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Kaliczyńska, Małgorzata

Automation 2017

Kaliczyńska, Małgorzata - Automation 2017, e-bok


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ISBN: 9783319540429

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Table of contents

1. Petri Nets in Discrete-Event and Hybrid Systems Modelling, Analysing, Performance Evaluation and Control
František Čapkovič

2. The PLC Implementation of Fractional-Order Operator Using CFE Approximation
Krzysztof Oprzedkiewcz, Wojciech Mitkowski, Edyta Gawin

3. Descriptor Positive Nonlinear Systems
Tadeusz Kaczorek

4. Descriptor Fractional Continuous-Time Linear System and Its Solution – Comparison of Three Different Methods
Łukasz Sajewski

5. Synthesis of Optimal Robust Regulator for Food Processing Facilities
Igor Korobiichuk, Natalya Lutskaya, Anatoliy Ladanyuk, Serhii Naku, Maciej Kachniarz, Michał Nowicki, Roman Szewczyk

6. Development of Electronic Controller for Haptic Joystick and Electrohydraulic Drive
Dominik Rybarczyk, Piotr Owczarek, Arkadiusz Jakubowski

7. Initial Comparison of Experimental Vs. Simulation Results of Velocity Fractional-Order PI Controller of a Servo Drive
Talar Sadalla, Dariusz Horla

8. An Accuracy Estimation for a Non Integer Order, Discrete, State Space Model of Heat Transfer Process
Krzysztof Oprzedkiewicz, Wojciech Mitkowski, Edyta Gawin

9. Dynamic Model and Simulation of Electro-Hydraulic Proportional Valve
Piotr Owczarek, Dominik Rybarczyk, Arkadiusz Kubacki

10. Application of Bio Signals in the Brain-Device Interfaces
Arkadiusz Kubacki, Andrzej Milecki

11. Designing Mass-Customized Network of Passenger Services Subject to Grid Topology Constraints
Grzegorz Bocewicz, Zbigniew Banaszak

12. A Hybrid CLP/MP Approach to Modeling and Solving Resource-Constrained Scheduling Problems with Logic Constraints
Paweł Sitek, Jarosław Wikarek, Tadeusz Stefański

13. Methods of Determining Information Support of Web Community User Personal Data Verification System
Igor Korobiichuk, Solomia Fedushko, Andrzej Juś, Yuriy Syerov

14. Comparison of Two Different Methods of Observer Synthesis for Descriptor Discrete-Time Linear Systems
Kamil Borawski

15. Identification of Parameters of the Capacitor Equivalent Scheme Using Monte Carlo Methods
Stefan Kubisa, Zygmunt L. Warsza

16. LD Graphic Editor Implemented in CPDev Engineering Environment
Dariusz Rzońca, Jan Sadolewski, Andrzej Stec, Zbigniew Świder, Bartosz Trybus, Leszek Trybus

17. SFC Graphic Editor for CPDev Environment
Andrzej Stec

18. Robust Stability of a Class of an Uncertain Fractional Discrete-Time Linear State-Space System
Andrzej Ruszewski

19. Realisation of Continuous-Time (Fractional) Descriptor Linear Systems
Konrad Andrzej Markowski

20. Relations Between Digraphs Structure and Analogue Realisations with an Example of Electrical Circuit
Konrad Andrzej Markowski

21. Experimental Research of Electrochemical Energy Storage
Adrian Chmielewski, Jędrzej Mączak, Przemysław Szulim

22. Experimental Research and Simulation Model of Electrochemical Energy Stores
Adrian Chmielewski, Jędrzej Mączak, Przemysław Szulim

23. Mobile Robot Localization: Where We Are and What Are the Challenges?
Piotr Skrzypczyński

24. CIE-DataGlove, A Multi-IMU System for Hand Posture Tracking
Tomasz Mańkowski, Jakub Tomczyński, Piotr Kaczmarek

25. Comparison of a Traditional Control and a Force Feedback Control of the Robot Arm During Teleoperation
Marcin Chciuk, Andrzej Milecki, Paweł Bachman

26. Optimized and Reconfigurable Environment for Simulation of Legged Robots
Mateusz Spis, Adam Matecki, Patryk Maik, Adam Kurzawa, Marek Kopicki, Dominik Belter

27. Depth-Map-Based Shape Recognition of Soft Continuum Manipulator Body
Jan Fraś

28. Data-Driven Video Game Agent Pathfinding
Paweł Stawarz, Zbigniew Świder

29. Path Planning for an Unmanned Ground Vehicle Traversing Rough Terrain with Unknown Areas
Piotr Skrzypczyński

30. Experimental Test Bench for Multirotor UAVs
Adam Bondyra, Przemysław Ga̧sior, Stanisław Gardecki

31. Development of Vertical Movement Controller for Multirotor UAVs
Przemysław Ga̧sior, Adam Bondyra, Stanisław Gardecki

32. Influence of Exoskeleton Parameters Calibration Inaccuracies on the Step Length Error
Rafał Kabaciński, Mateusz Kowalski, Piotr Kaczmarek

33. Multirotor Aerial Platform with Manipulation System - Static Disturbances
Stanisław Gardecki, Andrzej Kasiński, Adam Bondyra, Przemysław Ga̧sior

34. The Estimation Method of Strength for Technology-Oriented 3D Printing Parts of Mobile Robots
Maciej Cader

35. The Development of PIAP Fenix Mobile Robot
Tomasz Krakówka, Bartosz Stankiewicz

36. Characteristics of Question of Blind Source Separation Using Moore-Penrose Pseudoinversion for Reconstruction of EEG Signal
Szczepan Paszkiel

37. Coverage Region for the Bidimensional Vector Measurand
Paweł Fotowicz

38. Vision System for Inspection of Glass Furnace Structure
Piotr Garbacz, Tomasz Giesko, Piotr Czajka, Adam Mazurkiewicz

39. The Use of Remote Ground Sensing Data for Assessment of Environmental and Crop Condition of the Reclaimed Land
Igor Korobiichuk, Lyudmyla Kuzmych, Volodymyr Kvasnikov, Paweł Nowak

40. Approach to Determination of Parameters of Probability Density Function of Object Attributes Recognition in Space Photographs Is Considered Within Statistical Method
Igor Korobiichuk, Ruslan Osadchuk, Dmytro Fedorchuk, Paweł Nowak

41. Research on Concentration Levels Depending on the Color and Blinking Frequency of the Marker Using Multiple EEG Channel
Arkadiusz Kubacki, Lukasz Sawicki, Dominik Rybarczyk, Piotr Owczarek

42. Development of Low Cost Speech System for Patient Suffer on the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Dominik Rybarczyk, Arkadiusz Kubacki

43. Cross-Sensor Calibration Procedure for Magnetometer and Inertial Units
Jakub Tomczyński, Tomasz Mańkowski, Piotr Kaczmarek

44. Calibration of Scanning Electron Microscope with Improved Model of the Silicon Relief Measure
Anton Shantyr, Eugenij Volodarski, Zygmunt L. Warsza

45. A Polynomial Estimation of Measurand Parameters for Samples of Non-Gaussian Symmetrically Distributed Data
Zygmunt L. Warsza, Serhii W. Zabolotnii

46. Optimization of Interpolation for Improved Numeric Calculation of Forward Eddy Current Tomography Transformation
Paweł Nowak, Roman Szewczyk, Robert Ugodziński, Piotr Bazydło

47. Comparison of Jiles-Atherton and Bulk Ferromagnetic Hysteresis Models for Modelling the Magnetic Characteristics of Advanced Magnetic Materials
Roman Szewczyk

48. Gravimeters of Aviation Gravimetric System: Classification, Comparative Analysis, Prospects
Olena Bezvesilna, Marcin Kamiński

49. Heat Transfer in the Thermo-Anemometric Flowmeter for Biofuels
Olena Bezvesilna, Marcin Kamiński, Andriі Ilchenko

50. Vectorization of the Software for Modelling the Magnetostatic Properties of Thin Layers Using the Method of Moments
Roman Szewczyk

51. Active LR Integrator Circuit for Drift-Free Fluxmeter
Piotr Gazda, Michał Nowicki, Maciej Kachniarz, Maciej Szudarek, Roman Szewczyk

52. Test Stand for Matteucci Effect Measurements
Tomasz Charubin, Andrzej Juś

53. Test Stand for Investigating of Giant Magneto-Impedance
Piotr Gazda, Maciej Kachniarz, Maciej Szudarek

54. Parameter-Free On-line Deep Learning
Paweł Wawrzyński

55. Learning Fuzzy Cognitive Maps Using Evolutionary Algorithm Based on System Performance Indicators
Katarzyna Poczęta, Łukasz Kubuś, Alexander Yastrebov, Elpiniki I. Papageorgiou

56. Utilization of Deep Reinforcement Learning for Saccadic-Based Object Visual Search
Tomasz Kornuta, Kamil Rocki

57. Low-Effort Place Recognition with WiFi Fingerprints Using Deep Learning
Michał Nowicki, Jan Wietrzykowski

58. Adopting the FAB-MAP Algorithm for Indoor Localization with WiFi Fingerprints
Jan Wietrzykowski, Michał Nowicki, Piotr Skrzypczyński

59. Review of 3D Objects Segmentation Methods
Maciej Wencka, Krzysztof Walas

Nyckelord: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Robotics and Automation, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
Teknologi, energi, trafik
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