.’s Authentication Protocol for Session Initiation Protocol
Mourade Azrour, Yousef Farhaoui, Mohammed Ouanan

23. How Mobile Nodes Influence Wireless Sensor Networks Security and Lifetime
Mohammed Saïd Salah, Abderrahim Maizate, Mohamed Ouzzif, Mohamed Toumi

24. A Novel Smart Distribution System for an Islanded Region
Youssef Hamdaoui, Abdelilah Maach

25. Taxonomy of Routing Protocols in MANETs
Younes Ben Chigra, Abderrahim Ghadi, Mohamed Bouhorma

26. Allocation Strategy for Cloud Datacenter Based on Multi Agent and CP Approach
Merzoug Soltane, Kazar Okba, Ezziyyani Mostafa, Dardour Makhlouf

27. A Trusted Way for Encryption Key Management in Cloud Computing
Saad Fehis, Omar Nouali, Mohand-Tahar Kechadi

28. Use of Cloud Computing Technologies for Geographic Information Systems
Ahmed Ziani, Abdellatif Medouri

29. New Real Time Cloud Telemedicine Using Digital Signature Algorithm on Elliptic Curves
Asma Jebrane, Naima Meddah, Ahmed Toumanari, Mohamed Bousseta

30. Scalable Lightweight ABAC Scheme for Secure Sharing PHR in Cloud Computing
Naima Meddah, Asma Jebrane, Ahmed Toumanari

31. Arabic Stemming Techniques as Feature Extraction Applied in Arabic Text Classification
Samir Boukil, Fatiha Adnani, Abd Elmajid Moutaouakkil, Loubna Cherrat, Mostafa Ezziyyani

32. A Comparative Study of the Four Well-Known Classification Algorithms in Data Mining
Safae Sossi Alaoui, Yousef Farhaoui, Brahim Aksasse

33. Advanced SQL-to-SPARQL Query Transformation Approach
Nassima Soussi, Mohamed Bahaj

34. Migration from Relational Databases to HBase: A Feasibility Assessment
Zakaria Bousalem, Ilias Cherti, Gansen Zhao

35. Big Data and IoT: A Prime Opportunity for Banking Industry
Abdeljalil Boumlik, Mohamed Bahaj

36. Big Data Analytics Applied for Control Systems
Yousef Farhaoui

37. Detecting Network Intrusions Using Multi-class Logistic Regression and Correlation-Based Feature Selection
Taha Ait tchakoucht, Mostafa Ezziyyani

38. The Optimization of Search Engines to Improve the Ranking to Detect User’s Intent
Salma Gaou, Aissam Bekkari

39. Hybrid HMM/MLP Models for Recognizing Unconstrained Cursive Arabic Handwritten Text
Mouhcine Rabi, Mustapha Amrouch, Zouhir Mahani

40. Reducing Crowding in Hospital Inpatient Unit Using Queuing Theory
Sara Jebbor, Abdellatif Afia, Raddouane Chiheb

41. Hybrid Penguins Search Optimization Algorithm and Genetic Algorithm Solving Traveling Salesman Problem
Ilyass Mzili, Mohammed Essaid Riffi, Fatiha Benzekri

42. The Particularities of the Counter Propagation Neural Network Application in Pattern Recognition Tasks
Khatir Haimoudi, Ikram Issati, Ali Daanoun

43. Converting Temporal Relational Database into Temporal Object Relational Database
Soumiya Ain El Hayat, Mohamed Bahaj

44. Implementing of a Binary Data Generator on a FPGA Card
M. Benzaima, Mensouri Mohammed, Aaroud Abdessadek, Ali Hore

45. Towards a Hybrid Method of Construction of a Normalized Domain Ontology Used by Machine Teaching PERO2
Mostafa Chahbar, Ali Elhore, Younes Askane

Nyckelord: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems
Teknologi, energi, trafik
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