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Florian, Lani

Teacher Education for the Changing Demographics of Schooling

Florian, Lani - Teacher Education for the Changing Demographics of Schooling, e-bok


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ISBN: 9783319543895

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Table of contents

1. Teacher Education for the Changing Demographics of Schooling: Policy, Practice and Research
Lani Florian, Nataša Pantić

Part I. Key Issues for Teacher Education

2. Teacher Education for the Changing Demographics of Schooling: Inclusive Education for Each and Every Learner
Lani Florian

3. European Teacher Education in the Grip of ‘Academic Tribes and Territories’
Pavel Zgaga

4. Diversity, Development, Devolution: The Three Ds of UK Teacher Education and Professional Development in the Twenty-First Century
Ian Menter

Part II. Teacher Agency

5. Educating Teachers as Agents of Social Justice: A Virtue Ethical Perspective
Nataša Pantić, David Carr

6. A Knowledge Base for Teachers on Teacher-Student Relationships
Theo Wubbels

7. The Place of Leadership Development for Change Agency in Teacher Education Curricula for Diversity
Christine Forde, Beth Dickson

Part III. Teacher Education for Diversity

8. How Effectively Are Mainstream Teachers Prepared to Meet the Needs of Learners for Whom English Is an Additional Language?
Charles Anderson, Pauline Sangster, Yvonne Foley, Hazel Crichton

9. Teaching Culturally Diverse Pupils: How Ready Are Scottish Student-Teachers?
Ninetta Santoro

10. A Framework for Preparing Teachers for Classrooms That Are Inclusive of All Students
Ana Maria Villegas, Francesca Ciotoli, Tamara Lucas

11. Navigating the Boundaries of Difference: Using Collaboration in Inquiry to Develop Teaching and Progress Student Learning
Joanne Deppeler

12. Professional Learning to Support the Development of Inclusive Curricula in Scotland
Mhairi C. Beaton, Jennifer Spratt

13. Feeling Our Way Toward Inclusive Counter-Hegemonic Pedagogies in Teacher Education
Esther O. Ohito, Celia Oyler

14. A Lifeworld Perspective on the Role of the Body in Developing Inclusive Pedagogy
Archie Graham

Part IV. A Research Agenda for the Future

15. A Dynamic Model for the Next Generation of Research on Teacher Education for Inclusion
Linda P. Blanton, Marleen C. Pugach

16. Teacher Education for the Changing Demographics of Schooling: Pathways for Future Research
Lani Florian, Nataša Pantić

Nyckelord: Social Sciences, Education Policy, Disability Studies, Social Structure, Social Inequality, Sociology of Education

Inclusive Learning and Educational Equity
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